The Alpha and the Rogue

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Chapter 7

After spending a whole afternoon shopping with my newfound friend, Mel, all I wanted to do was sleep. So I wasn’t surprised when I crashed into my bed that I shared with Noah as soon as we arrived back at the pack house, throwing my shopping bags to the floor, forgotten.

I was dreaming about Noah shirtless when a loud knock on the bedroom door jolted me from my sleep. I didn’t even have time to say ‘come in’ before the person opened the door and waltzed in anyway.

“You know, normal people would wait for an answer before opening the door. It really defeats the purpose of knocking in the first place.” I tell Noah, my voice thick with sarcasm. He grunts in reply and I think to myself, what a typical boy.

“Can you please not grunt. What is it with you guys, not to mention you always have to answer with as little words as possible!” I puff, my chest deflating in defeat.

“Angel, I think you’ll come to find that you love my grunt, especially when we’re in the bedroom scene. You know, when we’re having-” I cut him off before he finishes, muttering words over the top of his last word.

“La, la, la, la, I can’t hear you, la, la, la, la!”

“God, you are so immature.” He runs a hand through his ragged hair and I wish they were my own fingers before what he says processes in my brain.

“Hey! Immature is just a word boring people-like you-use to describe fun people.” I pause, and then add: “Fun people being me in case you’re too stupid to understand.”

He just grunts in reply as I stick my tongue out at him. “Eh.”

I shake my head and laugh in disappointment. “Men. They’re impossible.”

“Impossibly handsome.” He winks then turns serious. “Get ready for the meeting, we have to leave in an hour and I’ve witnessed first hand how long it can take a single girl to get ready...” My mind pretty much stops at those words. Has he had a lot of hookups or girlfriends that he’s seen get ready?

I watch as his eyes soften as if he knows what I’m thinking. He quickly walks over to me and takes my hands. “You don’t need to worry about those girls. They didn’t mean anything to me. At least, not in the way you’re thinking. As if I would hook up with my mum and sister, gross!”

He chuckles as he leaves the room before I can through my ballet flat at his gorgeous head. And when the door opened a second later, thinking it was him, I fling the shoe across the room and gasp when I realize who I hit.

“Oh shit, I’m so sorry!” I laugh.

“Ow-what the heck was that for?” Mel exclaims as she holds one hand to her forehead while the other one holds a makeup bag.

“Oops...?” I bite my lip. “I thought you were Noah.”

She just sighs and walks over to me to help me get ready for the meeting.

Forty-four minutes and fifty-three seconds later I am stood in front of the floor length mirror in the bathroom, looking over myself in appreciation. I had to say, I felt pretty. That maybe I was worthy of being loved.

Still, Mel looked much better. The amazing curves that would show in an oversized jumped on her, really showed in the body-clenching royal blue dress. Her brown hair was swept up in a perfect messy bun atop her head with a few stray strands hanging around the face. Her mate, Chris, was going to drop dead when he saw her.

“Aww, thanks sweetie. You look amazing too!” I hadn’t known that I’d spoken aloud until Mel answered me.

I was dressed in a light pink strapless dress that hugged my chest, my big breasts pushing against the fabric. Luckily, the dress flowed out at the waist and didn’t hug my slightly rounded belly. The flimsy material was sort of see through but then had a piece of silk underneath, so as to not reveal too much. My hair, as usual, was in its natural waves falling down the length of my back and I was wearing matching peep-toe heels.

Mel had put only slight bits mascara to my eyelashes and then lip-gloss to my dry lips, saying I already looked fine and didn’t need makeup.

After making sure we had everything, Mel and I walked out of the bathroom, arms linked and descended the stairs. The meeting was formal so all the women would be wearing dresses and all the boys would be wearing tuxes. Instead of a normal pack meeting there would be a celebration since the leader of their pack had found his Luna.

Even with the happiness I felt at being a part of this pack, the nerves in my stomach were too big to go unnoticed.

“Radiance, there is nothing to worry about. Everyone is going to love you; at least, nearly everyone. Stephanie and her groupies won’t, but they don’t matter.”

If only she knew how much they did matter. Still, I whispered a quiet, “I hope so.”

I saw the boys standing at the bottom of the stairs first, since Mel was slightly behind me. They both wore dressy jeans and button down shirts and black tuxes. Noah’s hair was still slightly disheveled as it always was. So many guys tried to get their hair the way Noah had his, but they could never perfect it as well as he did. And no, I wouldn’t be telling him that anytime soon. We didn’t need his already big ego to get any bigger.

Christopher’s hair was slightly spiked and I would admit he was pretty good looking. I couldn’t help but notice the way his eyes sparkled when he looked at Mel. It was adorable and I wished with all my heart that someday that were how my mate would look at me.

When Mel and I finally reached the bottom of the stairs Christopher took Mel’s hand while Noah took mine.

“Beuatiful.” I heard Christopher murmur to Mel and i saw her blush. “Ready to go?” he asked her. She nodded.

“What? Nothing to say to me big boy?” I ask, Noah.

“You have rendered me speechless. Nothing I say could even come lose to describing how amazing you look. And you’re all mine.” He whispered.

“Well, I guess you don’t look to bad yourself.” I said, shrugging.

“Aww, i know you think I’m sexy, no need to hide it.”

“Whatever, let’s go.” I started walking over to his blue porsche 968 coupe . Hopping in the passenger seat I Try to buckle myself but the stupid belt wouldn’t go across my waist.

“Here, let me.” Noah murmured. The feel of his hand grazing my stomach sent a shiver through me. The good kind. I sucked in a breath and sighed. Noah’s head was leaning against my breast and his other hand was on my thigh as he clicked the belt into place. We stayed their in that position for a moment before Noah looked up at me. Leaving the hand that was n my thigh he used the other one to cup my cheek.

“So beautiful, so, so beautiful.” He whispered before he crashed his lips to mine.

I immediately responded to the kiss, his lips fit perfectly with mine and it felt like they were molded together. I wrapped one of my arms around his neck as the other rested on his chest. Noah’s lips left mine but stayed on my as he trailed kisses along my jaw leaving a searing path of heat. I moaned as his lips sucked in my neck. My hands going under the hem of his shirt and tracing his perfect abs.

Noah lifted his head and looked at his handiwork. “Perfect.” He said before molding our lips together once again.

He trailed his tongue across my bottom lip asking for entrance, which I denied. He growled low in his throat and did it again, and this time I let him in. His tongue attacked my own and just as things were about to get a whole lot heavier...

His stupid phone rang.

We pulled apart breathing heavily. “You need to calm down a bit.” I say, gesturing to the bulge in his pants, trying to contain my laughter. He looked away, trying to hide hs blush.

“Are you going to answer that.” I nodded my head at the phone.

Noah picked it up and answered with a ‘hello’. “YEah, we’re on our way.... Yes, we can pick up Indiana from Lexi’s house... No problem, mum....Yes, I love you, too....Yes, I’ll tell her you said hello. Bye, mum.”

I laughed when he hung up.




After picking Indiana up from the Lexi chicks house we made our way to their parents house. When we pulled into the drive a shocked breath escaped me. It was like a mansion. Bigger than the pack house.

Indie clapped. “Were here. We’re here.”

Stepping out of the car I went around to open Indies door. She hopped out, still clapping and jumped into my arms.

“Hey, hey. Calm down lil missy.” I teased.

She giggled. Leaving Noah to park the car I went up to the front door. Setting Indie down before I could knock the door opened and I was pulled into a hug.

“Radiance, so nice to see you again.” she pulled away to look at my outfit. “And don’t you look gorgeous.”

I smiled and looked at what she was wearing. A black floor length strapless column dress that hugged her curves. “Leanne, you look amazing in that dress!” and she did.

“Thank you, dear. Its nice to know that I can be forty-six and still look nice In something like this.” she smiles.

Someone wraps their arm around my waist and pulled me close. “Hey, mum.” Noah said.

“Hey, honey. Come give your mother a kiss.”


“So, you all know why we called this meeting today. We are welcoming a new pack member. Our Luna. Our Alpha Female. Radiance could you please stand.” Mr Maxwell said into the microphone. I stood. “Everybody welcome our new Luna.”

Everyone in the pack bowed on one knee and placed their fist over their heart. After a few seconds they were standing again and people came to welcome me and start a conversation, I ignored the hateful glares sent my way by some of the girls. Apparently Noah had kept busy before he found me and lots of the girls had gotten a piece if him. He was MINE. A few hours later I had met everyone and had talked to heaps of people, but there was one person I had not seen yet. Stephanie. Her parents were here, but she wasnt. It was weird.

The rest of the evening was good, after the guests left a few of us stayed for dinner before heading back to the pack house. After having a shower and changing into some silk pjs, I hopped into bed. Noah stripped down, leaving his boxers on, and slipped into bed next to me, pulling me up against his chest.

“Night, love.” he whispered, inhaling my scent before dozing off.

“Nght.” I whispered to myself.

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