The Alpha and the Rogue

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Chapter 5


In the early hours of the morning, I awoke to a whining noise. Bolting upright in my bed I look towards the opposite side of the room where Lucien sleeps. He must have fallen off of the bed and was now lying on the ground whining and grunting in pain.

“Lucien? What are you doing?” When I speak I try to keep the laughter from escaping.

“I’m attacking the floor.” He states sarcastically as he glares playfully at me.

“Backwards?” I ask, cocking a brow.

“I’m freaking talented.” He jokes back.

Chuckling I help him get up from the floor. “How’s the wound?” I ask him, gently.

“It’s alright.” But as he speaks his stomach rumbles and we stare at each other and laugh.

“Come on, let’s get some food into you,” I say leading him downstairs.

When Lucien and I reached the kitchen, we found Dominic and Daniel already seated but they weren’t eating; just talking to each other. As we reached them their conversation paused.

“Have you guys eaten?” I asked and when their stomachs grumble in response I immediately know the answer.

Nodding my head to myself I head towards the fridge and retrieve a few cartons of eggs and four packets of bacon before walking to the cupboard and pulling out a pan, placing it on the stove before heating it up.

“Dominic,” I ask sweetly, “could you please grab come plates. Daniel the cutlery and Lucien you just take a seat and relax.” With each of the boys given their own set of tasks, I get to work making scrambled eggs.

It doesn’t take long before other members of the pack awaken and come running down the stairs at the smell of food. The two other boys from last night are present with their mouths watering.

“Is there enough for us, Luna?” The boys ask in unison.

“Unfortunately,” Daniel muttered sarcastically. Unconsciously, as though I was still in my old pack where I performed maid-like duties, I’d made enough breakfast for the whole pack. Even though my arms ached I smiled knowing that it would be eaten.

“Yes, there is,” I comment, ignoring Daniel’s snide comment, “I never got your names.”

“My name is Alan.” Said the taller of the two with brown hairs and deep mud-brown eyes. “This is my twin, Connor.” He pointed to the other boy who had the same hair but ocean blue pools rather than Alan’s brown eyes. Connor also had a black stud in his left year but apart from those minor differences, they looked almost exactly alike.

I gesture my hand towards the food, silently acknowledging that they can eat as much as they please. They all murmur thanks before stuffing their faces with the food I prepared as several other members enter the kitchen and help themselves as well.

We were eating and making small conversation when a growl rang out throughout the room and whilst the boys jumped to attention I stayed seated.

“Dominic, what is my mate doing in your shirt?!” Noah shouts, the veins in his forehead looking as if they are about to burst.

Dominic doesn’t waver and speaks without a trace of fear in his voice, “It isn’t what you think.”

“Oh, really? So why don’t you tell me why I woke up this morning with my mate nowhere in sight only to come down here and see her in nothing but your shirt with your scent all over her.”

“Noah, please you’re overreacting. I went for a run earlier and forgot to grab a change of clothes so Dominic offered me a shirt. Would you rather me walk around naked?” I cut in before Noah can say anything more. I walk over to him and place my hand on his chest, trying to calm him down because I could tell he was struggling to restrain his wolf.

He continues to growl, but lowers his head towards my ear so I’m the only one that can hear what he says next, “Believe me when I say the only time you will be walking around naked is when we are locked up in my room.”

This thought should have made me happy, and don’t get me wrong it did in some sense, but it was sad to think that Noah had probably had an endless flow of women in his bed and I was still a virgin. I had yet to even kiss a guy, let-alone be in a relationship with one.

Deciding to test the boundaries Dominic begins to comment, “But, I will say your mate--“, and I cut him off with a dark look.

Noah snarls, “What?”

“Has great cooking skills.” He finishes with a shrug.

“Would you like some?” I ask Noah whilst I wrap my arms around his neck, pulling him down so that our foreheads are touching. I cup one of his cheeks with my palm and trail my fingers over his stubble and when I feel him shiver, I smile.

He nods his head ruefully, referring to my previous question.

Leaning up, I kiss him on the cheek and try to ignore the sparks that come with it it, letting him go and creating a plate of scrambled eggs and crispy bacon. After I hand him a knife and fork he digs in.

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