The Alpha and the Rogue

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Chapter 23

(4and1/2 months later in Rj’s POV)

Argh. It’s been four and a half months and I look like a massive whale with my baby bump. Thanks to Moroccan oil, though, I had no stretch marks. I was sitting on the couch, cuddling with Noah when I started to get a pain in my stomach.

Doubling over, I hold my stomach trying not to show the pain. I failed.

“Angel? What’s wrong?” His voice held a hint of worry.

“I think the baby’s coming.” I force out. The pain momentarily gone.

“Really?! Come on, let’s get you the hospital.” He says ushering me to the front door.

“Stop walking so fast.” I scold. “My feet hurt.” I mumble.

**Lucien, honey, could you please rush ahead to the hospital and get Elise. Tell her that the baby’s coming. She’ll know what I’m talking about.** I mind-link Lucien.

**Sure, thing, Luna.** He replies.

**Lucien, just because I’m Luna doesn’t mean you have to constantly call me that. Remember, RJ will do.** I smile to myself.

**Of course, RJ.**

“Radiance, come on.” Noah says.

“Okay, okay.” I mutter under my breath as I hop into the car. I watch out the window as Lucien speeds off on his motorbike.

Starting the car, Noah pulls out away from the pack house as we make the long drive to the hospital. When we get there Elise and Lucien stand out at the front. Elise has a wheel chair in her hands. At least, one person was thinking, my feet were killing me.

Carrying a baby inside of was hard work. Noah and I didn’t know the gender yet. We wanted it to be a surprise.

Elise took me straight to the labor room and got me to change into one of the hospital gowns.

“Okay, Noah, I want you to hold her hand.” Elise instructs as another round of contractions occur.

“Okay, the contractions are getting closer together so the baby will be ready to come out soon.”

“It better be, these contractions are killing me.” I look at Noah.

Squeezing my hand he whispers, “I’m here. We’ll get through this together.”

I place a quick kiss on his lips. “Yeah, but you got the easy part.” I pout.

“You mean helping you through your hormonal state? That wasn’t easy.” He laughs.

“Shut--Ah.” I exclaim as the contraction comes.

“Okay, Radiance. I want you to push now.” Elise says.

I push.

“Push harder.” She says.

I grunt as I push harder.

“Keep going dear, you’re going well.” She murmurs looking up at me.

I keep pushing and after two more pushes she says that she sees the head.

After six more pushes she holds the baby up in her arms. “Congratulations. You now have a baby boy.” She says as she hands the baby to one of the other doctors in the room, so they can wash him up.

“Oh dear, what’s that?” She exclaims as she leans back down to inspect my lower area.

“What is it?” Noah asks, as he walks over to stand beside Elise. “Oh my, Goddess.” He covers his mouth with tears in his eyes.

“Radiance, we need you to push again. It seems you have another baby.” Elise says.

Following her instructions I push.

How could this happen though? In all the pictures there was only ever one baby... I thought to myself.

“Keep going, Angel. You’re nearly there. That’s it!” Noah tells me, coming to my side and squeezing my hand.

After six more pushes Elise holds up my other baby. “It’s a girl!” She exclaims.

I reach up a hand to wipe my tears away. We had twins.

“I love you, Angel.” Noah murmurs as he places a kiss on my lips.

“Would you like to hold your babies?” Elise comes in with the twins.

Noah and I nod our heads and Elise puts the baby girl in my arms as she puts the baby boy in Noah’s.

“How did this happen, Elise?” I ask.

“It seems that your baby boy was always blocking the girl from view, as if protecting her. It’s quite cute, but can sometimes be a trouble, especially since we didn’t know you had two babies. But everything is fine.” She smiles. “What are you going to name them?” She asks gesturing to our babies.

I look at Noah and nod my head.

“Alex Cohen Maxwell.” He says looking down at the baby boy in his arms. We’d chosen names a month ago.

“This little girl here is Scarlett Rose Maxwell.” I smile down at my baby girl. She had hazel eyes and brown hair. She had my lips and my nose. She looked like me, except for the hair. That was her father. As for Alex. He had blond hair and brown eyes. He looked like his father, with the exception of the blonde hair.

“When am I allowed to leave?” I ask Elise.

“You can leave tomorrow morning, dear. We just need you to sign some papers.” She smiles at me nods her head at Noah and leaves the room.

As soon as she’s gone I’m swarmed by people. Mum, Dad, Mel, Chris, Lucien and Daniel run into the room with Indianna not far behind. They all go to embrace me, but stop when they realise I have Scarlett in my arms.

“She’s beautiful.” Leanne murmurs.

“They both are.” I murmur, waiting for realisation to sink in.

“Both?!” She turns to Noah and notices Alex in his arms.

“Oh, my. I’m a grandmother!”

“You are.” Noah smiles and hand Alex to his Leanne.

“Would you like to hold her, Dad?” I ask Mr Maxwell.

“Would I ever.” He holds his arms out ready.

As soon as she’s out of my arms Mel, Christopher and the boys embrace me in a hug.

“Oh, they’re so adorable. Makes me want to have some of my own.” Mel says with tears in your eyes.

Christopher pulls her back and looks into her eyes. “Whenever you’re ready.” He smiles as he tucks a strand of hair behind her ear. She smiles back at him.

“Mel, Noah and I were wondering if maybe, you and Chris would like to be Scarlett and Alex’s godparents?”

“Really? Really?!” Mel exclaims jumping up and down.

I nod my head. She squeals again, gripping me in a bear hug.

“Thank you, so much.” She smiles as she pulls away.

I smile and look to Daniel and Lucien who are just standing off to the side. “Well, come on. Give me a hug.”

As soon as the words leave my mouth I’m wrapped in their arms. “Congratulations, RJ. They’re so cute.” They say to me with smiles when we pull apart.

“Well go take them away from Leanne and Mr Maxwell. You can have a hold.”

After everyone had a turn at holding the babies they said their farewells and went back home. I was moved to a room and my babies were put in a cot next to me. Noah set up a makeshift bed beside my hospital bed and after talking to each other for a while I started to drift off to sleep.

When we woke up the next morning we got the babies ready to take home. We had bought two baby carriers, luckily, because we had one for both my car and Noah’s. Noah got Dominic to get my car and bring it down to the hospital so we could put both the babies in the one car.

When we get home I went straight to Noah’s bedroom and crashed on the couch. I was too tired to do anything. Say hello to sleepless nights.

Five days later Noah took me out on a date. Noah had made a picnic on the beach. It was surrounded by candles and it was beautiful. As the sun set in the sky Noah proposed.

I said yes.

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