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I honestly believed we had both been through more than our fair share of heartbreak. She never said so, but she didn’t have to. I could feel it. [Celebrity Romance] A message ... A joke ... Fantasy becomes reality ... What do you do when you know you're not happy and someone famous takes an interest in you on an online social site? Hillary Daniels could not believe this guy - this celebrity replied - and kept talking! She was just an ordinary woman. Just when she was ready to give up on happily ever after, this man showed up making her feel special - it was too good to be true - things like that didn't happen in real life. Finding the right one shouldn't be so hard! He's famous! Yet, time after time Ethan Hart feels the sting of rejection. Is it so wrong that he wants to be someone's man? Where was he going wrong? Did he not give enough attention? Would a woman ever truly be his? In a moment of desperation, Ethan reaches out to a fan online and becomes hopelessly infatuated. But there's a problem ...

Romance / Other
Jennie Lyne Hiott
4.7 3 reviews
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This is a tale of romance from the lost world of Jenithiyah.

Located inside the Bermuda Triangle, this place is surrounded by magical waters and imprisoned by tall mountains. One way in. No way out ... but life must go on and a new society was born.

The descendants of these lost souls live a life much like or own – Except – Life spans are longer. Laws are less conventional, strange and strict – the perfect environment for tales of passion, intrigue and suspense. While romance is the main plot, this place adds unusual obstacles. Warning: This is not your typical romance.

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