The Hidden Twin

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Not even bothering with the silly boys. As she past the tree line they couldn't see her anymore, nor could they feel her, It was like she suddenly disappeared. The dark king smirked.

“Well looks like we have ourselves a tricky one boys” he sneered

“But why do we have to find her, won't she come to us on her own” The eldest asked confused at the disappearance

“No boy, she's stronger than what we think, she's a perfect match for you when your to be king” He flashed his evil grin, the younger boy grinned as well

“She's strong, she’ll make you strong sons boy” His father looked at Maddox

“But she's so young, that's creepy” Maddox was upset

“You'll soon see boy, she’ll grow up to be a beautiful young lady and you’ll want her for yourself, never question me, Maddox” The king glared at the teen

“Yes father”

We see the young girl, Cade, running through the forest at high speeds trying to get back to the castle as fast as she can. Sweat was apparent on her forehead and her legs ached, she soon saw the gates and the men that guarded it.

“Eitri! Kalan!” The girl screamed at the Fae guards

“Callista!” the guards have been looking all over for you!” Eitri yelled

“Dark fae, spot, Aunty Mae” She panted out

“What” they looked confused

She caught her breath, but was still airy “Dark fae, Aunty Mae married one and there were so many, they said they'd come for me to be a bride” She spoke

“We need to get you to your parents come now”

They called other guards to fill their spots to take the youngin to her parents. She was shaking and the guards were trying to calm her down.

The new guards came and they rushed her into the castle.

In the throne room her family awaited their arrival, her mother pacing.

“What did she see!” the mother sobbed

They finally saw the young girl and took her into their arms.

“Who did you see baby?” the mother was stroking the girl's hair as tears ran down her pale skin

“The dark king and his family, aunty Mae married the king and she's pregnant.”

The mother sobbed again and took the thin girl up against her.

“What else?” the father was terse, he wa upset

“He said he would come back and make me a bride” The young girl had tears brimming her eyes

“Ill kill him before he even touches you” The father yelled

“We need to keep them safe, we need to send them somewhere” the king was talking to himself

“NO!” the mother sobbed

“They're still young, they need their parents, They need to be taught how to be queens, they need to be here” she was crying against the youngin

“Mommy?” Caitriona, Cades twin asked

“Yes honey” she whispered

“Whats wrong?”

“You two are in danger”

“Why mommy?”

“Because the dark king wants Cade to be a bride”

“I don't know sweetie, but we have to keep you guys safe” She uttered

Cait walked over to her sobbing mother and shaken up sister and just leaned on them. They hadn't an idea what to do next. The parents put the twins to bed and locked all doors and windows in the castle with the help of trusted guards and maids and had two guards at the twins and their other children's door as well as four others hidden. They had time to talk by themselves and that wasn't a good idea that the area was asleep.

“what are we going to do” the mother whispered

“I don't know yet” he hugged his wife

“What if we keep guards on them and see if anything will happen” they can't take her till she's of age” The mom sighed

“Let's rest for now, keep the guards on them till we know their next move. They won't hurt my family again” He promised

They slept until the clock struck 6:45am when the town would just be waking up and getting ready for the day. The mother put her robe on and went to wake up her children. The father got dressed in his kingly attire to help the citizens with their problems as a good king should. They all met up in the dining room to eat breakfast. The king and queen at the end, the retired king and queen at the other, Cade and Cait next to their parents then it was Octavius, Gabriel, Charles, Fawn and Archie. octavius was the oldest at 19, Gabe at 17, Charlie who just turned 16, Fawn was 12 and Archie was 14. Then there was an empty seat that was usually for aunty Mae but was now reserved for the new baby on the way.
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