The Alpha and the Rogue

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Chapter 10

(RJ’s POV)

The weekend went pretty quickly and I got to know more about Noah. I was curious as to why this Amanda chick was his worst regret, but I didn’t want to ask him what happened. There were dancing trials today and I was going to try and get in. I have been dancing since I was five, I’ve always loved it. I was on the dance team at my old school and we had gone to competitions, I’d even won a few., but I still got really nervous. Sometimes we have to dance at the school basketball game on Saturday nights. As well as being captain for the football team, Noah was also captain for the basketball team as well. I had only found that out yesterday when I told him about wanting to join the dance team.

Pushing the door to the gym open I walked in to see about fifteen girls standing and chatting, all wearin dance clothes. I was wearing a black top with pink writing that read: Dancing young wild and free. I wore pink tights underneath and my trainers. My black duffel bag with little neon peace signs was in my hand with water, a towel, a bar, and a few other things.

Going into the splits I wonder why the girls aren’t stretching, they are going to be hurting later. I stayed in the splits to do my arm stretches and waited for the dance captain. I almost choked when they walked in.

“Okay, girls. I want you to line up while I tell you a bit about myself.” Stephanie called as she walked in. “As many of you know, I am Stephanie. I have been dancing for five years...”

I laughed. She’s only been dancing for five years?I’ve been dancing for eleven and a half. I laughed again.

“Is there something amusing?” Stephanie asks me and I realised everyone was looking at me as if I was crazy.

“Nope.” I say popping the ‘p’. “Nothing at all. But, are you the dance captain?”

“I will be. Now, as I was saying...” Stephanie spent half the lesson telling us about herself, I mean, who cares. I didn’t think she was captain, normally they do this little thing to decide the captain. Thirty minutes into her talk the dance teacher walked in.

“Hello, everybody. My name is Mrs Stevens and I am your dance teacher. I hope Miss Butcher is not rambling on about herself again...” Mrs Stevens. Snickers rang out through the gym. “Well, let’s actually begin the trial... Let’s head out side and do ten laps around the football oval.”

I happily headed outside and when Mrs Stevens told us to start running, I ran. The boys were on the field having football training and a they stopped to watch us. A few wolf whistles rang out before their coach told them to knock it off, but even then someone was always watching.

I spotted Noah and watched as he winked and waved at me. I waved back before turning back to face the track so I didnt fall. That would be embarrassing. I had passed some of the girls dragging behind on my seventh, eighth and ninth lap and was now sprinting my last lap.

I looked behind me to see Stephanie further behind me, it looked like Stephanie was tired already. I almost laughed at that. She was supposed to be good with agility because of the werewolf gene.

I reached Mrs Stevens and she told me to drop down and do one hundred push ups and then one hundred sit ups. I mock saluted her before going down. I heard Mrs Stevens chuckle.

I was on my eightyith sit up and the girls were on the ground just starting theirs when Mrs Steven told us to start the whole thing again.

“Wait--start again. Miss Butcher wasn’t doing her push ups properly.”

The girls around me groaned. Most of them were human and only a few were werewolves.

“No--make it two hundred of each now, unless you would like it to be four hundred each...?” Mrs Stevens said and no one dared to groan.

Without complaining I dropped down and started my push ups again. When I finished I hopped up and walked over to Mrs Stevens, who then told me to do a plank and hold it for ten minutes. So, naturally, that’s what i did.

A thirty minutes later we were doing suicide when the bell rang.

“Alright girls, that’s the trial. I will be putting a notice on the bulletin with the names of the girls who will be in the dance team. Stephanie and Radiance I would like you to stay behind for a few minutes, I’ve already told your teachers that you will be late.

Stephanie and I grabbed our duffel bags and walked over to Mrs Stevens. “Radiance and Stephanie you two were the ones who lasted the longest today. Now, as you know, I need to pick a captain. To decide who I want to be captain I’m getting you both to choreograph your own dance to any song you like. You will show me your dances tomorrow and whoever has the better dance in my eyes will get the position of captain.” Mrs Stevens said.

Stephanie glared at me, obviously not liking that I could be captain instead of her. I’ve always wanted to become captain. When my mother was in school she was the captain of the dance team and ever since it had been my dream to be like her. My mother became a famous dancer, but gave up her career when she became pregnant with me, but she still taught me how to dance when I was old enough.

“Sounds good.” I told Mrs Stevens, I already knew the perfect song.


All night last night, I had been coming up with moves for the dance. I was in Noah’s fitness room which had a floor that was good for dancing. I had moved some of his weights and stuff like that away from the dance space. The memory of last night brought a smile to my face.

Argh, come on, RJ. You’ve got this. I was standing in the middle of the room wearing black booty shorts, a white sports bra, and jazz shoes and was trying to figure out what else to add to the dance. I started the music for my cover of Demi Lovato’s ‘Skyscraper’ again and danced the moves I had come up with before and suddenly the next moves came to me.

I stood with my head down as the music ended when clapping sounded behind me. I turned around to see Noah leaning against the door with a stunned look on his face.

“Wow.” He whispered. “That was... there are no words. You dance beautifully.”

I blushed as he walked towards me. “Thanks.”

“What’s the dance for?” He asked.

“I have to choreograph a good dance so I can become dance captain.” I stated.

“Well, with that dance, you are definitely going to be getting that.” He smiled. “Can you show me the whole thing?” He asked. So I did.

I walked into the gym after lunch to see Stephanie already there. She had already started showing Mrs Stevens her dance. She had chosen the song ‘Whip my hair’ by Willow Smith. Predictable. I watched Stephanie as she moved around the room. Basically all she did was do a few moves while walking forward, a bit of whipping her hair and then doing dance moves while walking back. But still, it was pretty good.

“Okay, Stephanie. That was very interesting. Radiance, it’s your turn.” Mrs Stevens said after Stephanie finished.

I dropped my duffel bag and gave Mrs Stevens my CD. Mrs Stevens was about to press play when the whole football team and coach came into the gym.

“Sorry, Mrs Stevens, but I booked the gym today for the boys.” Coach Morris told Mrs Stevens.

“That’s okay. But, is it alright if Radiance just shows me her dance first? The boys can be an extra judge.” She replied.


Great. Now I was doing my dance in front of a lot of people. Deep breaths, Radiance. You’ve danced in front of more people than this before. You can do it. Fight those nerves.

I took a deep breath and Mrs Stevens started the music. I drowned out everything else and just listened to the music, letting it take me away.


When I finished everyone was clapping and whistling.

“That’s my girl!” I heard Noah call and I blushed. He called me his girl. I smiled.

“I think it’s pretty obvious who is dance captain. Radiance that was beautiful. Congratulations.” Mrs Stevens said.

“Thanks, Mrs Stevens.” I smiled at her.

A door slammed. Everyone turned to see that Stephanie was gone. I cringed. I felt sorry for her.

“Who was singing?” Mrs Stevens voice brought us all out of our haze. “I know it was Demi Lovato’s song, but it didn’t sound like her voice.” She added.

“That’s me singing.” I said, shyly.

“You have an amazing voice.”

I nodded in thanks.

“Well, the gym is yours now boys.”

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