The Alpha and the Rogue

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Chapter 15

(RJ’s POV)

I knew what I had to do. It would be a big step for me, but I had decided. I couldnt stand Noah and I being apart. It needed to happen. I needed us close. My wolf needed us close. Just two weeks felt like forever. I couldnt stand it anymore.

Taking a deep breathh I stepped into the room that we shared in only some black lingerie. Noah was on the bed shirtless and only in boxers. He looked up when I came in and when he saw me his eyes widened. Looking at me with lustful eyes he growled.

“I hope you werent standing outside my door in only that for long.” He raises his eyebrows.

“Relax.” I told him. “I had a robe on.”

“Good.” He growled again before coming up to me and embracing me in his muscular arms.

I moaned in eecstasy as he trailed kisses down my neck and to the spot where he had marked me. He kisses the spot gently before going back up my neck and then capturing my lips with his own.

Moaning into his mouth I nibbled his lips, asking for entrance. Normally it would be the guy doing this, but I wanted control.

Eagerly, he opened up his mouth and let our tongues dance together. I could feel his hard manhood against my thigh. I reached my hand down, under his boxes, and ran my hand down the length of it.

He grunted and kissed me harder. Moving his hands that were on my waist he goes to unclasp my bra. After he does that he cups each of my breasts in his hand and rubs his thumb over my hard nipple, never breaking our kiss.

“So, fucking beautiful.” He murmurs against my lips. “So, so fucking beautiful.”

“I love you.” I whisper. As soon as the words left my lips he froze.

“I-I cant.” He mumbled, moving away from me.

“Cant what?” I ask, tears starting to blur my vision.

“I just cant.” He picks up one of his tops and throws it at me. “Put that on.”

I put on his shirt, trying to ignore his intoxication scent that comes with it.

“Just leave.” He tells me.

“Why? What’s wrong? What did I do?” Was there something wrong with me? I knew I was inexperienced, but I didnt think that would matter to him. He had told me it wouldnt matter to him.

“You didnt do anything. You just need to leave.”

“Why!?” I exclaim.

“Shut up, Radiance! Just get the fuck out of my fucking sight! No one wants you. You father didnt want you. Your mother didnt want you. Your fucking brother probably doesnt even want you. And you know what! No one ever will!” He shouts.

I burst. I couldnt hold back the tears. If my heart wasnt already broken, it sure as heck was by now.

Turning around I walk out and slam his door shut behind me.


I walk through the pack house and open the door that leads to inside the garage I storm over to his silver Porsche and hop in. I’d grabbed the keys before I came in. Without opening up the roller door I start the car and smash into it. The first hit just dents the door and his car so I reverse back again and start forwards again, putting more power behind it. The roller door bursts out of it hinges and flies into a tree a few feet away.

Without looking to see the damage I drive away; not knowing where I’m going, yet.

While I’m driving I see a pigeon. “Hey, Kevin.” I murmur, looking out of the car window. “How’s Louis. Are you flying to him now? I wish I could fly. It must be fun.” I mumble.

In answer the bird does this weird quack-chirp noise.

“Well, I’ll see you. Say ‘Hi’ to Louis for me.”

I turn my head back to the road and drive away from a place I no longer called home.

Turning the Bluetooth on I call Leanne. When she answers she’s in hysterics. “Where are you?! Noah is freaking out! Why did you leave?!” She’s sobbing. I suddenly feel all the guilt for leaving my pack with Noah sink in. I’d blocked everyone from mind-linking me; even those who were closest to me.

“I’m sorry, but I just can’t be there right now. I don’t know where I’m going yet. As for why I left, just ask Noah. I’m sure he’ll be happy to answer that question.” I tell her.

“I understand. Just—just ring me when you know where youre going, okay?” She asks.

“Of course. You’re like a second mum to me.” I tell her.

“I would have been your actual mum—well mother in law—if my stupid wasnt a stupid idiot.” She tells me.

“Yeah, you would have. But youll always be my mum to me, no matter what Noah did. Remember that.” I pause. “Please tell Indie that I’m sorry, but that I love her like a sister. I’ll miss her.” I say the last part barely above a whisper.

“I will, sweetie. Good-bye.” She tells me.

“Bye.” I say and hang up.


Several hours later I find myself in Silver Moon territory. I was now at their pack house and I’d just finished talking to the Alpha, telling him my reasoning to being on their territory. He was now talking to his Beta. They were discussing what to do with me.

A few minutes later Alpha Brandon opened the door with Warren, his beta, behind him.

“We have two options. You are either executed.” He states simply. Well that didn’t sound very nice.

“And the other option...?”

“You join our pack.” Well that didn’t sound bad at all.

“I’ll take the second.” I smile.

They smile.

We’re all smiling.

“Okay, this is getting creepy.” I tell them, breaking the silence. I laugh.

They laugh.

We’re all laughing.

“Okay, stop. Just stop.” I say again.

“Come on; let’s introduce you to the pack.”

Meeting the pack was actually fun. Half way through a cute guy came up to me.

“The names Bond. James Bond.” He has his hand in a gun and pretends to blow the top of it.

I cross my arms over my chest and lean back. “The names Bitch. Bitch Please.” I smirk.

He laughs. “I’m James. But my last name isnt actually Bond.” He tells me holding his hand out.

“Hi, James. My name isnt actually Bitch, nor is my last name Please.” I tell him. “The names Radiance, but everyone just calls me RJ.”

He shakes my hand. “How come?” He asks.

I shrug. “Makes sense. My middle name is Jade.”

“Cool. My little sisters name is Jade.” He smiles.

I smile back. “She must be beautiful.”

“She is. The most prettiest girl I know.” He tells me.

Awww.... That was so sweet.

“Anyways, I’m gonna go see the little princess now. It was nice meeting you, RJ.” He winks and walks off.

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