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Chapter 8


Old habits die hard.

Maybe that’s the reason that I can’t resent the liar in front of me. I can’t hate her like my heart wants to. Instead, I feel her pain as she starts crying hugging her sister. Loud sobs echo through the room making me want to turn on my heel and leave these two to bond over broken promises.

But I know they need me more than anything right now.

Lethal is found alright but I’m scared shitless seeing his wounds. They are not worse than Grace but they still worry me. Even doc isn’t sure how much time it will take him to heal properly. I can never forget the look on her face when we both realized Lethal was still in the house. Then she ran. She ran to him like it’s her lifeline. She didn’t care that I thought I was going to lose her too.

“Gwen...I’m sorry. I’m so sorry.” Her voice breaks at the end. Glancing at the other woman I see a thousand questions swirling in those eyes.

Poor Kitty.

Caught in a world she didn’t deserve to live in.

“I-I just wanted to see you safe.” Grace whispers. She starts apologizing. So many excuses. So many reasons. But she doesn’t notice the light leaving from her sister’s eyes. She doesn’t understand how far it affects her sister. She doesn’t eye the trail of tears flowing down her sister’s cheeks. “I needed to take revenge. It’s all I could think about. It’s what I lived for.”

What would Gwen say if she could talk?

I ponder over a million scenarios. And every one makes me more amused than the other. In some of them, she yells until she can’t. In others, she just stares unbelievingly like she’s doing right now.

“I had to keep you far away from...him. So when Lethal suggested that Seth takes care of you, I agreed. Please, don’t be angry at me.” Her sister isn’t angry. Even if she was, it isn’t for Grace. I can realize that look from miles away. She’s drowning in guilt. I can see why a scared kitty like her will feel guilty.

She thinks everything is wrong because of her.

“Vixen.” I have to stop her blubbering by the minute or I have to handle both women in the worst way.

“Yes, Seth?” She glances up waiting for me to say something. My lips part to say a lot of words but I end up asking the wrong question.

“What are we going to do now?”

Shit! The look on Grace’s face is unfamiliar. Her face pales as a ghost. Her hands tightening around her sister’s offered one. The later one doesn’t wince even if there’s a small cut appearing.

“I-I don’t know. I didn’t think that far. I have to make sure Gwen gets operated and then there’s Lethal-” She chokes at his name. “What am I going to do now, Seth? What should I do?”

A smart man would comfort her. Tell her lies. A poor fool like me who thinks about her every second of his life would kiss her. He would shower her with love to take away her pain. But I can’t. So I slap her with the hard truth even if it makes her flinch.

“Lethal is going to be OK. He has to. But I can’t tell you what you want to do. If you want to continue being a Serpent or leave as far from here.”

Lethal...He’s making his way to my mind. Or was it the shots I took before running after Mad Dog?

I’ve had never good memory with alcohol. They make me violent. They make me a person I don’t recognize. But today they help me clear my head. Today don’t make me see stars. They let me see Gwen in her own world.

“I want to stay. God, I need to stay! I can’t think about leaving. Not when...not when there’s so much I’ve to do.”

“What about Gwen then?“I ask without thinking. I don’t have any plan. I shouldn’t even care what Grace is going to do with her sister now. Yet I’m curious to know where the Kitty ends up staying.

Grace takes a minute to answer. A little much late for Gwen to raise a perfect eyebrow. Hell, even she’s figured it out that with Lethal in Doc’s care, no one can say what’s Grace’s reaction would be. So I’m surprised when I hear her cutting over my thoughts.

“I need you to do me a favor. Can you-can you still look after her? She needs a lot of help and I don’t think I can do it alone.”

For the first time since Grace entered the room, I see Gwen’s eyes widen and hear the sound of her breath hitch. The sound makes my own race for the wrong reasons. I-I am conflicted looking at both of them, staring at me to hear my decision.

Grace is desperate while Gwen is slipping away in her darkness.

“Seth? Please tell me you will think about it.” I still can’t decide what I should do. Maybe I can truly help her. Maybe not if I still pin after a lost cause.

“I will help.” The words shock me more than they think. “After all we are a family.”

Grace relaxes immediately. Even goes far to hug me like I saved her life. When her arms lose their contact I’ve no choice but to avoid her glance. Though she’s not looking at me. She’s talking too fast for me to understand but her sister does. She nods her head sighing. Only then I notice Grace already walking closer to the door.

“I’ve to leave for the club. I will see you tomorrow.” She gives me a timid smile before withering away. I might have still looking at the burning trail of a woman I can never have but I’m startled when a small voice reaches my ears.


My hands twitch to take another shot, my body already walking closer to the blank-faced woman. If she’s scared when I invade her personal space, she doesn’t show it. Instead, she matches my own gaze with head own and bits her lips harshly before saying the same thing.

“Y...ou lie...d.”

“What did I lie about, Kitty?” I ask her softly.

Her gaze falters for a second to look at the dark spot near the corner before meeting mine. I didn’t notice before but now I look at the device in her hands with a smile. She’s typing slowly every once in a while to glance at me. Finally, the phone is thrust into my hand.

“You said everything will be Ok. You lied.”

She has rendered me speechless. My mouth opens but no word leaves. Even she waits longer than necessary to know that I have nothing to say. A scoff leaves her lips but that’s it. No words are exchanged yet I can see the challenge in those eyes.

What are you hiding?

“I didn’t lie.” My voice fails to decipher my emotions. They are too raw like the darkness in her eyes that I’ve to repeat myself. “I didn’t lie.”

“Then show me.” I’m surprised to see the next words. Am I drunk? Have I finally lost it that I’m seeing things?

“Did you-” The thought of hearing the exact words she wrote makes an insane amount of work for me to hide the fact that she’s urging me to start something we will both regret. “Did you write show me?”

Finally, there’s a fire on those eyes. They look so different than the one I’m used to. And surprisingly I decide that I like them better.

“Sh...ow me.”

Again that shuttered reply. Good ol Seth will refuse her. Staying far away from any trouble that doesn’t belong to the club. But I’m too tired of cleaning everyone’s mistakes. I just want to be free and not think about consiquesnses. From this distance, her scent makes my nostril flare. Urging me to do one mistake. Maybe more.

“I will ruin you.” It’s a promise, not a statement. There’s might have been a protest from the rational part of my brain but I’m already leaning closer. Her eyes are wide staring at me with a look I can’t understand. I don’t care-they scream at me. Just be free...Her eyes only darken when a thumb is pressed against her soft lips.

A small moan leaves her lips feeling my jeans tighten more. Fuck! I want more. I want to hear her scream in pleasure. I want her in my bed moaning my name. Even if it’s a mistake I can’t back away. I can’t think. I can’t waste away in pain. And when her lips finally touch mine-

The nicotine in my pocket is just a fucking history...

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