The Alpha and the Rogue

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Chapter 18

To say dinner was tense would be a massive understatement. It seemed the only ones talking, or trying to make conversation, were Leanne and Mr Maxwell. Whenever my name was mensioned I would smile politely and add in a little talk, but Stephanies constant glaring was starting to make me squirm in my chair.

I’m thinking about ways to silently kill her when Indie brings me out of my thoughts.

“Can I sit on your lap, RJ?” She pouts up at me.

I slowly feel myelf succuming to her pout and nod my head.

“Yay!” She squeals excitedly and plops herself on my jean clad lap.

“Indie.” Leanna scolds. “Sit on your own seat.”

“But I no wanna.” She whines.

“It really is fine Leanne. I still don’t mind.” Referring to the first time I ever had dinner with them and how Indie had wanted to sit on my lap as well.

A sudden squeal erupted around us and Stephanie’s baby started crying.

I watched Stephanie as she ignored the baby and continued to eat her dinner. I looked to Noah who sighed and got ready to stand up.

Before he could do so I lifted Indie off my lap and sat her back down in my seat and walked over to the crying baby.

Stephanie was to ingrossed in ignoring everything around her that she didnt notice me pick the baby up and walk out of the room.

“Sshh, baby girl.” I murmur, rocking the baby on my hip. “It’s okay.”

I listen as the babies cries start to get quieter.

“Mamma?” She asks, sleepily. She was probably tired and needed a nap.

“No, baby girl. I’m not your mummy.” I whisper.

Five more minutes of rocking the baby I hear the soft short breaths telling me the baby was asleep.

“Let’s get you to a comfy bed, little one.” I whisper softly careful not to wake her.

I turn around and nearly jump when I see Noah there staring at me with shock plainly written on his face.

“Um... hi.” I say quietly.

“Hi.” He replies, finally getting out of his shock.

“What are you doing?” I ask.

He points at the baby. “You didnt have to do that with Marissa. She’s my baby, I should be doing it.”

I shake my head. “No. You shouldnt. Stephanie should be helping out, not leaving everything to you.”

“She does do stuff...” He trails off.

“Yeah? Like what?” I ask and smirk when he hesitates to answer.

“That’s what I thought.” I say starting out the door. “Is her bed in your room?” I ask.


“Thanks.” I tell him. “Tell Stephanie she needs to start participating in the parenting area. It’s her baby, too. Also, check up on Marissa every few hours. I think she’s starting to get a fever.” I tell him before walking out of the room and back into the dinner room, ignoring the stares from Noah’s parenst and headed up to Noah’s bedroom that was totally redecorated.

Everything in the room was now a hot pink or a pale cream. I surprised Noah isn’t blind yet.

Setting Marissa down in the cot I murmur some words to her before brushing her head with my fingertips and walking out of the room, shutting the door behind me.

“Why did you do that?” Noah’s voice made me jump.

“Shessh, don’t scare me like that.” I say, holding my hand to my chest.

“You didnt answer my question.” He states, ignoring my comment.

“I did it because even if Stephanie’s a bitch, her baby isnt. She just let Marissa cry. That’s wrong.”

“I would’ve helped Marissa.” He tells me.

“You seem tired lately. I can tell it isnt the first time you’ve had to do this instead of Stephanie doing it. During the night, too.” I pause. “Am I right?”

He nods his head slowly.

“I was just helping out, even if I don’t really like you at this current time.”

Noah is silent for a moment and I’m about to leave when out of the blue he says, “Marissa called you ‘Mamma’.”

I shrug. “Nothing I can do about it.”

“Yeah, but. She hasnt even called Stephanie that. She’s only ever called me ‘Dad’.”

“I’m not surprised. This is Stephanie we’re talking about remember. Come on, does dhe really look mother material.”

“She does.” He says and I scoff.

“That was a rhetorical question.”

“Well, I answered anyway.” He sticks his tongue out.

I raise my eyebrows. “Did you really just do that?”

“Maybe.” He says in a sing-song voice.

I’m sure my eyebrows are touching my hairline now. I don’t think I’d ever seen this side of Noah.

Just a minute ago he was all tense and now... it was like he was letting go. Relaxing almost.

“Well, I better head downstairs. I’ll... I guess I’ll see you around.” I murmur before walking off.

I pause when I reach the bottom the stairs. I look up to see Noah standing at the top looking at me.

“I suggest you get some rest. Oh, and in the middle of the night when that baby’s crying... Let Stephanie do the work.” I tell him.

“Maybe.” He says before heading into his room.

I smirk when I seem him hold his hands up to cover his eyes. Guess he didnt like the pink either. I chuckle before heading back to the dinner room.

Indie was still in my chair and was eating my food.

“Hey! What you doing eating my food.” I say tickling her.

She squeals in surprise. “I-I-I’m... n-not... eat-ting... y-your f-food.” She manages out between gasps.

“Oh well, I’m not that hungry anyway.” I say. “I think I’m going to go to bed, I’m actually pretty tired from the ride here. Where am I sleeping?”

“In the room across from Noah’s honey.” Leanne tells me.

I nod. “I’ll just get my--”

“Your bags are already there.” Mr Maxwell tells me with a soft smile.

“Thank you, Mr Maxwell and Leanna for allowing me to stay here for a while.” I smile back.

“Dear, no need to call me Mr Maxwell all the time. It makes me feel old.” He tells me in a gruff voice, still full of authority even if he was no longer Alpha. “Just call me Dad and Leanna, Mum.”

“Well then, thankyou, Mum and Dad.” I mumur.

Mum and Dad turn to each other and smile.

“Have fun eating my food, Indie.” I give her a kiss on the cheek. “Thanks for dinner., Mum. See you tomorrow, Dad.”

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