The Alpha and the Rogue

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Chapter 6

Noah’s POV.

I had been so angry when I woke up to find that Radiance wasn’t next to me. To make matters even worse, Stephanie would not stop messaging and calling me after I had gone to her house the other after my run. I had gone to tell her that we would no longer be sharing a bed with each other now that my mate was in my life and it was safe to say she did not appreciate how I broke things off.

Now that Radiance was in my life, I had no reason to want Stephanie, and I’m not sure I ever really did. I had told Stephanie that our meetings would never be more than sex to me because I never wanted to be committed to anyone other than my mate. Anything outside that rare relationship was purely emotionless. However, Stephanie had obviously thought I would change my mind and commit to her and had even gone as far as to try and persuade me into staying with her yesterday. Even after I kept refusing and telling her I wasn’t interested she would not acknowledge me and that was why I wasn’t home in time for dinner, much to my disappointment. I want to spend more time with my mate and Stephanie was only making the situation harder than it had to be.

Then to make my day even worse, I saw Radiance in nothing but Dominic’s shirt and his scent all over her. The events of the previous night and this morning caught up with me and I snap. Being an Alpha I was even more protective of my girl and the punishment for having sex with someone else’s mate was banishment or death. Regardless of whether I had claimed her or not, she is still my mate and I was not going to allow anyone else to touch her.

I had calmed down significantly when Radiance wrapped her arms around my neck, pressing her body against mine. She just had that effect on me, and with my manhood pressing against her thigh, my wold wanted me to take her right then and there. Ignoring my instincts, I let her pull me so that our foreheads are touching and she cups and caresses my cheek.

When she asks me if I want some of the scrambled eggs and bacon she made I can only nod and let her pull me towards the bench, gesturing at me to take a seat as she organises my breakfast.

I eat the food eagerly and I hate to admit it, but Dominic was right; Radiance’s food was amazing. Whilst her name was unusual, the name suits her well because she seems to glow and radiate light. There was no doubt that she was beautiful with her seemingly endless blond waves with streaks of brown. Her hazel eyes caress my features as I eat and her pink, plump lips part and I can’t help but want to run my tongue over the seam of those lips.

Snapping out of the little haze, I decided to let Radiance know my plans for the rest of the day. “I’m having a pack meeting today to welcome you into the pack and let everyone know you are my mate.”

“Okay. Sounds good.” Was all she said in reply.

I nod back at her. “Good. I’ll have one of the girls take you shopping for something to wear.”

She nods in agreement and I hop out of my chair, taking my dirty dishes to the sink and rinsing my plate before placing it in the dishwasher.

[Dominic. Tell everyone about the meeting. It will be held at lunchtime at my parent’s house. Get someone to organise food.] I inform Dominic, telepathically.

[Yes, Alpha.*′ He replies and nods in my direction before excusing himself.

[If you ever look at my mate like you were again, there will be hell to pay.]

[Of course, Alpha.] I could almost see him rolling his eyes. Asshole.


I was out helping Asher, my third in command, and a few other older shifters train the younger ones. I was currently fighting against a boy named Chris who was around the same age as me to show the others what to do.

As he throws a punch, I duck and kick. He sees my actions ahd grabs my leg like I knew he would. In retaliation, I twist out of his hold and wing my leg up to kick him in the nose, hearing something crack and instantly knowing I’d broken something. I’d feel remorseful if I didn’t know it would heal in an hour. He tries to knock me out with a right hook, but I catch his fist in my hand, not even flinching at the impact. I twist his arm behind his back and push him to the ground.

“Just remember to read your player. Take in everything they do and use it to your advantage.” I help Chris off the floor and we pump fists.

The other teenagers nod their heads and pair up.

[Alpha, Stephanie has informed me she is not well and will not be attending the meeting.] Dominic tells me through the link.

[Not well? What’s wrong?] I answered.

[She is recovering from an injury.] Dominic answers, sounding incredibly vague.

[I wasn’t aware she was injured.]

[You know her. Not everyone likes her. Seems someone just wasn’t one to put up with her shit] He replies.

[Alright. That’s fine.] And with that, I block him out.

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