The Alpha and the Rogue

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Chapter 20

(Noah’s POV)

I was about to go after Radiance when Stephanie stopped me.

Holding me by the sleeve of my shirt she pulls me to her and places her lips on mine. “I’m so glad your safe, baby.” She murmurs against my lips.

I try not to barf at how unnatural it feels to kiss Stephanie. I put my hands on her stomach, not wanting to touch her breasts, and push her away.

“I’m sorry, I just... I just can’t at the moment.” I tell her.

“It’s because of her, isnt it?” She glares at me.

It was true. Having Radiance back, brought back the burning feeling that always came whenever she walked into the room. I missed her. I shouldnt have ended it the way we did. They way I did. I just shake my head at Stephanie. “If it does?”

Her glare grows. “I can’t believe you.”

Before either of us can say anything more, Elise is interrupting us. “Alpha Noah, I need to speak to you.” She tells me. The look in her eyes told me it was important.

“One second, Stephanie.” I tell her, walking away to talk to Elise.

“What is it, Elise?” I ask.

“I ran some tests on Marissa’s blood.” She paused. “I compared the blood to that of yours, you know how we got your blood tested?”

“Yeah...” I say confused. Where was this going?

“It seems that Marissa has none of your DNA. None at all.” She tells me fast and quick; like ripping a band aid off.

I process her words in my mind for a few seconds. “Are you saying... that Marissa isn’t mine?”

“That’s what I’m saying dear. I compared her blood to a few other males before I found her actual father.” She pauses.

“Who’s is it?”


“You mean Donovan, Mr Renolds son?” I ask shocked.

“Yes, it seems so. But, I’ll have to run some more tests to make sure. Just thought you should know.”

My anger couldn’t be contained. How did I not even realise Marissa wasn’t mine?! I mean, she didnt even look like me! I storm to where Stephanie was, trembling by the door. The bitch knew.

“You bitch!” I exclaim. “You caused me to make my mate leave! Caused me to cause her pain. Is this what you wanted. Power? Dominance? Revenge? Stephanie I told you we were over. We were never even a thing!”

“I-I-I--” She stumbles on her words.

“Don’t say anything. I want you out of here by tonight.” I tell her walking away.

“But we’re married!”

“Hopefully not for long.” I mutter.

“What about Marissa! I can’t be a mother!”

“She will go to someone who will love her. She doesnt deserve a mother like you.” I spit out.

“She’s my baby!” She screams.

“Funny, you never acted like her mother. Leave.”

“Where am I supposed to go! My parents won’t let me stay with them when they realise I lied!”

“Not my problem. Leave.”

With that she storms out of the Wolf Cave.

“Sorry you had to witness that everyone.” I say turning to stare at everyone.

They murmur ‘don’t worry about it’s’ and ‘it’s fine’ and I tell them they can go back outside. Everyone leaves the Wolf Cave and I head for one place. Looking for one person. My love. My mate. My Radiance.


(RJ’s POV)

I was in my room, packing my bags, getting ready to leave when I felt a presence at the door. I turn to find Noah standing there, looking at me curiously. There was something that was shining in his eyes, but I couldnt decipher it.

“What are you doing?” He asks, breaking the awkward silence.

I wave my hand at the bags on the floor. “Packing.”

“I don’t want you to leave, though.” He murmurs softly.

“Well, what do you want? Cause last time you were the one telling me to leave.”

“I want...” He begins, shaking his head in confusion. “I want you.”

My eyes widen. Noah steps toward me and I stay still, feeling stuck to the spot. “Wha--?”

“Radiance, I love you. More than life itself. I made a mistake a year and a half ago and I want to make it right. I asked you to leave because I thought I did something terribly wrong. I thought I got Stephanie pregnant and I knew her parents would make me commit to the baby. So I pushed you away, thinking that if I made you hate me it would be easier, but it just made it worse.” He pauses. “Every night I would lay awake wishing I could rewind time and take back every little thing I said, because none of it was true. I love you and I couldnt ask for a better mate. A better woman to love.” He finishes.

“What do you mean, you thought Marissa was your baby?” I ask.

“She’s not mine. Stephanie lied. I should have known. From the moment I saw that baby, I didn’t feel that much of a connection to it, like I should.“′

“So Marissa... isnt yours?” I ask.

He nods his head.

“But, that still doesnt take away the fact you obviously had sex with her.”

“See, I dont even think I did. I was drunk, I wasnt thinking straight. You got to give that to me.” He whispers.

I feel myself succoming to his hopeful gaze. I finally recognised the emotion shining in his eyes. Love.

“Please, love. Please forgive me.” He begs, holding my face in his hands.

“I-I I will forgive you... After you work for my forgiveness.” I add.

“So, that’s a yes?” He asks.

“It’s a maybe.” I smile.

“I will work for your forgiveness for as long as it takes, then.” He says picking me up and spinning around. “Thank you, Radiance.” I smile down at her.

“Your welcome.”

He’s suddenly spinning me around again and I let out a surprised gasp not expecting it.

When he places me down for the second time, we just stand there, looking into each others eyes for a long time.

“I love you, my Radiant Angel.”


“I love you, my Radiant Angel.” Noah’s words ring in my head but my throat thickens at the thought of saying the words back to him right now. The timing was not right.

Despite the fear and caution in my eyes, Noah reassures me. “Don’t worry about it love. There’s no need to say it back just yet. I know how you feel just by how your eyes shine when you look at me, the words can wait.”

I feel by eyes begin to gloss with tears at his words, his deep irises light with love and happiness. “Thank you,” I murmur as his lips get closer to mine and we stare deeply into each others eyes, letting the unspoken feelings present themselves.

Noah blinks in confusion, our lips barely brushing against each others now, teasing each other. “For what?” He murmurs in response.

“For loving me, no matter what circumstances come between us.” I respond right before our lips finally collide and my heart falls harder with no signs of slowing down.

My lids fall shut as I entwine my arms around his neck, my fingers tangling in his silky brown hair, loving the feel of it between my fingertips as I urge him closer, silently begging for the distance between us to close.

As if like a magnetic pull, his arms wrap around my waist, pulling me closer to him, our bodies clashing so that I can feel every inch of him and I mean, every glorious inch. He leads us backwards and after a few steps we hit the wall next to the door, our heart beating against each others chest as his lips trace an invisible map down my neck. He quickly changes our positions so that I’m against the wall and clasps my wrists, my hands now above my head trapped in his hold, removing any opportunity for escape. But, goddamn there was no way I wanted to be anywhere else but in his arms.

As our lips continuously crash and pull, teeth occasionally nipping in a teasing manner, I feel all the passion and love behind our kiss. All the love and passion that I was constantly trying to ignore. How could I continue to deny that even after everything, I was in love with Noah. So deeply in love that there was no escaping it. We were made for each other in every way possible, destined to be together.

Without breaking the kiss, I debate whether or not to tell him. It was only five minutes ago that my throat constricted at the thought because I wasn’t entirely sure of my feelings. But this kiss was reminding me what we had and reigniting the emotions I thought I had no longer felt towards Noah.

“Stop those wheels turning in your pretty little head and kiss me.” Noah chuckles against my lips, his laughter spreading warmth throughout my entire body.

Oh, screw it, I should just tell him how I feel. Noah was, in every definition of the word, mine. He was made to keep me safe when I was scared. Made to keep me warm whenever I’m cold. Just as I would be for him if he ever asked. “Noah, I-I love you.” I stutter for the first time, breaking the kiss.

“That’s all I needed to hear,” He comments before picking me up and wrapping my legs around his waist so that I can feel his erection pressing against my sex. His kisses turn more forceful as he begins to lose his restraint. In response I kiss him back with just as much force, moulding are bodies closer and closer each time our tongues entwine, with his cock rubbing against my sex, teasing. I moan, my head tilting to expose my neck which he immediately suckles on.

He runs his hands up and down my waist and finally stops at the hem of my shirt. shiver as his thumb grazes across my skin and he takes this as an invitation and lifts it clear over my head, leaving me in only a lacy read bra and jeans.

“So beautiful.” He murmurs, trailing kisses along my jaw and down my neck once again before reaching my breasts, placing gentle kisses on each before returning to my lips.

I lick his lips, wanting entrance, but he denies and I growl mockingly. Once again, he laughs and as soon as his mouth parts I stick my tongue into his mouth and they dance and tease each other.

We finally stumble backwards and fall just as our legs hit the edge of the bed. Landing over Noah, I straddle his hips and lead down, my blonde hair falling freely around my face as I kiss his abdomen and run my hands over his defined chest.

“I want... I want you.” I mumble against his stomach.

He doesn’t respond and after kissing every inch from his pecks to his navel I look from beneath my lashes to find him staring at me curiously, unconfined lust writhing in his eyes. “Are you—are you sure? We can wait, I’ll wait for you. If that’s what you want, I’ll do anything to make you happy.”

I smile at his words. “I know, which is why I want to. The fact that you would wait proves to me that you really love me and I’m ready to be with you in every way possible.” As the last few words leave my lips I’m breathless and I move up his body to straddle him, bring my arms around him once again.

“God, I love you so much, Radiance.”

“As I love you.” Are lips collide again as he holds me close to his chest. I trail my fingers down his stomach until I reach the zipper of his jeans, unzipping them before allowing him to wriggle out of them. He moves his hands to my own jeans and we strip each other of our underwear.

He leans down to my sex and gently kisses the folds his tongue asking a licking and enticing.

“You’re already wet for me.”

“That’s because you put on one hell of a show.” I laugh bring his face back up to mine.

“I’ll be gentle.” He replies, as his clasps his shaft and guides it towards my entrance, slowly causing me to adjust and get used to the feel of him.

“I just need you to be you,” I reply and with that, he reels back and slams into me coaxing a moan from my lips as he withdraws and reenters with a power that could bring me to my knees had I been standing. As I feel my orgasm approaching I repeat his name and he murmurs loving words back to me. For the rest of the night and well into the morning we make love to each other until we are too tired to do anything more. For the first time in forever, I fall asleep in the arms of my beloved while he reminds me of all the reasons he loves me until I am sure my heart will never belong to me ever again.

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