The Alpha and the Rogue

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:) Kicked out of her pack for something that didn't actually happen, Radiance (RJ for short) is on the run. Betrayed by the people she loves most, her father (Beta of her old pack) and friends, she has no one left. That is until she winds up in another packs territory without permission. As a werewolf, that's bad. As a Rogue, it's worse because trespassing is punishable by death. But what if the Alpha of the pack you trespassed on... was your mate? Noah is the Alpha of the Crescent Moon pack. Cocky, arrogant and overconfident, Noah is both a player and an egotistical dick. One night stands and girls that aren't his sister or mother are his game. When a Rogue wolf is found in his territory, Noah has every intention of killing it. Until he finds out that she is his mate.

Romance / Fantasy
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Chapter 1

The sound of my pure white paws thudding against the muddy ground was the only thing that I could hear as I ran through the woods and away from my pack. Let me retract that statement, it was my pack until they kicked me out.

I couldn’t help the resentment I felt towards them--the resentment towards my father, especially. They say nothing is stronger than the love a father has for his daughter. Mine obviously did not get the memo. It was still a shock to me how he could exile me, his only daughter. But I guess love is cold and the only person you can really trust is yourself.

Lord knows I was aware that my father has priorities other than me. He was the Beta of the Blue Shadow pack after all and he had to abide by the Alpha’s rules. But when said Alpha got too touchy with his hands, those rules should not have resulted in this kind of betrayal.

I couldn’t help but shake my head as a snarl forces its way out of my throat. Since being kicked out two months ago, I’ve let loose a few curse words directed towards my old pack--none which would be appropriate to say in public. I was used to being the sweet and helpful girl who everyone seeks advice and comfort when something was wrong, but I guess all you need is one bad rumour that you slept with another’s mate for shit to hit the fan. No one thought to acknowledge my good reputation, resulting in my new one. The one that brands you a slut, a mate thief and now: a rogue.

My thoughts are cut off and my head snaps up when an excited howl rings through the air. How could I possibly forget that rogues--real, eat rip your flesh from your body who kill for the fun of it--have been hunting me for three days straight? Cause, you know, my day wasn’t already interesting enough as it was. Next thing you know I’ll be told that I’m a princess and that a frog is my prince. Although taking a second to think about it, I realise that is probably a better outcome than where my life is headed right now. But still, gross. Imagine what our children would look like. As I think about it, I can’t help but roll my eyes.

The rogues on my tail were fast, but unfortunately for them, I was faster. The blood of a beta was coursing through my veins but a bite in my hind leg, courtesy of one of the rogues, was throbbing. For now, I could manage but I knew I would have to find somewhere to rest and let it heal up.

After an hour of continuous running, I finally lost the rogues by dodging through the thickness of the trees and sprinting in an entirely new direction, before finally collapsing in a heap to the grassy floor beneath me, finding aid under a tree.

I stay still for minutes, attempting to catch my breath, before looking at the scene before me. My eyes widen a fraction as I take in the beauty of my surroundings. The greenery of the bushes and trees complement the crystal blue of the lake which dominates in the centre of the clearing. With the light of the warm sun reflecting off the lilies in the water, I feel at peace.

With a sigh, I lean my heavy head on my paws; thankful for the little bit of refuge I had for this small amount of time. Unfortunately, much like every other time I felt at peace, it didn’t last.

My once relaxed body immediately tenses when a growl echoes throughout the clearing. I groan, exhaustion and frustration stiffening the joints of my body. Can’t the rogues give my a five-second breather? However, those thoughts fly out the window when I realise the wolves now surrounding my are not rogues.

Obviously, getting too relaxed had let my guard down long enough for these wolves to approach me slowly, surrounding me so that there was little chance of escape. Attempting to stand, my legs shake beneath me, blood still seeping out of my wound.

I bow my head to the wolves, trying to communicate that I mean no harm to them or the pack they came from. I guess with all my thoughts on getting away from the rogues I hadn’t realised that I’d trespassed on another pack’s territory.

I turn to the largest wolf of the six as he speaks to me via mind-link; a form of communication wolves use amongst their pack. However, only wolves of a high standing could talk to others which weren’t a part of their pack.

[Don’t bother trying to run. You won’t get far.] He commands firmly. This wolf was either the beta or the alpha. Taking in his size I assume the wolf is the beta of this pack as he wasn’t much larger than me.

I’m rendered speechless as the beta and other wolves shift into their human forms and I can’t help the blush that blossoms on my cheeks. I don’t know about you, but I was thinking that there was something in the water they drink because no one I knew was this good looking. I’m not going to lie, because I’m a truthful person, but I was mainly looking at the beta. He was pretty damn fine.

I tried my hardest not to look down, knowing what I would see if I did, and then laughed to myself. Hardest. Isn’t that funny. I covered my laugh with a cough and instead looked up, deciding to focus on things higher than... that area. The guy had blonde hair spiked in the—not going to lie—sexy Niall Horan way. Hazel eyes ringed with gold met mine and one side of his lips curled up into a cocky smirk as he notices me unabashedly checking him out. Hey, it wasn’t like I couldn’t not look, I mean, the guy had abs! Glorious, golden, lickable, abs.

Mentally slapping myself, I squeeze my eyes shut but nothing would be able to burn that image out of my mind. There was no time to be thinking about this delectable male when in the next couple of minutes I could be as dead as a doornail. Hey, I believe that’s actually the name of a book. I really needed to get over myself.

“Shift.” The beta commands, the cocky smirk still ever-present on his gorgeous face. Nodding my head I limp behind a tree and shift, changing into the black skinny jeans and blue hoodie I had wrapped around my ankle. Limping back out to the males with bare feet I stop when I’m a safe distance away from them.

One of the guys speaks up commenting, “You trespassed on Crescent Moon territory, Rogue.”

Managing to keep the timidness I feel out of my voice, remaining calm I respond, “Believe me when I say I’m really sorry. I swear I did not intend to trespass, nor did I know I had until it was too late.”

The beta seems to consider what I have said before coming to the conclusion that I am being sincere. “Will you tell me what led you here?”

“Two months ago, I was kicked out of my pack. I came across this place whilst I was running away from rogues.” I look down at the grass beneath my feet, ashamed for some reason unbeknownst to me.

The crunch of twigs snapping under feet resounds in my ears as the males move towards me slowly. The beta lifts my chin up so we were at eye level. His unique eyes stare into mine as he speaks, “It’s up to our alpha to decide what happens so you’ll need to repeat what you have just told us. I dearly hope he lets you stay.” He smiles genuinely, with a tinge of what I would assume to be lust, as he stares into my eyes. “You shouldn’t be putting pressure on that leg, you can hitch a ride on my back.”

All I can even attempt to do in reply is a nod. He wastes no time shifting into his impressive mousy brown wolf and, with the remaining energy left in my body, I manage to haul myself up onto his back without ripping too much hair out. The other wolves follow the beta and I as he leads us to the packhouse.

After a few minutes of running the beta slows and begins talking to me through mind-link.

[The name’s Dominic by the way]. He introduces and I reply by telling him my own name: [Radiance].

[Is your injury alright?] he asks, gesturing his head towards my leg.

[Don’t worry about me. I’m a big girl, I can deal. How much farther do we have to go?]

[If we run? About thirty minutes...] he replies coolly.

I’m thankful that I am riding on his back with this knowledge as he begins to run faster than before through the woods. As my hair whips around me due to the wind, I let my mind focus on the sounds of nature during our journey.

No less than thirty minutes later, we arrive at a big mansion. I was struck speechless by how massive it was. Well, no shit Sherlock. It’s a freaking mansion; it’s supposed to be massive.

The front door of the house opens wide and a beautiful middle-aged woman casually stands in the doorway, a confused look on her face. “Dominic, could you please be a dear and explain why a rogue is standing in my son’s front yard?”

Dominic shifts back into his human form before changing into some baggy jeans, but not fast enough that I don’t get a glance at his, not so little, member.

Blushing I look at the ground, toeing the dirt at my feet.

“She was kicked out of her pack, Leanne. We found her trying to escape the rogues that have been tresspassing on our territory.” I’, sure the surprise that he omitted the truth a little showed on my face, but I managed to hide my shock just in time as Leanne looks at me, a curious, calculating look on her face.

“She’s wounded, Leanne,” Dominic adds. “Bitten my a rogue.”

I take notice as sympathy flashes in Leanne’s eyes before she nods, calling for someone by the name of ‘Noah’. For some reason, the ringing of the name in my head was enough to send chills down my spine. I had no idea why, but the way my body was reacting to a simple name was extremely unlike me.

A few seconds pass before Leanne returns, but this time with a guy that looked around my age, maybe a few years older. He had the perfect appearance of an angel, but the look in his eyes as he looked me up and down was anything but angelic.

My mind instantly goes back to my initial thought that there was definitely something they were putting in the water supply here.It was like everyone here was photo-shopped! If I thought Dominic was hot, this guy was a god. Like all the other guys around this place; he was shirtless. I mean seriously, did I somehow come across a ‘half-naked male’ pack? Because I could get used to this, but I don’t think my ovaries would. His tan body was muscled to perfection and don’t even get me started on the abs. Oh, the abs. My mouth basically salivates at the thought.

I sigh as my gaze trails upward to finally meet his fiery eyes. As soon as my eyes find his chocolate pools bright with mischief I felt something snap into place inside my soul. There was no doubt, I was a goner.

In that moment, as we stared at each other so intently, his eyes basically turning a dark black, he whispered the one word that set my whole body aflame.


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