The Alpha and the Rogue

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Chapter 8


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I woke up to the most uncomfortable thing. With my drowsiness I didn’t know exactly what it was until I realised with a start that it was Noah’s little—*cough BIG cough*—friend. His arm was wrapped around my waist, keeping me close to him but I felt really weird since he was basically holding me against his manhood. Squeezing out of his embrace I sat up in the bed and reached over to pick up one of the shopping bags I’d left on the floor the other day after shopping. Picking it up and placing it on the bed I begin rummaging through the bag until I come across what I’m looking for. The book I bought.

I loved reading. It was my favourite pastime—I know geeky right? Sue me. But I love it and that was all that mattered. Setting the book ‘City of Ashes’ by Cassandra Clare on my lap I begin reading. Although I loved Cassandra Clare and her books, previously reading the Infernal Devices series, I was constantly groaning about Jace and Clary getting their shit together, I mean honestly I felt like I was watching a Soap Opera.

“What are you doing, Angel?” I hear the sleepy voice ask me, smiling immediately at the sound of his voice and stated the obvious: “I’m reading.”

Waving the book in front of his face with a ‘duh’ expression on my face I listen to his next question.

“City of Ashes? What’s it about?” I then proceed to tell him all about the book. Unsurprisingly when I mentioned the Vampires, Werewolves, Warlocks and Faeries he scoffed and I scolded him.

“Noah! This is an amazon book and is actually a best seller, so don’t knock it until you try it.”

He asks me, while rolling his eyes, if the vampires sparkle in the sun and I tell him no and that that sort of thing is stupid. I roll my eyes at him this time.

“You don’t like twilight?” Clearly shocked at the newfound fact his eyes pop out of his head. Well, not literally, but you get my drift.

“Er, no. I mean Vampires that sparkles in the sun? Thats so unoriginal. And weird. It’s like she couldn’t be bothered coming up with a proper plot so she just decided one night while drunk that she wanted to write a book about sparkly Vampires. I have no idea how that book got to number one...”

“I’m pretty sure that just made you 100% cooler in my eyes.” He says smiling as he looks up at me with an almost stunned look on his face.

I become shy almost instantly and move my hair back from my face, thankful when he breaks the silence. “We better get ready for school.”

“Uh, really!” I groan. It wasn’t that I didn’t like school... actually scratch that, that was exactly the reason. I hated school, but that wasn’t the reason why I was groaning. I, Radiance Jade Wilson, was going to be the... ‘New Girl’. Just the thought made me shiver. Plus, I didn’t want to deal with all the hateful glares from both the female werewolves and the humans. Daniel, being the lovely person that he is, filled me in the other day on the fact that Noah was very popular with the ladies.

Hearing this fact made me feel so special. Notice the sarcasm. It honestly made me really upset to know that he had been with so many girls before me and I had... not been with so many guys before him. I wasn’t experienced in any way. I was as virgin as Mary was when she got pregnant.

When we arrived at school people—mostly girls—instantly gasped as they saw me hop out of Noah’s car. Then like wildfire the whispers and glares began.

Looks like Noah has already found another slut.

Why is the new girl hopping out of Noah’s car? Do they know each other?

Who’s the new girl?

What a whore.

It was funny and annoying at the same time, I mean they weren’t even trying to be quite. But it was annoying because they didn’t even know me and yet they were judging me on site, calling me a slut and whore. Ignoring the glares and rude comments I kept on walking when a female voice called out.


Noah, hearing the call, turned around and let out a long groan and I turned to see who it was. I immediately recognised her as one of the girls from the meeting last night.

“Hey, Marley. How are you?” Noah’s voice grunted out reluctantly. Obviously he really didn’t want to talk to her. The blonde bimbo, too blind to notice this—hasn’t she heard about eating carrots, they make you’re eyesight better—thought this was encouragement and decided to put her hand on his chest, trailing her fingers up and down it. She completely ignored the fact that Noah had an arm around my waist and pushed herself in-between us, taking my previous spot next to him.

Catching myself before I fell, I glare at the girl with an intensity I didn’t know I had. Who the heck did she think she was getting touchy with my mate.

“I’m great now that I’ve seen you! How have you been? We haven’t, you know, hung out in a while...” She told him this in a seductive and suggestive tone while winking at him. The way she said ‘hung out’ made me thing there was more to it then just ‘hanging out’ and she knew I knew it. Cue the vomit.

Instead of vomiting I growl, low and menacing.

“I’ve been great too actually. I’ve been busy hanging out with my special someone. Speaking of special someone, have you met my mate Marley?” He added some extra emphasis on the word mate as he gestured to me, but being the blind little thing she is she ignored it—I thought skinny bitches only ate fruit and vegetables anyway, that meant she should be eating carrots right? Obviously not.

“Oh,” she replied, smiling devilishly. “You should come to mine soon and we can hang out like we used to.”

“No thanks, Marley. I’m not interested.” With that said and done he pulled me into the school.


Apart from the little incident with Marley this morning the day was going pretty well. I was walking to me PE class when I bumped into an overly muscled chest.

An ‘oomph’ left me as I fell to the floor, landing on my bum. A hand instantly reaches to lift me too my feet and I thankfully take it.

“Hey, beautiful.” The boy who knocked me over says as he pulls me up.

“Um, hey?” I mumble a reply as I wipe off my bum, staring into his green eyes. His brown hair was styled nicely and his fringe reached his eyebrows. Wearing a white fitted shirt and jeans that smily on his defined hips he looked good, I had to admit.

“I’m Marshall.” He grins cockily as he looks me up and down and I immediately recognised his type.

"I’m trying to get to class.” I scowled and he tries another tactic.

“Did it hurt when you—” he begins but I cut him off.

“Fell from heaven? Yes it did, but you’re not gonna get a taste.” I replied, my scowl deepening. Seriously? Lamest pick up line ever.

“Uh,” he mutters trying to recover then proceeds to pretend to fall, but catches himself at the last moment. “Hey, look you’ve already got me—”

“Falling for you? Really? I think you need to hire a tutor your lines suck so bad.”

“You’re good.” He groaned.

“Too good for you. Are you done?” I ask, raising an eyebrow.

“I guess.”

“Good.” I replied before pushing past him and walking to class.

“Hey, wait!” He called, but I ignored him and continued walking.


Thankfully, I hadn’t seen Stephanie all day and I was beginning to think I wouldn’t, but then she just had to be in my Math class. The joy. Noah had been waiting outside my PE class and found out we had Math together so we walked together. We only had a few others together.

Walking in together we saw Stephanie talking with the Marlee chick and another blonde. Probably another one of her groupies. As soon as we stepped into the room the heads turned and all the males bowed their head in respect towards their Alpha while the girls glared at me, not hiding there blatant hate for me. The class was full of werewolves which surprised me since every other class I had been in at least had a few humans. I saw Melina and Christopher in seats at the back and we waved at each other.

“Hey, Noah! I saved you a seat next to me.” Stephanie called out to Noah, gesturing to the seat next to her and I scowled for the second time that day.

[Excuse me a second.] My head whips to face Noah as he speaks inside my head. Ever since I was welcomed into the pack I could talk to the members telepathically. I found myself always talking to Daniel and Lucien about nothing in particular all day. They had been filling me in on a lot of stuff about Noah, this stuff including Marlee and Stephanie. There were also a few other werewolves and humans that they told me about, but a few of the female werewolves respected the fact that he was my mate.

Noah walked up to her desk and started talking to her and I hated it. You’d think he have the grace to talk to her aloud but no, he had to speak telepathically so I couldn’t hear their conversation at all. He was mine and I didn’t care if this biotch had slept with him or if he was in love with her because he was my mate and no one would be sleeping with him but me from now on. Not that I was going to be sleeping with him in that way any time soon.

As a plan formed in my head I walked up to him and wrapped my arms around his back and pulled him against me. “Babe, what are you doing? Let’s go take a seat in the back next to Melina and Chris are.”

Stephanie’s gaze snapped to mine and I waited for the recognition to sink in. I almost smiled when she realised. “You!” She exclaims.

“Hello, Stephanie. I heard you were recovering from injuries. I hope you’re okay and that they catch whoever did it.”

“Oh, I’ll be fine soon. I’m sure the Alpha will exile the wolf out sooner or later. Speaking of, how’s your back?” She replies with a smug smile.

“Healed after ten minutes, but I don’t think the wolf will be leaving any time soon.” I smile back with the same smugness.

“Hey, yeah. How did you get injured?” Noah spoke up, directing his question to Stephanie. Honestly, I couldn’t understand how he hadn’t figured it out already, especially with our bantering.

And then the worst thing happened. Stephanie started fake bawling her eyes out. Dramatic much?

“Noah, I didn’t do anything wrong. One minute I was just going for a run and then this wolf was attacking me. It was so much stronger than me and had the upper hand and there was no way I could defeat it. Nathaniel saved me. I was so scared!” She lied, fake tears trailing down her cheeks. Noah, oblivious to the fake, pulled her into a hug and running his fingers through her hair as he reassured her that things would be alright.

“You are such a lying biotch.” I growl.

“What did you just call me?” She exclaimed as her stormy gaze met mine, the waterworks stopping.

“I called you a biotch, but I guess you’re deaf now, too.” I reply laughing.

“Why, you—” Suddenly, Melina was next to me and stops her.

“I wouldn’t do that if I were you.” She says and I realised Stephanie was about to go wolf.

“I guess I’ll just have to finish it off later then.” Stephanie replied. Did she just call me an it?

“She meant you shouldn’t do that, ever.” I tell her as more werewolves were standing to defend me against her cruelty.

“Who are you to tell me what I can and cant do!” She snapped back and looked at the other seres standing at my sides. “What the hell are you guys doing? Why are you defending this—this slut!”

They growled at the expression and replied at the same time: “She’s our Luna.”

“Yes, Luna, Alpha Female, whatever you want to call it. Now that we’ve cleared that up let’s proceed to the next part. If you don’t keep your slutty little hands off my mate now, you and I will both regret what I’m about to do.” I add, trying to calm myself down.

Noah, quickly jumping to action noticing this wraps his arms around me while Mel squeezed my hand. “Ssh, Angel. Calm down, I’m here.” He whispered the sweet nothings into my ear reassuringly and reluctantly I felt my self relaxing into his arms and calming down. He placed a kiss on my cheek as I fully relaxed into him.

[That’s my girl] He tells me through mind link.

[I’m sorry. I know I’m a Luna and she’s part of our pack, but I don’t like her. Add to the fact that she’s a biotch, she also slept with my mate.] I reply, actually feeling bad.

[How did you find out?]

[It’s all over the school.] I didn’t want to rat his little sister or Daniel and Lucien out. They were my friends. [And she sent you a message the other night saying that she needed you. The wolf she got in a fight with was me.]

[Oh, were you jealous?]

[Noah, of course I was jealous. You’ve probably slept with every walking object in this school with legs and I’m...] I don’t bother finishing.

[Radiance... are you a virgin?] He asks, with genuine curiosity, but I don’t answer, not that I can because Stephanie speaks before I can.

“Mate!” Stephanie bellows. “She’s your fucking mate? Great, we have a whore as out Luna!”

Growls erupted around the room, clearly not liking the way Stephanie has been talking about me and it made me happy to know how much they supported me with such little knowledge about me. It made me feel like I really belonged and after my last experience with a pack that made me feel great, I just had to ignore Stephanie and Marlee from now on.

Just then, the teacher walked and started the class, telling us to take our seats. The whole lesson I wasn’t listening to the teacher, I was too bust lost in thought.

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