The Alpha and the Rogue

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Chapter 24

(Noah’s POV)

Today was the day.

No it was not my wedding day. At least, not yet. I smile to myself, remembering the day that I took Radiance out. My little angel seemed to float just above the sand, a little bounce in her step. She was beautiful. And she was all mine.

I head down the stairs towards the dungeon with Dominic and Christopher by my side. Stephanie was being executed today. I growled just thinking about what happened. How dare she attack my mate. Her Luna nonetheless.

Scowling I open the door and walk towards her cage. Scared and venerable eyes stared at me through her red locks. It was as if she was pleading me not to kill her. Yeah, well that’s not going to happen. She’s dying today. Call me cruel, but I promised that I would protect my mate and if protecting her and the babies was killing Stephanie then so be it.

I open the cage and walk over to her. “Get up.”

“No.” She shakes her head.

“Get. Up.” I say, using my authoritative tone.

She scrambles to her feet she stands in front of me.

“Come with me.” I pull her in front of me just to make sure she doesn’t pull any tricks. Not that she could. She didnt have much to work with in these cells.

She whimpers and I push her to go faster.

Turning to Dominic I nod my head. He moves forward from where he was waiting against a wall and grabs Stephanie by the arm, pulling her into a secluded room. It was sound proof as well. You could’nt hear anything from the inside nor the outside.

Five minutes later Dominic walks out with a battered and bruised Stephanie by his side. Yeah, you could defintetly call me cruel for doing this to Stephanie. Christopher took Stephanie this time and after he came out minutes later, it was my turn.

Stepping into the room, I glance at Stephanie’s bruised and bloody body. I quickly look away and pull the gun out of my pocket. Holding it loosely in my hand I hold it up and aim it at Stephanies head. It would be over in a quick push of the trigger.

I slowly count down the seconds in my head.



I look down at the ground, squinting my eyes closed.


Looking up I fire.

The sound of the gun shot rickets off the walls.

Walking out of the room, I pass the gun to Christopher and think, Sorry Stephanie, but it had to be done.

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