Ride a Cowboy

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Chapter 10 ~ Ride a Cowboy


Pulling two mattresses down from the wall cots, I grabbed the sleeping bags and pillows, while she watched my movements with intense scrutiny. I pulled her down, lying underneath my naked figure and imprisoned her body below me, her sex pressed against mine once again, hardening cock. My lips massaging her collarbone and gliding gently up her neck as she groaned, the vibrations from her throat tickling me as I made my way up to claim her mouth.

We wrestled erotically with our tongues, both seeking out new forms of pleasure derived from our now connected lips, rubbing firmly against each other at the pelvis, the remnants of both of our orgasmic highs mixed with our saliva, coated our lips and spurred my lust-filled haze on.

Separating for just a moment, I lean over grabbing furiously at my pants, attempting to find my wallet while she bit down harshly on my bicep causing me to hiss and her to giggle. Hmm, so she liked a little rough too? I narrowed my eyes playfully at her.

Success, I almost cheered for myself after managing to retrieve the condom one-handed and maneuvred back to forcefully connect our heated lips which had her moaning into my mouth. Locking eyes with the object of my desire, I had to ask, I couldn’t just do what I really wanted in the heat of passion without full permission, I was just not brought up that way.

“Are you sure this is what you want?” She rolled her eyes and frustratedly groaned, digging her heels into the bedding. Her delectable but strong, tattooed legs pushed and she managed to flip us as she snatched the condom from between my fingers and climbing to settle comfortably atop me.

Leaning over in all her nude glory, she plucked my black Stetson off the floor and placed in on her head. “Are you sure this is what you want?” She questions with a smirk on her face.

“You have no idea just how much Avaleria, how much I've always wanted you.” She looks down at my fully erect steel rod, proud and ready.

“Oh, I think I can guess," She grabbed my balls, fondling them appreciatively.

Tearing open the condom, she pinches the tip before slowly rolling it down over my solid manhood, then rising to her knees and slipping down over the top of me. The feel of her was unlike any woman I had ever been in, she hugged me so tightly, her clenching core, divinely massaging away and her head lulled back as she breathed out a satisfying, “oh, so... big.”

“Jesus Christ,” I hissed as she rocked into me, my hands sliding along her inked thighs.

Rising and falling with ease, she ground into me with eagerness and enthusiasm, her perky breasts slightly bouncing had my hands itching to touch, so I did. This was my dream, my spank bank erotic wish, every childhood wanking fantasy in real life and I was revelling in the glorious sight of her groaning while she rode me hard.

Tweaking her nipples as I watched her face wash with ecstasy and her hooded greens become darker in the midst of our sweaty coupling. Lyera looked remarkable on top of me, the only thing I could focus on was her, everything else that surrounded us, fell from view.

I could tell she was edging closer to her peak because the tension from her inner walls was contracting, with vice grip force, around my thick manhood. Her in my stetson, bouncing up and down on my rod, I had never seen a more captivating sight. My hands palming her breasts, that weren’t massive but perfect for me to grab and massage.

I tweaked again at her enticing nipples, rolling those perky buds between my fingertips as she cried out in pleasure on top of me. The whole magnificent action of her riding me like a stallion, driving both of us wild with primal animalistic fervour, as the rush and need to satisfy this woman in every conceivable way, came full force at me.

I thrust my hips upwards to meet her descent, the tip of my cock banging at her cervix leaving me to grunt, feeling the pleasure of us throughout my entire body. She leant forward, her pelvis rubbing back and forward along my pelvic bone, her tits in my face allowed my mouth to attach and my tongue to swirl and lap at the sensitive tanned skin.

“Pierce!” I hear her groan as she presses harder into me. My cock sliding, rather strangulated by her clenching walls, in and out of her soaking wet hole as my need to release becoming too hard to hold back. “Oh, god, Pierce,” she wailed, as she shattered above me.

Her trembling body spasmed as I found my own sublime climax, my hands gripping her hips rather harshly to hold her grinding pelvis still, while my sensitive orgasm expelled from my body and into the rubbery protection.

Panting and trying to calm our racing hearts, she placed my hat back on to the floor and lay beside me as I moved onto my side, my lips instantly finding hers. Our kiss was slow and passionate, even with the lacking oxygen that eventually forced us to part and gasp for breath.

I stood up, removing the condom and throwing the evidence into the kitchenette bin, pulling down two bottles of water we kept on the shelf and handing her one while gulping down the other. She lay there silently, still on her front with her exposed delectable bottom flashing the roof and an unopened bottle in her hand with a glazed look in her eye. I blew out a deep breath, feeling uneasy and insecure at the continued silence that bellowed out, filling the room.

“What’s wrong Lyera?” Concern evident on my face, what if she was second-guessing what we had done? Maybe I had moved too fast? Considering it had been many years in the making, fast was not the way I would describe it but who knew?

I removed the bottle from her hand and lay beside her as she watched me through glazed eyes, “Lyera, what’s wrong? Do you regret…”

“No,” thankfully, she cut me off before I had a chance to finish my sentence with her pleasing answer. “No, not at all.”

“So…?” I pushed further.

“Do you really want me? For me?” I breathed a sigh of relief; she was feeling vulnerable, unsure of just how incredible she actually was, just by being herself. This was the reason for her silence. The desire and need that burned like an inferno deep within me was all because of her, she must know.

“Yes, always, I’ve always wanted you, though, you seemed like an unobtainable dream.”

“Pierce, I’m a little messed up,” she admitted.

“Once again Avaleria, I’ve got undealt with crap too, I want to handle your shit remember?… Can you handle mine when we come to it?” I held my breath, my eyes roaming every inch of her beautiful face.

“I want to handle your shit,” she stated strongly, edging closer towards me. “I want to be there for you when you need me.”

My smile couldn’t have been bigger and as the moon filtered through the window and I collect her in my arms with her head against my chest. I covered our bare bodies in the sleeping bags, relishing in the feel of her skin against mine. “Good, then it’s decided…”

“One thing,” she looked up at me, her chin against my muscular pec, her eyes rapidly shifting between mine. "I need sex, a lot of sex, sometimes a little... rougher... than normal, without it, I just can’t do an 'us', Tyler.” I chuckled at her seriousness than when she added the spunky play with my last name? All of it had my inside reeling. She bites the side of her cheek with an almost fearful expression on her face. “Tyler?”

"I warned you before I was domineering, but I wanted to ease you into it..." she looked away but the smirk on my lips remained. "How far are you willing to go?"

This question had her green orbs snap back to mine, "what?"

"I told you, everyone has skeletons in their closet baby, I was going to edge you into mine but I guess now I don't have too. We're going to take this slow though, I need to learn your bodies limit, I want you to submit to me because you trust me not because I demand it."

Her eyes burned with desire and the edges of her lips curled upwards, fuck, there was no chance I was letting her go now.

I could feel a body move against mine, the sun poured through the windows, warming my naked flesh, opening my cognac-browns, I was rewarded with the sight of a very tattooed bare back, reaching toward the sky as she stretched. My horny eyes immediately travelling to her exposed arse crack and her plump globes. I moved quickly, my legs parting to either side of her, my arm encasing her divine body in its firm hold as my warm lips caress her shoulders and nape of her neck.

After talking about certain 'extracurricular' limits we start with, in the bedroom and making love for the second time last night, it only heightened my desire to touch her again and again, especially now, knowing she was mine, she belonged to me and not even that dick, Mac, could steal her away. My life could not be more perfect than right at this moment, I never wanted to face reality but stay hidden in the haze of euphoric perfection forever.

“Good morning,” she huskily whispered.

I smiled against her skin, “good… morning… beautiful,” I managed finally between kisses.

She moaned softly, leaning into my embrace. This felt right, natural and meant-to-be, this small action also had me barred up and ready to impale her. I knew she could feel my very ready cock knocking at her back as I swallowed her smaller frame with my whole bulky structure.

“Peirce,” she purred as I groped roughly at her perky mounds, “we have work to do.”

She, unfortunately, was right, there were chores to do and the sooner we did them and got them out the way, the better… maybe after I have her, one more time. I slip my hand between her thighs and circle her clit with my fingertips, “just once more,” I whispered, “Being inside you is far too enticing.”

She turned around, deepening our heated kiss, she wanted this just as much as me. I pulled my lips from hers, pinching nipple between my fingertips and drew her earlobe into my mouth. "All fours baby, I'm going to fuck you and you can't cum until I say so." Her body shivered from my order.

We made quick work of our chores, first at the Jonahson property, where Kaeron was conveniently nowhere to be found and then to my families property. Lyera pours the buckets of slop into the pig’s trough as I stood there watering the ground, giving it a good soaking so the mud was deep enough for the pigs to roll in. She looked beautiful, even though her hair was dishevelled and she was covered in dirt and sweat, the soft smile that adorned her face had me inwardly groaning with untamed lust and animated pleasure.

“There you go… handsome’s? Although, some of you are probably girls... so I should say… beauties? Yes, handsome’s and beauty piggies? Oh, that just sounds worse out loud.” She scrunched up her face and as she wiped her forehead, she left behind a smear of dirt.

I laughed so hard and moved the hose over to drench her; she stood there gaping at me in shock, dripping with water. Her white wife beater instantly becoming see-through showing off her purple bra, I cursed at my stupidity and turned off the water, removing my flannel.

“Hey Avaleria, nice tit’s,” my little asshole brother yells out from the paddock, fucken horny teenagers.

“I’m sorry babe,” my apology was sincere; I honestly regretted my stupid actions.

“Why would you do that?” she gasped at me.

“I don’t know, I thought it would be funny?” I wrapped my shirt around her as she slipped her arms through the holes, she looked really upset.

“Now your brother has seen my bra,” she looked up at me with puppy green eyes.

“I’m sorry babe, I really…”

That evil woman, she used my pity for her and distracted me, wiping slop all over the front of my bare chest while she laughed hysterically, “it’s okay Tyler, now we’re even.”

“Oh no cowgirl, we are not even by a long shot.” Her eyes grew wide and she begins to walk backwards as I trudge forward.

“Pierce, c’mon now, I was just kidding…” she pleaded before swivelling on her heels and making a run for it. I chased her around the pens and out into the paddock, Jesus she was fast. Lyera made her way around the corral and into the hayshed. I seized my opportunity and made a dive for her, both of us crashing into the loose straw pile, laughing like a pair of lunatics.

She moves to cup my face as I stare adoringly down at her, “sorry,” she sweetly apologises.

“I deserved it, I wet you first.”

“You did, but I think I can forgive you,” I lean forward gently pushing my lips against hers, “hmm, yep, definitely forgiven.”

Those belly flips erupted like fury deep within at the sight of her spectacular toothy grin. This was my life, right now, in this moment, I, Pierce Tyler, was the happiest man on earth.

“Get a room!” Aiden, my arse of a brother yells out.

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