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This is the story of Walter, A writer who's not really appreciated for his work. He's lonely and girls just don't really get into him.On top of all that, he's living under the roof of his best friends

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Chapter 1 Our Story Begins

Alright guys. This is a semi-furry idea that came to me after watching a netflix origional. I loved that and I am a furry myself as in I like it. Anyway here's my story. This is my first publication on this site. Thank you. Here we go.

I woke up to a fresh start in my comfortable bed. The cotton sheets felt soft on my skin. I looked over at the window and saw the suns glorious radience entering the room. "Todays gonna be a good day." I said to my self forcing a smile. I got up and got dressed, then headed for the decently sized bedrooms restroom. I looked into the mirror and looked to see if I was presentable the way I was. I saw my deep blue eyes and my rugged brown hair. I needed to get a trim. My chiseled jaw wasn't as chisled as i'd like but hey, thats the draw. My nose was thin but then at the end it rounded. I sighed. I don't like the way I looked but I can't fix that. I don't have that high self-esteem but I keep pushing forward. I took out my toothbrush from the cabinet and started to brush my teeth. I rinsed, used my deoderant ,and then took my dep and anxiety meds. Those two things are a serious problem for me. The pills are the only things that make them bearable.

I went out of the bathroom and into the room and buttoned up my plaid shirt and tucked it into my khakies. It just occured to me that I pitched a story to Dolphin Publishing last night. I'd better go check on that pretty soon. I opened my door and walked out into the spacious living room with the sun shining in from the glass side doors leading out to the pool. I saw my best friend Jennifer over in the kitchen making herself some coffee, her tail swishing back and forth.

"Goodmorning Jennifer" I said with a cheerful tone, seeing jennifer always made me happy. She turned around and smiled.

"Goodmorning sleeping beauty, Thought you'd never get up. I'm glad to see you're out of this trench you've dug." She chuckled. She was an anthropomorphic animal, huminoid animals that make up to atleast 60% of the worlds population. They're all beautiful creatures but they're just as human as we are.

Jennifer was a cat anthropomorph and I was able to get a good look at her from the front. She had a pink sweater and a white skirt on today. She was beautiful, I can't help but admire her every detail. Her fur was was a light brown and was sleek as if it was oiled but I knew it was natural. Her face was rounded and beaming. Her ears tuck up above her head as the cute poity triangles on the top sides of her head.
She had these huge brown eyes you could lose yourself in if you stared too deeply. She had long thin whiskers just under her nose and above her lips. Her nose was thin but being a feline as she was it was really just a thin expression with nostrils. Her smile beamed like the most beatiful diamond.
or a beam of pure moonlight. Her frame was decently thin and had about average sized breasts. Then you move downward where from her abdomin her hips gently curve away and lead downward to her skinny legs. From there she was wearing white high-heels today on her small padded paws\feet.

"Hello? Houston to Walter?" Jennifer broke my trance.

"Oh, Sorry. I zoned out." It wasn't a full lie. I decided to answer her origional question. "Yeah, I decided I'd rather not spend every day in a depression. Anyway I need to check my email for the reply from the publishing company. If they liked it I can finally move out." I smiled with a bit of a chuckle.

She laughed. "I don't know if I want you too, I love the company and its almost like you're my pet at this point." She laughed even harder.

I got a happy smirk as I tried to stifle my own laughter at her comment. "Yeah. Its been pretty cozy waking up to friendly faces but I want someone to like something I made for something in my life, Hell, maybe I can help you with bills or take you out to dinner." I finished.

She smiled her beautiful smile at me but before she could say anything to me the couch shifted and Angela came up from under her blakets, snout first. Angela was a dog anthropomorph that was also one of my childhood friends that just so happened to be living under Jennifers roof at the moment.

"Uhhh... Its too bright... Can someone turn off that big bright thing in the sky?" Angela moaned with her eyes closed as her head was above the blankets and placed her hands in front of her face to cover it from the sun. She had golden fur and brilliant blue eyes. Her ears were floppy and fell to the sides of her head.

"Thats the sun Angela. I'm afraid there's nothing I can do about that one." I laughed.

"Uhhh... Then I guess I have to get up don't I?" She shifted the blankets and sat up in the couch revealing her bra coverering her large breasts. She streched her arms and yawned.
Out of instinct I blushed and froze. I swear I might as well have been frying my face on a grill. She looked over to me with a drowsy smile.

"What? Like what you see?" She laughed. I blushed even redder.

Jennifer decided to butt in for me to prevent this spiraling. "Angela?" She asked nonchalantly.

"Yes?" Angela replied curiously.

Jennifer poored the coffee from the pot into her mug. "I thought we agreed that you'd at least sleep in a nightshirt."

"No." Angela corrected. "We agreed that i'd not sleep on the couch naked without a blanket atleast." She motioned to her half naked exposed torso. "I'm fully abiding to my end of the agreement." She smiled and looked over to me. From that point onward i'll just say i'm glad I have decent control over my masculinity, and that I was wearing jeans.

"So did you need to sit on the couch?" Angela asked me.

"Yes, actually. I need to check the publishing companies reply to my pitch I sent a while back." I told her.

"Oh, then you'll need this." She responded. She reached a hand under the couch and pulled out my toshiba laptop. "I found it a few nights ago, you're search history seems a little too clean" she joked.

"Try me." I joked back.

Angela giggled and pulled up the blankets and sat up straight revealing the lower half of her half naked body. I'm pretty sure my eye twitched from all of the mental strain involved in the process but I went and sat down on the opposite side of the couch after taking my laptop off of the coffee table. Jennifer was just standing in the kitched sipping her coffee while stifling laugh after laugh as she watched scene unfold.

I opened my laptop and the half naked dog anthropomorph scooted over to my side regardless of my opinion on the matter. Anything I could have done to resist the notion would have meant touching her bare flesh and fur, and I just couldn't force myself to do that; So I did my best to ignore it. I pulled up google and typed into the adress-bar gmail and it took me to my account. I saw that I had a response from the publishing company. My heart soared and a smile broke the eggshell of my face revealing a new beauty not many see anymore.

I opened it immediatly with a click from my mouse. I read the letter the company sent me.

Dear Mr. Telltale,

We regret to inform you that the company will not be publishing your book "Love at the end of the world". The notion appears to be new and fresh but the company is having a shortage of resources and fundage created by the lack of readers in the latest generation. Your concept also creates some controversy in the appropriate level because of its involvment in the bare female body and what many call "Real Emotion". We are deeply sorry but real emotion jut doesn't sell .
There must be no strain in the relationship itself as such in the successful story and critically acclaimed movie "Jupiter Rising" or also critically acclaimed "Twilight".
That only applies to novels or stories where romantic involvement is a heavy part of the plot in itself,. If not, then you can create and exciting story with little to no romance or if there is, its only adressed in the smallest amount such as in Rick Riordans various book serieses. At one time we would have printed this piece Mr. Telltale but not now as of reasons we have already stated. (Insert from the editor personally: I'm sorry Walter, I loved it but its the boss, he says it sucks. Theres nothing I can do at this point.)
So we apoligize, but even after improvement we will never accept this story unless it is completely gutted and redone.

Sincerely, Dolphin publishing

My jaw dropped. "My story sucks." I thought to myself. I got control over my jaw again and closed. I began to get choked up but I would never cry. Throuout my life everyone whos seen me cry has either made fun of me of gotten angry at me because of it; So I have control over it now.

Apparently Angela had beem reading it with me and her eyes were wide. "I actually read the story myself. I liked it. You know what? Those are just some uncultured, pompous assholes, that have no eye for a good story if it shot them in the foot."

I didn't respond, I was lost in my increasingly darker thoughts.

"I think you need a hug." Angela looked at me with a sad smile. She wrapped her arms around me and pressed her half naked body against me. Inevitably i'd touched her bare flesh and fur. Her breasts pressinig agianst my chest was what finally snapped me out of it. I needed someone and Angela was there for me. I hugged her right back and closed my eyes. I don't know how long we sat there until Jennifer stepped in.

"Well, make yourselves comfortable, I've got to go to work now. I'll be assuming an empty part in the new sitcom "Furs and Friends". You'd better go get dressed Angela, before you forget again and the mail man gets tackled by a half-naked resident(which means you) AGAIN.

"Oh!" It just dawned on her that she'd better go get dressed. "Be back in a minute Wally." Angela kissed my cheek and I blushed again but something in my chest felt warm and fuzzy. She got up and walked out of the room to a walk in closet in the hallway between me and Jennifers room.

"You know, she really likes you." Jennifer said before she turned the knob on the door. "I'll see if I can get you another date but I suggest you look a little closer to home on this one."
She winked to me. "See you after work." She smiled and then she walked out the door.

I was intriged by what she'd said. I'd never thught of Angela as having interest in me, I just thought she was happy and overly friendly. But as I dwelled on it, it all started to all make sense. I just never thought on how I'd go about it. I was always nervous around girls, I'm no playboy but I can talk smooth. Just not face... to face. I shook my head. "I think i'll just turn on the television and see whats on the news. I turned it on to see the same seal man telling the daily news stories that he told every day but with a twist to kepp people watching.

"And up next," The man stated. "The horror game that is taking the nation by storm; "Five Nights at Freddys"."

Again I sighed. "God, another one and now they acknowledge it." I'm immune to jumpscares now because of that game. Its a little old now.

"I'M BACK!" Angela shouted playfully as she jumped into the room and pulled a cute pose to show off her clothing choice. She chose a T-Shirt with nyan cat on it and a picture of space as a background and some jeans that looked a little tight but kept me staring. Down she wore some sky blue sneaker tennis shoes. She was still incredibly beautiful even in the modern pop outfit that just enhanced her adorableness.

"So," she said to me. "What do you want to do today?" She asked.

Thats it for chapter 1 guys. This idea amazed even me and if its a huge success I might evn look to see if I can get the finished product published XD. Thanks for reading guys, and please leave a review. :D

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