Masked Love

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Meet and Greet

“Okay mom, we’ll see you for lunch” we kissed her cheek

“It was nice meeting you your highness and you as well royals” We grinned at them as we walked to the little park near the tea area. We just swung until our parents had a maid come and fetch us to meet the rest of the crowd.

“The rest of the crowd is here your parents want you to make an entrance” The maid said, her name was abigail and she was a fan of the royals

“Were coming” Eavan grinned at her as she grabbed my arm and basically dragged me to the meet and greet. She was still dragging me until we got to the door, there she let go and straightened her clothes and put on a shit eating grin.

“Ready?” I gave her a look

“Yeah ready to die in a hole” this time she was the one who gave me a look. Little did we know dad and the king as well as his son were watching the security cameras and could hear us. We opened the doors and we heard a scream and then I was falling.


“WHAT THE FUCK” I looked startled

“Aislinn watch your mouth young lady and get up off the floor” Mom ordered

“I'm sorry I can't, I kind of have a person on me mom” I was sarcastic

“Aislinn get up” My father ordered more fiercely

“What don't you people think i'm trying to do, I CAN'T, there is a human being on me, crushing the life out of me might I add!” I wheezed

Our, Eavan and mine, Friends pulled Cara off me

“I don't know why we put up with you” I breathed a sigh of release as the guys pulled me up

“I'm loveable that's why” she was being a snot

“Just cause your name means beloved doesn't mean you are” I grinned as she huffed

“see you love me, you're being smart with me” we grinned at each other

My father cleared his throat. uh oh.

“Hi!” I was chipper

“Hi” he glared at us seven

I grinned at him as I looked at the king and his family “I'm sorry to cause such a disturbance, it was unplanned and uncalled for, and please excuse my language, I was caught off guard it was very unladylike of me. Please I beg for your forgiveness” I pleaded

“Oh Patty, your children are so adorable” As the queen said that, Eric the eldest of my friends snorted and then coughed as Cara elbowed him.

“Oh they are, quite the sweethearts if you ask” They smiled at each other

“Still want to die in a hole” The king's son, Hunter whispered in my ear

“Wha-” I was cut off by the prince of dicks himself

“Your father was watching you on the security cameras, you have quite a mouth on you babe” he smirked at me

“Eww” I glared at him while his friends and him laughed

“C’mon babe it's not so bad you got me hitting on you” He grinned

“Yeah and you're like 21 and im 16, no thanks “Babe”” I smiled at him and walked to my friends. You could hear his friends laughing at him. I leaned against a chair and started chatting with my friends.

“Did you guys get invites to the ball?” Cara giggled and you just heard a chorus of yes’

“I'm not going” I glared at her

“Oh yes you are, we saw him flirt with you, were going to make him wish you were his” she grinned at me

“Nope no not a chance nope nope no no no” I was shaking my head furiously

“You know if you keep shaking that pretty little head of yours it might spin off” The prince grinned

“Is there a chance you're following me around prince hunter, It might cause alarm and I could get a restraining order for stalking” I looked at him, he caged me in

“Yeah and who's gonna give you that” He rolled his eyes

“I don't know i'll figure it out” I grinned

“Your dad wants the families to talk amongst us, no more time for commoners” he grabbed my wrist and started pulling me towards our families

“Hey let go of me! and that was so rude to say to my friends, didn't your parents teach you manners” I sneered

“That's no way to speak to the future king” He smirked

“This is no way to treat a lady” I shot at him

“who says you're a lady you're only 16” He shot back

“Hunter seth Addams leave that poor girl alone!” his mother yelled


“No buts, come here Aislinn, I want you to meet the girls” she was polite

“Yes ma’am” I grinned at her and she pulled me away from the devil himself.

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