The Alpha and the Rogue

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Chapter 19

I woke up in the middle of the night with the urge to go for a run. I hopped off my bed and slipped on some black trackies over my panties. Pulling out a purple jumper I pull it over my head and grab my sneakers, heading outside.

When I’m a the start of the trees I change behind one and shift into my white wolf. Loving the feeling of freedom I got as I ran full speed through the trees. I felt the wind whip around my figure and listened to the leaves rustling around me.

I’d been running for a while and was about to turn back when I see a group of Rogues heading in the direction of the pack house. Suddenly, out of no where a large burly jaffa coloured wolf jumped out from the trees.

I immediately went into a defensive stance and growled at the wolf.

The wolf growled back and I took that as a I sign that he wanted to fight.

For a few seconds we circled each other, taking each other in; looking for a weakness.

Unfortunately for him, I found his first. Lunging for his hind leg I run at him. He dodges at the last second and tried to protect his hind leg. The one that was already hurting. He’d obviously been hurt before hand.

Running at him again, this time I leap over him and spin around. I bite his leg and keep my jaws there as the Rogue howls in pain. He turns his head and snaps at me but can’t reach me.

I’m knocked away from him as he kicks me with his free hind leg. Snarling I lunge again, but he’s quick to catch on.

He moves his head to the side as he runs at me and grabs hold of neck with his jaws.

Knowing what he was about to do next my wolf jumps up and spins around biting his backside. The wolf howls in pain. Unready for my next move I bite his leg and rip it from his body.

I try to ignore the nauseous feeling in the pit of my stomach as I watch the wolf try and limp away from me.

Just as I’m about to finish him off I hear more scampering feet coming closer.

Argh, I wish I could just mind-link them. This sucks. I needed to warn them. I thought to myself.

Well hurry up and run back. My wolf says in a ‘duh’ tone.

Dont you get ansy with me, missy. I grumble to myself.

Shut up and run. She tells me.

With that we’re dashing off back towards the pack house as fast as we could. I could here the Rogues coming after

When we reached the pack house I quickly shifted and threw my jumper on that was long enough to cover as much as I needed to cover up and ran to Noah’s room.

Barging in without knocking I run over to Noah’s side.

“Wake up, wake up.” I murmur quickly.

“Five more minutes, mum.” He grumbles.

Guess it’s time for plan B.

“Wake up Jerk-face.” I yell as I jump on the bed and kick him off.

He lands with an ‘oomph’ on the floor and quickly darts up.

“What’s--RJ?” He ask, confused.

“Hurry up and get your fighters together. There are Rogues heading here. Now! Gather everyone else in the Underground room.” I say referring to a room I’d found yesterday while venturing around.

“How do you know about--” He starts but I cut him off.

“Now, Idiot! Unless you’d rather die.” Before I can finish my sentence he’s sprinting downstairs calling everyone to the Underground room.

“What’s going on--Bitch get out of my room. Where’s Noah.” Stephanie says, waking up.

“Hurry up and get to the underground room.” I snap. “We’re getting ready for a Rogue attack.”

Mumbling curse words directed at me she leaves the room in a hurry, leaving Marissa behind.

“What the hell!” I exclaim. Stupid bitch... Doesnt deserve this baby.

I run over to Marissa who was crying. Trying to hush her back to sleep I run out of the room and down to the Underground room. Before I can get there a window smashes next to me and a big man stands there in nothing but jeans.

“Well, well, well. This wouldnt be the Alpha’s baby would it?”

“No, it wouldnt be.” I lift my chin up.

“You’re his mate arent you?” He asks raising a brow.

“No, I’m not his mate, nor is this his baby.” I growl as the man steps forward with his arms outstretched for the baby.

“Come on, just give me the little girl. We have some use for her.” He smirks.

“Over my dead body.” I say. Even if this baby wasnt mine, I would protect it with my life.

“That can be arranged.” He grinned as he lunged for me.

Marissa starts crying again with my sudden jolt to the left.

“Shut that thing up or I will.” Old dude sneers.

I growl again. I put Marissa on the couch and stand protectively in front of her. Stepping forward I aim a punch at Old Dudes jaw which he dodges with ease.

“Is that all you got sweet-pea?” He asks as he lunges down and pulls my legs out from underneath me.

“Now son!” He yells as a younger male bursts through the broken window.

He runs towards a crying Marissa and holds a knife to her neck.

“Don’t make any movement or sound or the baby’s dead and it will all be on you.” Old Dude growls from behind me.

I automatically stiffen.

“Good girl. Now hop up slowly and sit down on the other couch opposite the baby.” I follow his order and do as I’m told.

Old Dude sits beside me and rests his hand on my bare leg. I was really regretting not putting anything else on.

“Now--” Old Dude is cut off as I elbow him in the stomach, making him loosen his hold on me and let go.

As soon as I do that I hear a squeal and turn to look at Marissa who now had a huge across her thigh with blood coming out of it at a fast speed.

“Noah!” I scream at the top of my lungs, hoping he heard me.

Someone pulls my hair and I immediately fall to the floor, my jumper lifting up and exposing more of my skin.

“Well, well, well. I guess I can have some fun with you as well. Let’s take them both.” He tells the younger dude.

Younger Dude nods and grabs the baby, the knife at her neck.

“The time you take them away from me it will be a cold day in hell. Meaning, never.” Noah’s booming voice instantly calms me. He heard me.

“We’ll see about that. Kill him.”


**Unknown POV**

I kept my eye on my attacker. A brown Rogue wolf who looked like he was going to kill with no mercy. Well, no shit sherlock. All Rogues kill with no mercy.

A growl bring me back to the attack at hand... Or paw... Whatever.

I growl back and lunge. We battle for a few minutes when I finally get the winning blow. I looked around and it seemed that everyone was going well against the Rogues. Except for one person. Sprinting over to Lillian I knock the Rogue away from her cowering form.

What the hell was she doing out here. I thought as I took down the stupid Rogue. She should be down in the ‘Wolf Cave’ as we liked to call it. We’d built it especially for this reason. If Rogues ever attacked.

*Get to the Wolf Cave, now!” I exclaim through the mind link.

*I want to help!* She exclaimed back.

*How, by giving yourself up to the Rogues. Yeah, cause that would help us loads.* I comment back.

She sneers through the mind-link. *Why do you care? Never have before. Just yesterday I was yourpersonal punching bag.*

*Of course I care! You’re my mate!* I realise my mistake as soon as I said it.

She shifts back into her human form, in all her naked glory.

Before I, or her, can even notice what’s happening a Rogue lunges out of no where and bites her side.

“No!” I scream in my head as I lunge at the wolf ripping him from my mate and tearing him to shreds. Vampire style.

I look around me and see that everyone is nearly finsihed killing the rogues so I run towards my mate who is lying on the floor.

“Lill? Lill are you okay?” I murmur as she slowly opens her eyes.

“I-I’m kay.” She whispers.

“Thank the moon goddess.” I groan, throwing my head back.

“Why didnt... you tell me?” She asks.

“Hush... Let’s get you to Elise.” I mumble, picking her up.

She winces in pain and I instantly cringe, hating that I’m hurting my mate.

*Elise* I call through the mind-link. *Get your first aid kit ready*

*RJ’s POV*

Those two words rang in my head for what felt like hours. Just two simple words, yet so deadly at the same time.

“Kill. Him.”

The gut wrenching pain of even the thought of my mate dying overcame me and I silently whimpered.

Before anyone could predict what was happening I was being thrown away from Old Dude and Noah was tackling Old Dude.

I lay on the ground for a moment then remember Marissa. Scrambling to my feet I look towards Younger Dude. He was still holding Marissa with the knife at her neck, but not harming her.

Running towards him I hit away the knife and it lands on the floor near a table. The Young Dude lifts his face to me and a shocked gasp leaves his mouth as he sees the fire in my eyes that I knew was there.

No one would be killing my mate today.

I kick the guy in the stomach and he drops his hold on Marissa as he stumbles back and I snatch Marissa from the air.

Her bleeding hadnt got any better and I needed to get her to the pack doctor immediately. Putting her safely back on the couch I turn to the young guy who was now running at me. Dodging the pounch he threw at me I squat down and kick my legs out, nailing him in the shin.

He grunts in pain, but is quick to recover as he stands up straighter and pulls a gun from his jacket pocket. He pulls his hand up and aim his gun at me.

“Any last words?” He asks.

“Seriously? You did not just say that. You’re going to kill me. Just shoot.”

I close my eyes as I brace myself for the impact of the bullet.

I wait.

I wait even longer.

God, is this dude going to shoot?

A howl of pain sounds and I open my eyes to see Noah ripping the dudes arm off.

Guess I’m not dying today.

I suck in air, not even realising that I’d been holding my breath.

As soon as Noah finishes the dude off I’m jumping in his arms and squeezing him to death.

“Don’t scare me like that! I thought you were going to die!” I exclaim.

“Me! You’re the one who was held at gun point.” Noah growls squeezing me back.

“Cant... Breathe.” I mumble betweeen struggles breaths.

“Oh, yeah. Sorry.” He pulls away and grasps my face in his hands. “I’m so, so glad you’re alive.”

“Me too. I’m way to young and gorgeous to die.” I joke.

“Way to ruin the moment, love.” He chuckles.

I freeze at his name for me. I hadnt heard it in ages and the tingles that came with it ran through my body.

He starts to lean in close and just when his lips are about to meet mine....


I burp. “Oopsie.” I giggle. “Don’t know where that came from.” I smile.

He shakes his head and laughs. I shiver and close my eyes. Letting his laugh echo in my head.

After his laughter ends he leans in close again. “Radiance I--”

“Babe, what’s going--” Stephanie stopped short when she saw us.

The anger in her eyes was clearly visable. “What are you doing with my husband!”

I immediately step back, only just notciing Marissa’s crying.

“Oh, crap.” I exclaim. Running to Marissa I pick her up and run to the Underground Room trying to sooth Marissa.

“Hey! Come back with my baby!” I hear Stephanie exclaim.

When I reach the room I shout with an urgent voice, “I need the pack hearler. Now!” Marissa was losing to much blood and her eyes were starting to droops. Add to that the fact that she was only a year and a half old.

“Oh my, what happened?” A middleaged lady came over with her arms extended.

“She was cut by one of the Rogues.” I murmur. “Can you help her?”

“Of course I can, honey. Get the Alpha’s daughter to one of the cots and get my first aid kit.” She ordered to no one in particular.

As soon as the words left her mouth someone scrambled to do what the healer had said.

“My name’s Elise, dear.” The healer introduced.


“I already know who you are, Radiance. The Alpha’s mate. Even if he is married to Stephanie, you will always be his mate.” She told me.

“Everything is ready, Elise.” One of the pack members told her.

“Thank you, dear. I’m going to have to run some tests.”

“Tests?! What kind of tests?” Stephanie says barging into the room.

“Quite a few, dear. But mainly a blood test.” Elise rushes to a still crying Marissa and starts to work on her.

I turn around and am about to head to my room and start packing my stuff to leave when someone slaps me across the face.

I look up to meet Stephanie’s hatred filled eyes. “How dare you touch my baby. I bet you’re the reason she’s hurt.”

I feel the guilt overflow me at her words. I was the reason Marissa was hurt. I should have waited for someone to come before taking a risk. I got Marissa hurt.

“You were!” Another slap to the face. “This is for nearly kissing my husband and baby daddy.” She says adn raises her hand for another slap, but I catch her hand at the last moment.

“This is for stealing my mate.” I say and punch her in the nose, walking away from her ignoring the gasps of shock.

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