The Alpha and the Rogue

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Chapter 3

Radiance’s POV

I inhale sharply as I register his words: “Mate.” Just looking at him I knew they were true. There was no other way to describe the deep connection I already felt towards him.

“She’s your mate?” Dominic’s words cause me to whip my head towards him. I watch as a second of devastation registers on his face before it disappears. In that moment I felt slightly bad for him.

“Yes, she is my mate,” Noah answers, turning his head in Dominic’s direction, a firm expression on his face.

It felt as though they stared at each other for minutes, but in reality, it was only several seconds and I assumed they were talking to each other telepathically. They don’t even seem to notice me when I walk right up to them because they are still staring at each other intently. You would think they would be about to start making out if you didn’t know any better.

“Um, hello?” With no answer, I speak again: “Well, as much as I enjoy being wounded and in pain, I would appreciate it if someone could please point me in the direction of a healer, or at least a first aid kit before my injury gets even more infected then it probably is.” I comment sarcastically, smirking as the boys finally turn their heads in my direction.

I watch as Noah’s jaw drops as he takes in my womanly features more appreciatively now that I am a lot closer. Starting at my face, he takes in my eyes before his gaze travels downward. His eyes rest a little too long on my chest before taking in my slightly curvaceous body and coming to a stop on my wounded leg.

There is a noticeable large jaw mark on my leg, similar to one you would find on a person who had just been attacked by a shark. Blood was still seeping out quickly as we speak, dripping down my leg and to the ground, staining the dirt. I grit my teeth in an attempt to hide how much it is killing now that the adrenaline of the chase has worn off.

Without any warning, Noah’s brown pools turn a shade of black as rage overcomes his features, a deep growl exerting from his throat. His act of dominance causes me to shy away, whimpering while I look at the ground, timid. I slowly look up through my lashes, ready to witness a display of anger, only to see his expression soften as he, cautiously, takes the last few steps separating us.

Placing his hand underneath my chin he lifts it up so I’m staring straight into his eyes and can see that there is no ill intent directed at me. “I’m sorry I scared you, Angel. I wasn’t growling at you, but more so the bastard that did this to you.” He places a stray piece of my dirty blonde hair behind my ear, before turning towards the other wolves that I’d forgotten were still surrounding us. “How come no one told me she was fucking injured?”

His unjust anger presents itself in me, but whilst his anger is towards the others, mine is towards him. “It wasn’t their fault!” I snap at him, furious. “If you’re going to point fingers at somebody you should probably take a look at yourself. If you’d taken two seconds out of you’re staring contest with Dominic, you probably would have noticed yourself, Noah.” It was a huge pet peeve of mine when people got angry at others who had done nothing wrong.

The next words out of his mouth shocked me. “Sexy,” He comments huskily, his eyes shining with delight.

“What?” I reply, really confused.

“My name coming out of your mouth, it’s sexy. That and your anger.” He shrugs nonchalantly.

Rolling my eyes at his comment I turn to the four wolves. “I know I’m probably stepping out of line by saying this, but guys, it’s not your fault. Noah here just doesn’t know how to take responsibility for his own ignorance.” I smile politely at them. “Noah, do you think it is okay if they leave us now that they’re no longer needed?”

“I suppose so.” He decides before gesturing his head towards the house, urging their departure.

“Thank you, Luna. Alpha.” they all reply and head to their separate ways. I was semi-surprised at what they’d called me, but I guess it was true since my mate was the alpha. The only thing that would stop them from calling me that would be if I was rejected by Noah. I can’t help but feel my heart sink at the thought.

I turn to see that Noah is wearing a shocked expression. “I’m their Alpha, not you.”

“Why are you mad, I asked your permission? You could have said ‘no’.” I ask him, placing both of my hands on my hips.

“You don’t have the authority to tell my pack what to do. Never do that again.” He sneers using his ‘alpha’ voice. God, he was acting like a 5-year-old who had just been denied ice-cream. A little shit. I half expected him to start stomping his foot.

So I did what any woman in my position would, I slapped him. Well, maybe not all women, but most. ”Never speak to me in your alpha voice again. It doesn’t work for me and is very disrespectful, especially as your mate. If the thought ever crosses your mind to use that voice on me again you will regret it. I don’t care if you’re the fucking alpha, no one talks to me like that.” I pause to take a breath, my chest filling with oxygen I desperately needed. “Like I said, you could have refused. I only offered a suggestion and was apologising for how they were treated because of my situation. I thought it was the right thing to do.” My chest heaves as I finish, catching a glimpse of Noah’s mother still standing in the doorway looking straight at me with a look of pride adorning her delicate face. I had no idea why she was proud; I’d just slapped her son after all; The Alpha.

With all that needed to be spoken, said, I limp into the house, trailing after Noah’s mum who gestured for me to follow her.

In the background, I heard Dominic’s voice: “You know, as Luna, she kind of does have the authority to tell the pack what to do...” I laugh inwardly, silently thanking him.

The last thing I hear is Noah’s frustrated reply, a simple ‘shut up’. How original.

Noah’s mother—Leanne, as she introduced herself officially—leads me upstairs into a large room. I gasped as I take in the size of it. I could fit three of my rooms in this space. The room had white walls with a gray, cushioned headboard bed with a colourful arrangement of pillows. I guessed the room was decorated by Leanne, or otherwise a designer.

The closet door was open and you could see the massive walk-in robe. A few meters over, there was another door which I guessed led to an ensuite. A 30-inch plasma TV hung on a wall opposite the bed and an Apple laptop on a desk in front of a window.

I sat on the bed just as a little girl—probably around the age of five or six—came skipping into the room with a first-aid kit in her tiny hands. She looked like a younger version of Leanne, with long black hair and piercing blue eyes.

“I brought you the first-aid kit, mummy. Noah said you needed it.” She smiled as she handed the kit to her mother.

Leanne thanks her daughter and graces her with a kiss on the forehead before beginning to disinfect my wound and bandage it.

It’s then that the girl notices me. She smiles cautiously at me before working up the courage to ask: “Who are you?”

“My full name is Radiance Jade Wilson. What’s your name?” I’d always had a soft spot for children. Even though they looked nothing alike, her sweet behavior reminded me of my little brother, Benny, that I had no choice but to leave behind. At the thought of him, tears began to prick my eyes.

“Please don’t cry, RJ, my mum says that crying gives you wrinkles.” She smiles as I chuckle and I find it interesting when she uses my nickname. “My name is Indiana Rose Maxwell.” She wraps her tiny arms around my neck and hugs me.

“That’s a beautiful name, but it’s awfully long. Do you mind if I call you ‘Indie’?” I ask her.

“Indie,” she says, testing the name on her tongue. “I like it.” As she pulls away she gives me a little smirk and places herself on my lap, looking up at me with wide, innocent eyes before questioning, “Why aren’t you mean?”

Surprised by her question I ask her what she means.

“You’re not mean like this girl Stephanie who Noah is always bringing home to ‘fuck’.” Leanne and I both gasp at her use of words, but I also growl at the thought of Noah with another girl.

“Indiana! Do not say such things. That is no language a young lady like you should be adopting. What would your father say if he heard you say something like that?” Leanne disciplines.

I laugh at the apologetic face Indiana pulls. “Sorry, mummy.”

“Just don’t say it again, I’m going to get dinner ready.” She pauses at the door. “Radiance, your leg should heal just fine.”

“Thank you,” I say, just as she leaves the room.

“So...?” Indie drags out.

“Hmm?” I then drag out, chuckling.

“Why aren’t you mean?” She asks again, and I realize that I never got to answer her.

“I’m not mean to people who don’t deserve it, I guess,” I tell her.

She seems to deem this as an acceptable answer. “I’m glad you’re not like Stephanie. She deserves to be hit by a truck.” She looks at the ceiling and smiles as if imagining the scene. Giggling, she says: “Will you be my friend RJ?”

I reply straight away: “You know what? I would love nothing more than to be your friend Matter fact, I’ll be your bestest friend.”

“Bestest isn’t a word.” She declares smartly.

I humph. “Here’s a rule to live by, Indie,” I said cheekily. “What I say goes.” She giggles as I pick her up and we continue to joke around with each other like school girls.

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