The Alpha and the Rogue

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Chapter 21

(RJ’s POV)

I woke up the mornig after making love to Noah with a feeling of completeness. Noah and I finally did it. I smile to myself. I stretch my aching back and watch Noah sleep peacefully.

“Do you plan on staring at me all morning?” Noah’s sleepy voice had a hing of amusement in it.

“Maybe.” I place a featherlight kiss on his lips.

His eyes flutter open. “I guess I don’t mind.”

“You guess?” I ask, rasing an eyebrow.

“Don’t worry, I like it. I also like waking up next to my beautiful Angel.” He whispers.

“I like waking up next to you, too.” I reply in a soft whisper.

“That’s good.” He says, moving his body over me, still naked. “Are you sore?” He asks while traling kisses down my neck.

“Not really.” I say while kissing his chest.

“Did I hurt you?” He asks his voice filled with worry.

“No you didnt hurt me. That was the best night of my life. Could you... could you make love to me again?”

“Radiance, I could make love to you evre hour of the day, but that would be pushing it. Yes, Radiance, I’ll make love to you.” He says as he pushes himself inside of me.


Four hours later, Noah and I finally decided to hop out of bed. Noah had taken it up with the wolf council about him wanting a divorce.

I sighed, having a feeling something bad was going to come from this. There was no way Stephanie was just going to let this happen.

But, my main thoughts were on Marissa. She wasn’t Noah’s and Stephanie wasnt really her mother. At least, she never acted like it.

“So, who is Marissa’s father?” I ask Noah as we sit on the couch in the pack house living room. We were watching a move with Mel and Christopher.

“A guy called Donovan. That reminds me, we’re going to pay him a visit.” Noah replies looking down at me.

After we finish watching ‘The Vow’ Noah and I head out, Marissa in my arms.

“Mamma.” She murmurs, looking up at me.

“No, baby girl. I’m still not your mummy.” I whisper placing a kiss on her forehead.

When we arrived at Donovan’s house we knocked on the door.

A man who looked to be in his early twenties answered the door. “Alpha Noah? Is there anything I can help you with?”

“What’s your relationship with Stephanie?” Noah asks.

“She was my mate.” He says simply.

“What do you mean ′was.” I ask, looking at the black haired man with curiousity.

“She rejected me.” He pauses and looks at Noah with not a single hint of hate. “For you.”

“Did you have any sexual relationship with her?”

“We had sex a few times without protection. That was before she rejected me.” Donovans gaze turns to the baby. “Who’s she?”

“We believe Marissa is yours.” Noah says, his gaze not leaving Donovans.

“She’s mine?” I watch as love feels Donovans eyes as he looks at Marissa.

“We had Elise run a DNA test. It was a match with yours.” I tell Donovan with a smile.

“Here, come in.” Donovan waves us into his house.

Noah and I sit on the love seat as Donovan sits on a single chair opposite us. “Could I.... could I hold her?” He asks.

“Of course.” I sit up and hand Marissa to Donovan.

“She’s beautiful.” He whispers as he stared down at his daughter.

“That she is.” I smile.

Donovan looks up and smiles at me. “I know this is a lot to ask, but could you guys be her god-parents. I don’t really have anyone else.” He murmurs.

I look to Noah with a question behind my eyes.

“It would be our pleasure.” He smiles at me before turning to Noah. “We’ll bring her stuff over later today if that’s alright with you?”

“That’s fine. Thank you, Alpha.” Donovan says.

“We should get going, Radiance. We’ve got to do something.”


“I’ll tell you after.” He grins.

I pout before nodding my head. “Fine.” I look at Donovan. “Have fun with your daughter. We’ll be back later.”

“Thank you, for bringing her to me.”

“It was the least we could do.” Is what Noah says before leaving the house and heading back to the pack house.


“Now what it is that we have to do?” I ask Noah as we sit together in the middle of the woods.

“I’m making you one of the pack members again.” He states. “Half of it happened when we mated last night. Now I just have to officially do it.”

“Go ahead.” I nod my head.

“Close your eyes. It might hurt a bit at first because you’re connected to another pack.” I had told Brandon that I was going to be staying here. I had also told him that I hasd forgiven Noah and I was with him. Brandon wasnt to happy about that at first, but after speaking to Noah and hearing the sincerety in his voice when he said he loved me, Brandon said he was happy for me.

I hold back the tears as Noah makes me one of his pack members. It would hurt more as well since he was Alpha and I wouldnt just be letting him into my mind, but I would be giving him part of my soul. It hadnt been this hard last time.

**Argh, this hurts** I mumble to myself in my thoughts.

“Don’t worry it’s done now. No more pain.” Noah says.

**Wow, it’s like he read my--Oh.**

Noah’s chuckle rings through the mind link.

**Don’t laugh at me mister** I scold.

“I’m not laughing.” He tries to say in a serious voice, but we both end up laughing in the end.

“Come on, let’s head back.”

**Race you.** I say through the mind link and before he can comprehend what happening I’m shifting into my wolf and sprinting back to the pack house.

**Oh, that;s not fair** He says.

**Life’s not fait. Deal with it.**

I can feel Noah shake his head through the mind link. **Oh, it’s on**

(Noah’s POV)

Radiance runs ahead of me, her white wolf form whipping past trees and dodging fallen branches.

Suddenly out of nowhere a amber coloured wolf jumps out and lunges towards my Angel.

**Radiance, watch out!** I scream through the mind linking sprinting toward her.

She whips around as Stephanie’s wolf bites her in the stomach. Radiance lets out a howl but quickly gets out of Stephanies grip.

I’m about to cut in when Radiance’s voice stops me. **Let me deal with the bitch. She’s had it coming for so many years**

I growl, not liking the idea, but do as she asks.

**Don’t worry, I can do this** She reassures me.

I sigh but put myself in a stance that’s ready to jump in if anything goes wrong.

Radiance and Stephanie circle each other before Radiance lunges and gets a hold on Stephanie’s neck. As her jaws clamp around her neck, Radiance’s paws hold Stephanie’s back keeping her from making any moves.

Stephanie’s wolf whimpers and backs down. Radiance lets go and turns her back.

With a growl Stephanie lunges at Radiance, knocking her into a nearby tree.

Radiance is quick to recover and runs at Stephanie. I watch as they collide, jaws open and ready to do anything.

Stephanie bites Radiance in the neck and my Angel whimpers.

Growling I run at Stephanie. Knocking her away from my mate I bare my jaws at her. She whimpers and cowers. She shifts into her naked human form and shuffles back, away from me.

“I--I--I’m sorry.” She whimpers again.

Radiance is beside me in her human form, bleeding at the stomach and neck. “You deserve to be killed.” She spits. “But, I’m not like that. I’ll leave it to Noah what happens to you.” Although her voice still rings with authorite, it sounds weak.

She was losing too much blood. Stephanie was bleeding, too, but I didn’t care about that.

**Noah, I’m tired.** Radiance’s voice fills my mind.

**Don’t fall asleep on me, baby** I reply.

**I don’t know if I can stay awake** She hold her neck in her palm.

“Stephanie, for attempting to kill your Alpha Female you will be executed.

**Domonic, Daniel and Lucien, meet me at the front of the pack house** I mind link them

They reply with yes Alphas and I pick Radiance up in my arms, while I drag Stephanie along by her hand.

When we reach the pack house Dominic, Daniel and Lucien are waiting.

“Take her to the dungeou donwstairs.” I tell them throwing Stephanie at Dominic. “Lucien go get Elise and tell her to meet me in my room. Daniel go get Elise’s first aid kit.”

“Yes, Alpha” They all reply and rush off to do what I asked them to do as I run with a sleepy Radiance in my arms.

We wait for a few seconds in my room before Elise comes rushing in with Daniel and Lucien behind her.

“She’s lost lots of blood. Stephanie attacked her.” I tell Elise.

“I’ll need you to leave the room while I run some tests.” She tells me.

“I’m not leaving her.” I growl.

“Noah, you have to. It’s what’s best for her at this current time.”

“What’s best for her is for me to be with her.” I snarl.

“Come on, Noah. For Radiance.” Daniel places his hand on my back.

I growl before obeying and leaving the room.

**You’ll be okay, Angel. I love you.**

**I love you, too.** She weakly repies, even through the mind link.

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