Melting Snow.

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Chapter 5

As he made the slow, lonely drive home there was nothing to keep Colton’s mind off of her. His bones throbbed with the need to have her by his side. His muscles ached to pull her safely against him and his skin still waited to feel her warmth again. He choked on his heartbreak and pulled over, nearly vomiting on the roadside.

He wouldn’t give up. He couldn’t. The heartache was too much for him to live with. He had to have her and even through the pain there was a slight touch of warm hope in him that she wanted him too. She had, after all, started to kiss him back. She was scared and feeling alone, no one wants to live like that. He could win her affection still.

It was a difficult start but he had made the first moves and initiated her understandings of his feelings for her, Colton was sure he could get through to her. He’d keep his distance for a while, give her nerves time to calm down, and keep a protective eye on her from a distance. She would come around, he was sure of her.

He stood up and wiped the mud off his hands and knees before pulling himself back into the truck. He continued driving home through his pain and thought only of her as the lights of town drew closer up ahead. He thought about the warm little smile she had, never confident enough to flash a full-toothed smile but a simple and delicate smile. Or sometimes even her quirky one-sided smile.

She was average height, and stood head and shoulders beneath him. She was thin, maybe too thin, and boney. Her jawline and thick, straight hair perfectly framed her delicate face, which her beautiful eyes were perfectly set in. The way her eyes sparkled with a silent laughter at his jokes or clouded with serious intuition as she problem solved wafted through his dreams each night and still would. Those eyes, bright green when she was happy and alert, green mingled with the blue when her emotions seemed to confuse her or tried to consumer her and the brown stood out more when she was calm and comfortable.

The sound of her voice was poetic to him and her attitude varied from work exhaustion to reserved playfulness. She was curious and quietly courageous. She was determined and afraid. Greatly self-conscious and had little admitted faith in herself. The way she spoke down to herself made him want to pull her into his arms and make her realize how amazing she truly is.

Society would not think her appearance was beautiful, they would call her average or worse perhaps, but she was the most beautiful and enchanting woman he had ever met. She would be his and he would give her a better life. He would give her love.

His vision was starting to blur as he headed through town and he might have swerved a few times. Leaving town he rolled down the window and took a deep breath of the sharp wintery air. He was nearly numb to the sharp needles it stabbed at his warm lungs. He swerved again as his concentration was focused on Anabelle, his sweet Belle. As he pulled back into his lane he overcorrected slightly and his tires slung mud along the passenger side of his vehicle. Suddenly headlights flashed bright then dim twice in his rear view mirror. He hadn’t even realized there was a vehicle behind him.

Colton slowed down and pulled off to the side of the road to let the vehicle pass. As the small truck pulled up next to him he heard a familiar voice ask if he was ok. He barely replied with a nod, never taking his eyes off the steering wheel.

Someone tapped his arm. “Slide over amigo,” said Alfredo, “I’ll drive you home.”

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