Wayward Daughter

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Chapter 3

Sam was a junior and part of the football team. Mia had gained a lot of approval and social status by dating him, but that wasn't the reason she liked him. Sam was hot, sure, but he was also sweet and funny and didn't let the popularity go to his head. He also wasn't the richest of people, meaning he wasn't a huge dick like some of the other guys on the football team.

Mia dropped her bike on his back lawn and opened the back door. She knew from experience that his parents wouldn't be back until later, and that football practice let him finish school a couple of hours earlier on a Friday. They would have the house to themselves.

She walked up the stairs and was just turning the corridor into his room when she heard something that made her stop dead. Mia heard the sound of two people kissing, a sound that all girls who dated jocks feared.

Along with kissing, were groans and the sound of a bed squeaking. Sam didn't have any siblings. Feeling sick, Mia peaked around the corner already knowing what she would see.

Sam and some random girl were in bed. It didn't look like they were having sex yet, but were leading up to it. Clothes were strewn hastily over the floor, but no underwear was in sight.

“Oh my God, what are you doing?” Mia yelled, feeling braver than she actually was. She strode over to the open doorway as Sam and the whore broke apart in fear.

“What… Mia? Why aren’t you back at school?” Sam asked in confusion and fear.

“Because I came to see you. What are you doing? Are you cheating on me?” Mia asked, even though it was pretty obvious what was going on. And the worst part was, she knew the girl he was with.

It was her best friend Lissa. Betrayal from both of them hurt almost as much as her dad dying.

“It's not what it looks like…” Sam said pitifully, scrambling out of bed and hurriedly pulling on some pants. He glanced back at Lissa, who was holding the duvet over her body, and something changed. “No, it's exactly what it looks like. We were just about to have sex, like we have every Friday for the past 3 months. Look, I know this sucks, but things have been boring between us anyway, and let’s be honest we were probably going to break up soon.”

Mia was so startled by the brutal honesty that she didn't know what to say. Okay things hadn't been boring, but she knew that Sam had wanted something from her that she hadn't been willing to give. Now she regretted that, because he had gone to someone who was more than willing to put out.

“3 months? You've been hiding this for 3 whole fucking months?” Mia yelled, and then turned on Lissa, who had so far been unusually quiet. “I thought we were best friends! Why did you do this? How could you do this with my boyfriend?”

Lissa shrugged but looked ashamed. “I've always liked Sam, and… well you kind of stole him away from me.” She admitted, and Mia just gaped at her.

“Mia, come on, you've got to be used to this. Your dad had a long line of random hook ups, and you were one of the products of one of those random hook ups. And you're whole weird house had affairs upon affairs. It must run in the family, and if I hadn't cheated first, you would have because you would've just copied your old man.” Sam said this with complete sincerity, as if this was what he had told himself so that he wouldn't feel guilty.

He turned back towards the bed, casually throwing over his shoulder, “we’re done by the way. You can show yourself out.” And he shut the door behind him.

Mia stood there in shocked silence, unable to function or walk away. That was, until she heard giggles and kissing coming from the now closed door. After that, she ran out of there as fast as she could.

She didn't know where she would go.

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