The Targets

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Embark on this journey to see the undeniable attraction between Amy and Sarah, two women on different sides of justice. Can love conquer all? Join in on the humorous tale and enjoy!

Romance / Action
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Chapter 1

In the morning on a well-known road, the couple sped down the highway. They had just robbed a bank and were looking for the quickest escape route that would help them lose the cops.

Amy Adams and her lover Steve were the two people of interest.

Amy was a blonde, 5"9, 36D, twenty-year-old girl. She was the brains behind the operation and Steve was just there for instant gratification.

She was what people liked to call a marichimama, she had a muscular and sexy figure.

In her tight jeans and t- shirts that really couldn’t cover her body, she was beautiful.

She could handle her own business and didn’t really need a sidekick like Steve hanging around her. She wanted to drop him as soon as she got what she wanted from him.

The police agent in charge of tracking down the robbery was Sarah Parker.

She had just been appointed to the head position so catching a well-known criminal like Amy was exactly what she needed to do to prove to her co-workers that she could do the job properly.

She was another sexy figure. Brunette and if she hadn’t already been told enough, the police job had done wonders to her body.

She was in one of the cop vehicles chasing down Amy and Steve. As the head of the case, she really liked to remain a well-known participant in capturing her suspects.

“Shit! They're coming on our ass, do something,” Steve yelled out to Amy.

“It’s okay, I mean even though you can clearly see that I’m busy driving right now, can’t you keep your fucking mouth shut. Can’t you do something Steve? Oh, that’s right. I forgot that you’re a fucking pussy”, she replied infuriated.

Amy loved telling Steve about how much of a man he wasn’t.

She loved both men and women, but Steve was nowhere near what she would call a man.

She just needed him for---- I guess she really didn’t need him all that much. With the money they just robbed from the bank, she would be set for a long time.

Amy did the only thing that she could. She drove really fast and recklessly until she made it over the border of Mexico.

The police cars stopped, and they waited until Sarah had created a new plan. She knew that Amy was a smart person so all she could do was wait until the robber made her next move.

Knowing that Amy couldn’t stay in Mexico for very long without getting killed made her more relaxed.


“Here’s your half”, Amy told Steve handing him a bag with the money.

Even though he was useless, she still needed him in the beginning to help rob the bank. She split the money and soon they were separated.

“Thanks partner, I think it’s best if we go our separate ways, so that we have a better chance of surviving”, Steve said to her and then he walked away.

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