The Alpha and the Rogue

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Chapter 11

Once at home I ran up the stairs two at a time to my room and changed into some sweat pants, tank top, and my running shoes. Heading back outside I decide to run along the border.

I ran for two hours before coming back home.


It was nice to have a place to call home. It was nice to have people to call family. Hell, Mr and Mrs Maxwell treat me like thier daughter and Indie already treats my like a sister.

Walking to the kitchen I grab a apple from the fruit bowl and bite into it. After fininsihing it i chuck it in the bin and begin to walk out the door.

“You’re not going to win.” A female voice says behind.

I turn around to see Stephanie glaring at me from the other door. “Huh?” I ask.

“This little game you’re playing... You’re not going to win. You’re not going to stay as dance captain and you’re definetley not going to be with Noah. He will leave you, because in the end, I’m the one he loves.”

“First of all, there is no game. Second of all, I dont care, I am dance captain now and I’m going to do my best to get to finals. Third, as far as Noah goes, I know he doesn’t love me, but he sure as hell doesnt love you.” and with that said, I leave.

I head up stairs and into my room to see Lucien sitting on my bed, looking sad.

“Hey, what’s the matter?” I say, walking over to the bed and sit beside him, putting my arm around his shoulder.

“I found my mate.” He whispers. That was normal for a werewolf his age. The normal age to find them is at sixteen, but normaly Alpha’s find theirs earlier. Some even at 13.

“That’s great news...!” I exclaim, so happy for Lucien. He deserves the best. Him and Daniel both. They are so sweet. I’m getting excited when I look at him again. He doesnt look very happy. “...Or not?”

“She’s human.” He sighs.

“And that’s a bad thing becauuussseee??” I say dragging out the word, doing that face where you sort of squish up your face in confusion.

“She doesn’t want me. I told her what I was. That we were mates. She doesn’t want me.” He says barely a whisper.

“Don’t worry, Lucien. She’ll come around. Any girl would. She’s lucky to have you as a mate.” I reassure him.

“I don’t think so.”

“Hey. Hate to bring out a bit of Justin Bieber, I really do, but...” I pause dramatically and sing out my next words. “NEVER SAY NEVER”

We laugh.

“Does she got to our school?” I ask.

“Yeah, she’s in my home group. She just begun at the school.”

“What’s her name?”

“Bailey.” He replies.

“That’s a beautiful name.”

“I know, it suits her.”

I pull him into my arms and he leans his head on my chest.

(Noah’s POV)

I stood out of view just listening to Lucien and Radiance. She was so kind so caring. That’s why I love her. She doesn’t know it, yet. I dont feel like it’s the right time to tell her. So it just stood listening to my girl give Lucien advice, even quoting a bit of Justin Bieber’s song.

I walked downstairs and called the Pizza place for some pizza’s for dinner.

A few minutes later, both Lucien and Radiance come downstairs, her arm is around his shoulder and his head is leaning on her head. Even though he is younger he is still taller than her.

“I ordered pizza.” I say, trying to ignore the jealousy that is filling me. I hated that my mate was holding him instead of me, even though she was doing it to be comforting.

“That sounds good. Is it getting delivered or does it need to be picked up?” She asks.

’“Picked up.” I reply.

“Alright. Lucien and I will pick it up. I have to quickly go somewhere before and Lucien is coming with me.


(RJ’s POV)

I grab Lucien and pull him out of the pack house. Dragging him to my car I open the door.

“Isnt that supposed to be my job?” He asks, chuckling.

“Eh, first time for everything.” I shrug. “Now where does this girl live.” I say pulling out of the woods.

“I dont know.” He says.

“Yes, you do. I know you do. Don’t lie.”

“Argh, fine.” He gives me the adress and I speed down the roads to her house.

Pulling into her driveway I hop out of the car. Lucien follows.

“Uh uh. Sit back in the car. This is a job for me.” I say.

He obidiently nods and gets back in the car. Before closing the door he asks, “What exactly are you going to do?”

“Give her advice of course. She’s going to be hurting at the moment. I’ll mind link you when I’m ready.”

He nods and closes the car door.

I walk up the porch steps and knock on the door. The door opens and a middle-aged woman stands there with her hair in a messy bun on top of her head. Stray bits of blond hair are hanging around her face. Her blue eyes look like they are staring into your soul.

“Hello? Mrs Noels?” I had gotten the last name of Lucien’s mate before we arrived.

“That would be me, deary. Who are you?” She asks, kindly.

“Oh, I’m a friend of Bailey’s. Is she home?” I ask, giving her my best reassuring smile.

“Oh, yes. Doing her homework upstairs, I think.”

“Do you mind if I see her for a few minutes?”

“Of course, not, deary. Upstairs, second door to the left.” She smiles, before opening the door wider so I can walk in.

They’re home looks like every other ordainary home in the neighbourhood. But, there was something about the place that made it feel like there was something about it that was familiar and welcoming.

Walking up the stairs, I get to the room that Mrs Noels said was Bailey’s. I knock.

“Mum, I said I’m not hungry.” A soft female voice says, strained, like she had been crying.

I walk in. A girl lays on her stomach on a double sized bed. Her blod curly hair splayed out around her head.

“Mum--” She starts, not looking up, but I cut her off.

“Hi.” I interrupt. She looks up and notices me. She has baby blue eyes, like her mother. Actually, she looked a lot like her mother.

“Who are you?”

“I’m a friend of Luciens.” I say slowly.

“Oh, are you a--?” She doesnt say the word.

“Yeah, I am.”

“Oh, what are you doing here?” She asks.

“I thought you might need someone to talk to. I know it can be a bit... hard to accept the knowledge that Lucien gave you. Am I right?”

“Yeah, sort of. It’s a lot to take in. I just... I don’t know what to do.” She sighs. “I know I like him. It’s hard not to. It was my first day at school today and he was there right away, welcoming me, telling me where everything was when I was lost. He even threatened a group of guys because they were being inapproprioate.”

“Yeah, he is a sweet guy. But, like you, he’s hurting.” She begins to say something, but I cut her off again. “Don’t try to deny it. I know how it hurst to be without your mate, for even a few hours. Add to the fact that you practically rejected him.”

“Rejected him?” She asks, confused.

“Well, when someone doesnt want their mate, they reject them. You didnt want Lucien and he’s taking that as rejection. It hurts the other mate a lot. Gives them pain.”

“I didn’t know that. I wasnt rejecting him either, I just didnt know what to do then.”

“I know.”

*Lucien* I mind-link him.


Not thirty seconds later Lucien is walking into the room.

Bailey hops up and runs to Lucien, hugging him. “I’m so, so sorry, Lucien. I’m not rejecting you. Please, forgive me.” She says over and over.

“Hey, hey, it’s okay, B. I’m here.” He whispers kissing her forehead. I mentally ‘aww’. They were so cute.

Lucien mouths a ‘thank you’ and I nod. Walking out of the house I go to pick up the pizza.

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