Delicate Hearts

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Chapter 4: Failed Plan

Jasmine strolled to her room after she got home from school in desperate need of a refreshing shower. It had been hot all day, the sun burning her sensitive skin. In a few hours the pool party would start and she still had to decide what she was going to wear. During the day, she decided to put some extra effort in dressing herself up. It had been too long since she had taken good care of her body and acted a little girly. She wanted one night to forget herself and be free.

As she stepped into her walk-in closet, she was once again taken aback by the largeness of the room. By the end of the year, she probably still won't have worn even half of the new clothes Gabriella bought her. She took five different bikinis, yes five, and carefully laid them down on her bed. They all looked kind of skimpy, though that was probably the prude inside of her speaking. Ugh, now she was calling herself a prude just like Lucas.

As she eyed the outfits her bedroom door suddenly burst open, revealing a sweaty Lucas. He looked tired and seeing he was wearing sweatpants and a t-shirt instead of his usual tight jeans, she decided he probably went out for a run. "What the hell are you doing here?" Jasmine cried out, quickly taking a step forward so she blocked his view.

Lucas started to smirk devilishly as he walked closer and took a peek over her shoulder. "Looks hot, princess," he winked before taking the onyx black bikini top in his hand that had been atop the pile on her bed . The fabric looked extremely tiny when he was holding it up like that. "I'd definitely chose this one," he stated, licking his lips and smiling approvingly.

"Give that back, you perv!" she shouted at him angrily, trying to take the bikini top out of his hands. He held it up higher, playfully dangling it in the air. She jumped up, balancing herself by steadying her hands on his shoulders but ended up pushing him over instead. Lucas landed on his back with Jasmine on top of his chest, still squirming like a snake.

As soon as her current position processed in her brain, Jasmine stayed still as a statue, her chest the only movement pumping like a bellows from jumping up and down. Her eyes widened vastly as she tried to push herself off Lucas's body. An arm quickly snaked around her frame, successfully keeping her in place.

"Let go of me," she gritted out through clenched teeth as Lucas wiggled his eyebrows suggestively. Like the true asshole he was, he decided to ignore her comment and only tightened his grip on her body.

"I'm quite comfortable to be honest," he smirked, thrusting his hips upward so she could feel the way his body reacted to their close proximity.

"Eew!" she shrieked, starting to squirm even worse than before. A deep chuckle erupted from Lucas' lips as she ineffectively tried to free herself from his death grip.

"You do realize you're only making the situation worse, right?" he grinned, baring his perfect white teeth. She immediately stilled at his comment, closing her eyes as her cheeks flushed bright red with embarrassment. She was still sitting on top of Lucas' body, her legs on either side of his hips as he held her waist firmly in his hands.

"Let go of me," she repeated seriously, slowly opening her eyelids and taking a peak at his gorgeous face. His eyes had dangerously darkened as a lopsided grin made its way across his features. She couldn't help but be mesmerized by the enticing sight. No matter how infuriating Lucas could be, she couldn't deny her obvious attraction towards him. The fact that her body was trembling with anticipation was a clear substantiation of that and she only hoped he couldn't feel it.

It was probably one of the reason she disliked him even more. To be honest, she hated the way her body and emotions reacted to him. Without even trying, he got on her nerves and made her lash out without reason. Jasmine had never reacted this quickly or intensely to another human being before in her life. She tried so hard to remain cool and collected around him, but no matter how hard she tried, in the end she always failed in her intention.

"Beg me," he told her, a mischievous look appearing across his features as he stroked his thumb across her lower lip. She inhaled deeply at his touch, her heart hammering against her chest as she stared into Lucas' piercing blue eyes. She swallowed the lump in her throat.

"I'd rather die," she answered fiercely, showing him her best deadly glare. In return Lucas started to laugh and shook his head. He dangerously inched his face closer to hers until she could feel his breath against her lips.

"Such a temptress," he whispered seductively, brushing his index finger against her cheek. Before she could utter another word, he shifted his weight and turned them over until she was lying underneath his heavy chest.

She squealed loudly, trying to knee him in the balls but failed miserably - like usual. It earned her another alluring chuckle. "You're tempting me, princess," he warned her, nestling his face in the hollow of her throat and inhaling deeply.

Desperate, she tried to push him away, but his body stayed right in place. Sighing deeply, she gave in to the feeling of utter defeat and went limp beneath him, keeping perfectly still. There was no reason for her to keep fighting him. He was simply too strong. There was no way she would be able to push him off her if he didn't want to be moved.

"Giving up so soon?" he asked her, a hint of surprise in his voice as he lifted his face and looked her in the eye. She rolled her eyes at him and mouthed 'fuck you' while closing her eyes in defeat.

A loud rumble erupted from deep within his chest as he played with the loosened strands of her ebony locks of hair. "You wish," he replied cockily, pressing an openmouthed kiss against her tightly closed lips before lifting his weight on his arms and standing up.

Jasmine stayed frozen in place, quickly wiping her mouth with the back of her hand as soon as her mind registered that he kissed her. Lucas let out a snort and shook his head before retreating to his room. "Don't forget to wear that luscious bikini for me," he called out over his shoulder before slamming the door shut.

Like hell she would be wearing that skimpy thing he'd chosen. As if disrupting her life with his revolving bed partners wasn't enough, now he was seeking her out to further the torment. He had another thing coming if he thought she was going to follow his each and every demand. You don't mess with Jasmine Price without getting something in return.

Two hours later Jasmine was ready to exit her room. The music was already loudly blasting through the house, the beat making the floor quiver slightly. She'd picked out a one piece red bathing suit with a V-cut that reached her navel. The thin fabric barely contained her breasts, but showed off a delicious amount of skin.

In her right mind, Jasmine would have never dared to wear such a skimpy piece of fabric, but today called for an exception. Her determination to go all out for the party had been ratchet up in her desire for payback. She was going to drive Lucas mad with lust, only to turn him down in front of the entire crowd later on. Let's see if he can take what he readily dishes out. It was a good plan, if only she would be able to carry it through.

Instead of pulling her hair into its usual bun, she'd curled her usually untamable ebony locks to perfection. Add a little makeup and a black summer dress to cover up her surprise outfit and Jasmine was ready to go. She put on a pair of 'fuck me' high heels before vacating the room and joining the crowd downstairs.

Most of the partygoers were hanging outside at the pool, but a few of the guys had decided to stay inside and do some shots. "Damn girl," one of them whistled, letting his eyes wander over her body. She tried her best to ignore the urge to cover herself up and shot him a - what was supposed to be - seductive look. It seemed to work, seeing the guy started to smile widely and approached her.

Winking playfully, she walked away from him without another word and stepped outside on the porch. A smile played at her lips as she heard him curse in the background while his mates snickered at him.

"Wow, Jasmine, looking good," Nathan smiled widely as he noticed her standing in the door way. His eyes were greedily taking in her appearance, lingering a tad too long on her bust line before he quickly adverted his gaze and blushed ten different shades of red.

"Thanks, Nate," she replied, smiling smugly as she noticed he kept having difficulties keeping his eyes locked on her face. It was the first time she deliberately tried to get people's attention and it worked so well she could easily do a happy dance at any given moment.

She was usually a rather timid girl that liked to stay in the background, but as she had mentioned before, today called out for exceptions. She never would have believed anyone if they had told her a week ago she'd enjoy being the center of attention at a party, let alone trying to flirt with a dangerous bad boy.

Tonight she would forget about reality for a little while and enjoy another day of being a careless teen before she went back to being broody Jasmine that was mourning her deceased grandmother. Smiling, she took a tequila shot from the outdoor bar and downed it in one gulp. She was going to need liquid courage tonight if she wanted her plan to succeed.

"Whoa, slow down there," Nathan interfered, taking a hold of her hand and she tried to grab another shot. She rolled her eyes at his concern, shook her head and gulped down another shot. Her throat was burning deliciously after drinking the alcohol, her mind becoming a little fuzzy. She was such a lightweight.

"I'm fine," she fired at Nathan, dismissing his obvious concern and shoeing him away with her hand. She was being intentionally mean and immediately regretted her actions as she watched Nathan's face fall. This was the same way she had treated his mother that first day. He was a good guy, he didn't deserve her bitchyness. She should save it for the person who really deserved her anger.

"I'm sorry. That was beyond rude," she apologized, reaching out and squeezing his hand.

"That's okay. I can understand you need to blow of some steam. You've been through a lot lately. It can't be easy," he smiled sadly, his eyes apologetic. She resisted the urge to strangle him for ruining a perfectly good moment. She absolutely despised it when people felt sorry for her because of what she had gone through. It was exactly why she tried to stay away from people.

She smiled at Nathan through gritted teeth before turning on her heels and leaving him standing alone at the bar. She made her way through the mass of bodies before finding a quiet spot in the back of the garden where she could watch the festivities. Jasmine had lost some of her gusto and needed to retreat and regroup. She bumped into a few people on her way, trying to ignore the smell of sweaty bodies.

As Jasmine returned her gaze to where she'd left Nathan standing, she could see he was surrounded by a bunch of cheerleaders with Kelsey as the ring leader. Kelsey tried to get Nathan's attention by flaunting her breasts in his face and pulling at his arm, but he seemed to be preoccupied. His gaze was still fixated on the spot where Jasmine had stood minutes before.

Suddenly Jasmine noticed a group of bikers walking out through the backdoor, clothed in leathers. They clearly didn't get the message that this was supposed to be a pool party. Her breath caught in her throat as she noticed the last person of the group walking outside. Lucas.

He was wearing a tight pair of leather pants with a black shirt on top and a cigarette in his mouth. He looked quite alluring, even though Jasmine knew guys like him were off limits. It was the first time she'd ever seen any of his friends, if you could call the large group of bikers his friends. Lucas didn't seem to be overly happy, then again, he always had this glum look about him.

Their eyes met through the crowd and his sullen look suddenly turned into a sultry smirk as he took a look at her body. His eyes roamed her curves in appreciation before he turned to the side and took a hold of the redhead Jasmine had seen the first day of her stay at the Wood mansion. He kept his gaze solely focused on Jasmine as he squeezed the girl's hip and playfully nipped at her collarbone.

Jasmine rolled her eyes and flipped him the finger as she made her way to the swimming pool, squirming out of her dress on the way over. She tried to seductively wiggle her hips from side to side as she walked, her sole intention of leaving Lucas hot and bothered.

She seemed to be doing a pretty good job, seeing his eyes almost popped out of their sockets as she revealed her red bathing suit. Winking at him, she gracefully dove into the water. The hair she had desperately tried to tame might have been ruined by her little scene, but the look across Lucas' face was more than worth it. He didn't just look shocked, he was blown away by her actions, his mouth hanging open as a stupefied grin appeared across his features.

A low whistle caught her attention, she turned her head to see a group of football players watching her intently, applauding Nathan for living with such a hot piece of ass. She internally groaned, feeling her stomach convulse. When she set up her might plan, she kind of had forgotten about the fact Lucas might not be the only one watching her. Oops.

The leader of the group stepped closer, four of his puppets following close behind. Jasmine's heart started to beat rapidly in her chest as she was encircled by the group. "Babe, I'd definitely take that body of yours for a joyride," one of them winked, his eyes focused solely on her breasts. She cringed inwardly at his lustful stare, suddenly feeling extremely exposed. What the hell had she been thinking when she decided to put on a little show? Right…She hadn't!

"Back off," Lucas growled, suddenly appearing next to the football player that had taken a few steps closer to her. Jasmine decided to use this moment of distraction to her advantage and quickly got out of the pool. She draped a towel across her body, sighing in relief when most of her skin was covered up.

"What's wrong, Wood? You don't wanna share your little plaything? I should've known you were taking good care of her while she stayed at your house," the guy laughed, his gaze still focused on Jasmine. He winked at her and exorbitantly licked his lips.

In that moment, she wanted nothing more than to disappear and hide underneath a rock. Her plan went downhill so fast, she didn't have the time to put a stop to it. She should have listened to her conscious instead of wanting to seek revenge for Lucas' little stunt from earlier.

"Stay away from her," Lucas warned, his voice dangerously cold and emotionless as he came to stand in front of Jasmine.

"Calm down, man. I was just messing around. Guess she must be a good lay for you to be so protective of her," the football player shrugged, taking a step back. She could sense the tension in the air as Lucas tensed at the guy's words. Not thinking about what she was doing, she took a step closer towards her savior and rested her hand on his strained shoulder.

For the first time that week she was eternally grateful for his presence and quick intervention. She had no idea why on earth he was defending her honor and being so extremely protective, but she liked it nevertheless. Tonight could have gone epically wrong if Lucas hadn't put those guys in place. She didn't want to think of what might have happened.

Lucas eyes immediately darted to her hand before his gaze turned to her face. She smiled a small smile at him, reassuring him she was okay. He held her eyes for a few moments longer before he turned his attention back to the asshole in front of him. "Don't you fucking talk about her like that," he spit, his eyes wide with rage, hands clenched into fists.

The football player looked taken aback and quickly held up his arms. "Sorry," he apologized, looking unsure of himself.

"It's okay. Just take a hike and leave," Jasmine exclaimed furiously before Lucas had the time to utter another word. The group of jocks looked shocked, eyes flitting briefly from Jasmine to Lucas, then they quickly walked to the back of the garden, their eyes locked to the ground.

As they disappeared into the crowd, Jasmine let out a deep breath she didn't know she had been holding and returned her attention back to Lucas. "Thank you," she said softly, squeezing his shoulder.

"What the hell do you think you're doing? Going out here in that!" he cried out angrily, pointing at her bathing suit as he withdrew from her touch like he had been stung by a bee. "You're practically begging all these guys to take you," he accused, his nostrils flared.

"Excuse me?" she shouted in astonishment, her eyes widening. Hours ago he had been egging her on to go out in a barely there bikini, now he was pissed she showed some skin. A small crowd gathered around them, looking for a scene to gossip about. "Who the hell do you think you are? My father?" she retorted, poking him in the chest before turning to look at the people that had successfully assembled around them. "What are you looking at? Get a life!"

They quickly turned their heads and busied themselves as Jasmine glared at them. "How dare you accuse me of acting like a hoe while your little playmates run naked through our house?" she questioned after taking in a deep breath to prolong her speech and taking a hold of Lucas' shirt to pull him closer as she practically spat the words in his face.

"Have you taken a look at yourself? You're no better than them," he growled angrily, grasping her chin in his hand as his eyes pierced hers.

She took a step back like she had been burned before slapping him in the face – hard. "You bastard! I'm nothing like them!" she cried out, anger making her blood pump rapidly through her veins as her face turned beet red.

Tears welled up in her eyes at his accusation, but she refused to cowardly run and let them stream down her face as she kept her stance strong and fierce. "I hate you," she spat, her eyes cold as ice.

"Seems like we finally agree on something," Lucas replied, rubbing his sore cheek before turning around and leaving her standing on her own in the middle of the crowd.

A hollow feeling took a hold of Jasmine's heart with each step he took, emptiness filling her mind and soul. If she had felt lonely before, she now truly felt like an abandoned little toy. Sighing, she started to walk back towards the house, looking much braver than she felt on the inside. Her fierceness was wavering with every step she took. The moment she finally arrived in her bedroom tears started to roll freely down her cheeks as she buried her face in her pillow and screamed bloody murder.

Jasmine was comfortably nestled in the soft satin sheets that had curled around her body during the night. She felt a feather light touch against her cheek, but in her state of grogginess - being half asleep - she couldn't tell whether it was her imagination playing jokes on her or not.

As she slowly started to wake up, she made a cute little noise and tried to open her tired eyelids. A few seconds later, her eyes finally fluttered open. A yawn escaped her lips as she tried to make out her surroundings in the darkness that had settled upon her room.

Her breathing hitched as she saw a figure moving through the room and she barely contained a scream from leaving her lips. She quickly bolted upright, catching the attention of her unwanted, late night visitor.

"Shh, it's just me," his voice soothed, taking a step closer.

She quickly pulled the sheets higher up her body and crawled backward till her back hit the headboard. "Stay away from me, you filthy pig!" she exclaimed, keeping her voice down not to wake anybody.

Lucas looked pained for a second before the hint of emotion disappeared from his features and his face became impassive. He shook his head and rolled his eyes, seemingly in a battle with himself as he sat down on the edge of the bed. He sighed deeply, rubbing his hand across his freshly growing stubble.

"I shouldn't have said what I said earlier," he drawled out, looking torn. He kept his eyes focused on the mat at his feet, refusing to look her in the eye.

"Is that your way of apologizing? Because that was the crappiest and most worthless apology I have ever heard in my life," Jasmine stated, a dubious look crossing her features.

Lucas shook his head, anger rising in his chest as he stood up. "I'm fucking trying here, okay?" he hissed, his eyes a few shades darker than before.

"Wait. Please tell me that's not the first time you've apologized to someone," Jasmine said, a hint of disbelief in her voice. As she was met with silence, Jasmine started to laugh humorlessly. "You suck at this," she told him, hitting his arm playfully.

"I know," he admitted, groaning loudly. "Why are you grinning like an idiot?" he questioned as he noticed the cheeky look across her face.

"I feel special," she teased as she held her hand across her heart. She still hadn't forgotten about his hurtful words, but how could she stay mad at him after that? It made her heart melt that he actually had the guts to come to her room and apologize. No matter how crappy his apology had been.

"You are special, princess," Lucas agreed, his trademark smirk making its way across his features. "So special I want nothing more than to rip that lovely pair of panties off your body and feast on your delectable taste," he added seductively, caressing the lace fabric of her panties.

She quickly slapped his hand away, snarling angrily at him before covering her body with the sheet that had sank down, revealing her body to his eyes. Until his comment, she forgot that she decided not to wear pajamas tonight because of the heat outside. Her cheeks flushed a deep color of red as she kept glaring at Lucas.

"Pervert," she accused, feeling like an utter fool for not coming up with a better retort. Lucas laughed, a rumble coming from deep within his chest at her comment before he tucked away a loosened strand of her ebony hair and stood up.

"Goodnight, princess," he grinned before retreating to his own room. Jasmine smiled foolishly as she watched him leave, feeling like they'd made some progress today. He might have cut her deeply with his hurtful words, but on the upside he'd also apologized. Let's not forget he had saved her from that drunken football player as well.

Today had been quite eventful, yet extremely instructive. She'd learned that even though she'd seen ten different sides of Lucas, she hadn't seen half of him yet. He was a scarred boy, destructive and with a terrible temper. There was a big chance she might never know the real Lucas Wood, but she sure as hell was going to try to figure him out. Even if it meant tearing him down piece by piece.

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