The Alpha and the Rogue

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Chapter 14


Two weeks have passed since my Angel and I were told we could go to the competition. For two weeks we have been practicing and making adjustments to are song. It has been two weeks since my Angel and I had had a decent conversation.

She seemed a bit disconnected from me lately. I couldnt blame her. I hadnt been a really good mate. Ever since that night out my wolf has been telling me how my mate wouldnt forgive me. I didnt know what for though, but I knew it was something bad. I just didnt remember what it was, but I had a feeling it had something to do with Stephanie. There was just something in my gut that KNEW it was something involving her. Hopefully my suspicions would be answered today. I was meeting up with her. Dominic became suspicious as to why my Angel and I hadnt been talking that much lately. I just dismissed it with a flick of my wrist, telling him it was none of his business.

Walking down the stairs from my besdroom I walked into the living room and out the front door of the pack house. My destination: The woods. As soon as Stephanie saw me coming she turned with a glint in her eyes.

“Hey, babe.” she murmured in a voice she probably thought was sexy, but it wasnt. Her voice was to screechy.

“What did you want to talk to me about? What was so important that I had to meet up with you so suddenly?” I ask, getting straight to the point.

“Oh, babe? Dont you remember that lovely lustful night we had? It was only a while ago, you should remember? You were drunk, I was drunk. We found a room as soon as we could...” She trails off.

“What are you saying?” I asked, afraid of the answer.

“I think you already know.” She tells me with an evil smile.

I curse under my breath. “No. It-It cant be.”

“But it is.” She answers. “We made love to each other.” She runs a down my chest. “You kept whispering to how much you loved it, how much you loved me.” She emphasises the ‘e’.

“No, it’s not ‘making love’ if you dont love the person. I hate you. Despise you. What we had--if you could even say we had anything--was nothing. You are nothing. Radiance is the only one I care about.” I tell her.

“I’m afraid I dont she will be when she finds out about us.” She tells me seductively.

“Us? There is no us!” I can feel my anger start to boil.

“There will be. You know your parents. How old fashioned they are. How old fashioned mine are. You have sex with someone, you commit. Guess we’ll be married soon, babe.” She bites her lip as she stares at me through her lashes.

Cold hearted bitch.

I will find away to change this. But until then, Radiance had to stay away from me.


(Stephanie’s POV)

Walking away from an astounded Noah, I grin. Well, if that wasnt easy. I chuckle to myself.

Noah, Noah, Noah, always was a light-weight. I knew it would be easy to take advantage of him that night. I would become Alpha Female. Everyone said I would. I wasnt going to let that stupid bitch, Radiance, ruin that.


I smiled as I danced around Noah’s drunk body. He may have been drunk, but I sure wasnt.

I pressed my body to his. “Hey, babe.”

“Hi, Radiance.” His voice slurred with the words that came out of his mouth. I held back a growl at the usage of her name. He thought I was her?! Oh well, this could help me. It would be so much easier to get him.

“Yeah, it’s me, babe.” I whisper seductively in his ear. “Wanna go find a room?”

I could feel his growing erection nudging between my things.

“Oh, yes. Please, I need you, Love.” He used his nickname for her. He bent his head and started nibbling my ear.

I let out a moan. “Come on, then. Let’s do this.” I led him to a room above the party. This was going to be fun. If someone cheated on their mate, the one cheated on could reject them. Noah would be mateless and I would have what I wanted. Noah’s parents were very old fashioned. You do something with someone, you commit to them. That meant if Noah slept with me, he would have to marry me. Meaning I would be Alpha Female. Then when his back is turned I’d stake him in the heart. Not literally, but I would kill him.


Oh, and would it be an easy kill.

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