The Alpha and the Rogue

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Chapter 12

Noah’s POV

I sat out on my balcony, staring at the view of the woods. I didn’t like how much time Radiance had been spending with other guys. She was my mate. I’ve been trying so hard to hold out on marking her, and it isnt easy. She constantly teases me with the sway of her curvy hips when she walk, the way she pouts her lips and rests her chin on her palm when she’s thinking about something really thouroghly.

How I would love to know exactly what she thinks about. I think. I know that I only found her a two weeks ago, but I can already tell I’m falling for her. I haven’t looked at another girl since she came into my life. Except to tell Stephanie and her groupie that I didn’t want them. I had my mate and that was enough. Even if I glance at a girl and she is beautiful I always end up comparing her beauty to my mate. And that’s a beauty that no one can compare nor even come close to match.

The door opening to my room brought me out of my brooding state. I turned around to find Stephanie in nothing but lingerie and mentally gagged. I meant what I said when every girl became ugly in comparison to Radiance.

“What are you doing here?” I ask her, not liking the look of lust in her eyes. I was only wearing boxers and my shirt and jeans were on the floor beside my bed.

“What? No, ‘hey, baby’?” She asks, pouting her lip. She walks up to me and presses herself against me as she trails a finger down my bare chest.

I push her away. “Go away, Stephanie. I don’t want you. I have my mate.” I tell her.

She scowls, but replaces it with an evil smile. “She’s not your mate, I am. I am going to be the future Alpha Female. We are perfect together. You have to admit that you love all the things I do to you.” She purrs and it sounds disgusting coming from her mouth.

“We have nothing. Don’t fool yourself in thinking we do.”

She pushes me with all the strength she can muster and I fall on the bed. She climbs on top of me. Each thigh on either side of mine, lodging me in place.

She leans down and trails kisses from my neck to my jaw, then down my chest.

“Come on, baby. You know you want this.”

She reaches the top of my boxers. Pulling them down and getting her hand down there.

I am about to shove her off when someone barges into the room.

My mate.

(Radiance’s POV)

A deep growl forms in the back of my throat as I look at the current position that my mate and Stephanie are in. Stephanie quickly hops up off of Noah’s body but keeps a hold of him.

I knew that he didnt want this, I could feel the disgust radiating off him before I barged into the room. What I didnt know was 1) why I could feel this and 2) why he hadnt shoved her off already.

“Get off my fucken mate write now or I will tear you to shreds. I don’t give a horses ass that you are part of my pack I will do it. I’m going to give you five seconds.” I speak in a deadly tone.

She doesnt move.

“5...” I count.

She stays where she is.


Noah tries to make a move, but Stephanie pulls him back to her and kisses him.

He jerks back and rips himself away from her.

“3-2-1.” I say quickly. “Times up.”

I stalk over to her and grab her up off the ground where she had landed when Noah jerked away from her. Picking her up from the neck I hold her in my one handed grip. My other hand jerking back before punching her in the nose. Her head lols back for a seconds before she gets ready to strike back.

Before she can do that though I walk onto the balcony and let go of her before jumping off the balcony and shifting, mid air, into my wolf. She copies suit and lands a few feet infront of me. I can’t help but think Deja Vu. It reminded me so much of last time we fought. Except this time Noah was present.

Stephanie’s wolf growls. I run at her and ram my larger wolf into her before she can comprehend what I was about to do. She staggers to the side but quickly picks herself up and runs at me. She swipes her paw across my face and her nails tear my skin. I ignore the blood running down my face and the stinging of my eye and jump onto her back and aim a bite for her neck.

Placing my paws on the side of her body, where her ribs are I squeez as I bite into her neck. She yelps in pain and tries to get out of my hold, but the pressure on her ribs stops her from moving. I feel some of her ribs cracking and I let go.

I watch as she tries to stand straight, but she cant. That doesnt stop her from trying to attack me again though. We run at each other, but I leap over her and bite her stomach. She howls in pain.

Suddenly I ripped away from her and I see Noah standing in front of me. He holds my big wolf head in his hands and looks me in the eyes. “Calm down. Everything is alright. I dont want her. Only you. Remember that. Okay?” He whispers and kisses my furry forhead.

Reluctantly, I nod my head.

“Come on.” He tells me and shifts into his wolf before heading into the trees. I follow him.

When we come out of the trees I find we are at the place where there is the waterfall. Everything is as it was before except without the blanket and food set out.

I’m gazing at the water when someone nips my behind. I jump.

I can hear the rumble in Noah’s wolfs chest, his laughter.

I scowl, but soon my wolf is rumbling with laughter as well.

[I want to play with mate!] My wolf yips.

[Well, then. Let’s play.] I tell her.

Pouncing on Noah we nip his wolf. He lays underneath us happily. After a little of me playing with him he licks my nose. I blush. If we were in human form that would be a kiss.

He takes my suprise as an advantage and flips us over so his wolf is on top of mine. I yelp at the sudden change.

He nuzzles my neck with his nose and inhales deeply and nuzzles deeper, as if to get closer to my scent.

When he comes back up he gazes at me with such intensity.

I shift beneath him, ignoring the fact that I’m naked.

He shifts as well. I look at him. From his gorgeous brown hair to his piercing eyes, to his wellbuilt body. And his, uh.... manhood. I try not to look, but it’s sort of hard when its just.... there.

“See something you like?” He whispers, huskily.

I blush and hide my face in his hard chest, using my hands to cover myself up, suddenly insecure about my body.

“Hey, hey. You dont have to hide from me, love.” He uses one of his hands to brush a strand of hair away from my face and lifts my chin up.

When our lips meet something explodes inside my gut. A wave of butterflys settle in my stomach and I gasp. He takes that as an oppurtunity to plunge his tongue into my mouth. Our tongues dance together in a little battle.

I flip us over and straddle him much like the way Stephanie had been. I mentally growl at the thought of her. I quickly block all thoughts of Stephanie from my mind. I was with my mate and that was all that mattered.

“You’re so beautiful.” Noah murmured agaisnt my lips. “So fucking beautiful.”

“I guess you’re not too bad yourself.” I tease back. My hands trail all over his body right down to his hard manhood. I trail my finger down the lenght of it and his dick jolts in excitement.

He lets out a growl and flips us back over. He kisses my jaw and keeps kissing down until he gets to the sensitive spot on my neck.

I moan as he licks the spot.

He grunts in return.

I knew what I wanted him to do, and I knew what he wanted to do. I was ready. I was ready for him, I knew it. I believe him when he said he doesnt want Stephanie anymore. I trust him. I know I’ve only known him for a little while, but that’s how it is with mates. I wanted him to be mine, and I wanted to be his. Not fully, but I wanted to begin the process of being his.

“Mark me.” I whisper. “Please.” I moan as he licks the spot again and kisses it.

He draws his head back to look me in the eyes. “Are-are you sure?” He asks. It was then that I realised... he would wait for me if I said no. I could see the love in his eyes and I instantly knew he would do anything for me, even if it meant waiting forever to make me his.

“I’m sure. Claim me, Noah.” I tell him.

Without another word he puts his mouth to my neck. I let out a gasp as his canines pierce my skin, but as soon as his in I moan in pleasure. When he’s done he licks my newly found mark and places a gentle kiss on it.

“I love you.” He tells me.

“I love you, too.”

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