Ride a Cowboy

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Chapter 11 ~ A small hiccup


“You and the Tyler boy have been spending a lot of time together, baby girl?” I couldn’t hold back my smile; I swear my cheeks were as bright as a tomato. It was true Pierce and I had spent the past two weeks in absolute heaven, every night practically at his cabin on his folks land, leaving to sneak home in the early hours of the morning was like torture but there was always work to be done.

Sometimes, I found myself having to take a step back and just breathe deep, absorbing in my surroundings, thanking a higher power for how dramatically my life had changed. I still had to attend DAA meetings and my counselling sessions, I found the contents of those sessions were more positive and I had plenty to say, even if it wasn’t what I was meant to be talking about.

Cole and Kaeron still acted as if they weren’t something to each other, but their secret would come out, eventually, I just couldn’t wait for that moment when it did. Peirce and I had decided not to say anything and let them enjoy their rendezvous just as we had ours, though, I had walked in a couple of times when she was using the excuse to ‘visit me’ and had seen them leap away from each other like acid had dripped on their skin.

“Mama, Kae and I are going out with the guys tonight; we will probably be home late.” Mama and Dad sat there, eyeing both of us suspiciously.

“And where exactly will our children be heading?” As if they didn’t know. They were enjoying their chance to parent us again, I decided to give in, we hadn’t been a family in years and being here with them, was something I hadn’t realised I was missing from my old life.

“We are heading out to Fellow’s Bar, they have a DJ on tonight, should be some great dancing,” they both chuckled.

“Kae, dancing?” Dad enquired inquisitively.

“Yes Dad, I am going to have a couple of bottles, bob my head to the shitty music and watch Cole and this one…” he thrusts his thumb at me, “twirl around the dance floor.”

“And will Pierce be there?” Mama couldn’t help herself.

“He’s meeting us there later; he’s got to go over the accounts with his Pa,” I replied with a shrug.

“Will Pierce be staying bub? Or will you just continue to sneak in every morning when you think everyone is sleeping?” Dad smiled as my face paled and my mouth dropped open. Fuck; I thought I had been so good at hiding it. Kaeron laughed hysterically, his mash potato almost falling out his mouth.

“I… ba… wasn’t… what?” I stuttered.

“So, I take it he is staying tonight then…” mum collected her dinner plate and walked to the sink, “I like that boy, he seems to be a fantastic influence on you.” If only she knew just how heated our sex sessions were getting? She wouldn't be singing his praises. I involuntarily shiver, remembering being hogtied and having my bare pussy spanked by his cock as he came hard.

Damn my mother, “yep,” I mumbled, dropping my plate in the kitchen sink, I turned to look at her. “Thanks, Mama,” I smiled, giving her a kiss on the cheek and walking upstairs to get ready.

We arrived at the bar when everything was in full swing, Kae had stopped to collect Cole, both of them mumbling a shy and awkward 'hello' to each other as she climbed in the back. I had to stifle my snicker as everyone pretended there wasn’t some weird energy floating around us all.

The music was pumping, I looked around and watched the massive collection of cowboys holding up the walls of the establishment with their drinks in hand and their Stetson hats secured to their heads. Tapping their booted feet to the beat as their eyes hungrily perused the dance floor. The throngs of barely dressed women swayed sensually amongst the crowd, grinding sexually against each other.

I, however, had decided my dance attire needed to be black cowgirl boots, faded blue jeans with rips, a black dress singlet with an open back and no bra. Guess there was a plus side to smaller boobs? My now brown hair was curled to one side.

Cole looked absolutely incredible, you could tell she put in a shit load of effort but refused to say anything, acting as if she was always sparkling like a damn queen. She wore silver glitter boots, black form-fitting skinny jeans and a silver and white, off the shoulder midriff shirt, exposing just a hint of her ribs through the high waisted jeans and the flashy shirt. I could tell Kae was practically drooling, his eyes fixed securely on his prize.

We had been out on the dance floor a while when I felt unfamiliar arms wrap around me. Panicking, I quickly pulled away and turned back to slug the offender in the face, only to be pleasantly surprised. “West? What are you doing here?” I squeal, jumping on him in full force.

“Jesus Ava, what the bloody hell are you doing here?” West was one of Toni’s DJ’s from his nightclub, he rotated all of them around every week, so they all got a chance at having a weekend off once a month. West was always a great guy, 5ft 7, green eyes, spikey multi-coloured hair, he always had both sexes bidding for his attention. Taking a quick glance around, I could see the envious eyes watching us as the curious women drooled.

“Ava? Who the fuck is Ava?” Cole questioned from beside me, I looked over to her, rolled my eyes and yelled loud enough for both to hear.

“Cole, this is West, West, this is Cole.” They shook hands politely but he focused back on me.

“Well, are you going to give me an answer?” I turned back to Cole.

“I’m just going to catch up with an old friend for a bit, I’ll see you in a moment.” I pulled West by the hand and we headed for the exit.

“This way Ava,” changing direction, he led us out the back of the bar instead.

The chill hit us the moment he opened the back doors, the security guard nodded to us as we exited but remained statuesque at the doorway. “Okay, spill, is it your weekend off?”

“Yeah, Toni went a bit crazy when you disappeared, fucking with everyone’s rosters, this gig was paying great dollar bills, trying to bring city life to the country bumpkins, even set us up in a hotel, for now, I’m here once a month. Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights but you’re the last person I expected to be here. Where the fuck have you been?” He extracted a joint from his smoke packet and lit it, I began to nibble on my lip at the sight of it.

“Shit hit the roof bad; I had no choice but to gap it.”

“I don’t understand? You and Toni were perfect together. Now he’s a fucken mess, more drugs than his body can handle, sex with three or four women every night, the club’s currently been taken over by his cousin because the dick doesn’t even show up. He missed everyone’s pay for a whole month, the staff were pissed.”

“He fucked me over West, like I said, I had no choice.”

“You look dry, you doing tonight sober?” He looked into my eyes; his pupils were the size of moons and black as midnight. “Yep, you definitely look straight.”

“It’s not like I have connections here, this place is one stop away from my hometown, a place I haven’t visited for years and now live, who am I meant to grab gear off?”

He gave me a mischievous smile, “me Ava.”

“I didn’t know you would be here,” I replied with a smirk.

“Here,” he pulled a ten pack from his back pocket and tucked it into the front pocket of my jeans.

“Shit, West, I can’t take that, I haven’t even got cash,” I tried to argue but he leant forward and kissed my cheek, just like the old days.

“How many times over the years have you thrown roundies down my throat without payment? Don’t worry, I got plenty more.” He handed me the joint, my fingers fidgeted. I had a pocket full of ecstasy pills, a joint in my hand and my heart was beating a million miles a minute. Just one puff wouldn’t hurt, right? “You going to just stand there and look at it? Or are you going to…”

“Avaleria?” I heard his call and panicked, thrusting the joint back into West’s hand, with that ‘shit what did I do?’ look on my face. “There you are babe; I’ve been looking for you.”

West had a knowing smirk on his handsomely devious face, “hey, meet West, he’s an old friend from the city,” I turned back, “West, this is Pierce, my boyfriend.” I emphasised a little on the word boyfriend.

Pierce shook his hand, hard, as West eyed him up. “Hey, man, nice to meet ya,” my man’s jaw clenched at his clearly forced pleasantries. I knew he could smell the reefer, hell, everyone in a five-mile radius would surely be able to smell it, West, after all, always had cosmic weed.

“Likewise,” West replied just as hard. You could have cut the tension in the air with a knife.

Pierce dropped his hand and leant over, scooping his arm around my waist and pressing his lips against mine dominantly, I could hear West scoff.

“Let’s head inside cowgirl?”

“Yeah, I’m up next on the tables anyway, my break should be over,” West interjected, “come to say goodbye before you leave Ava, it’s been great finally see you, to know that you’re okay.”

I extracted my body from Pierce and hugged West; “I will, now play me something awesome I can really move too,” he smiled at me.

“Ava girl, I know what you like.” We left him out there to finish his joint.

Pierce’s entire energy had changed, he was watching us like a hawk on the dance floor and when we came off for a drink, he was brooding and short, I had hit my limit. I excused myself and stalked towards the DJ booth to say goodbye, then back, all of my movements meant to be watched by Pierce. I grabbed his beer from his hand, placing it on the table, leaning over to Kae. “Can you take Cole home please?” He nodded with furrowed brows watching us, unaware of what transpired. I grasped Pierce’s hand tightly and we were out the door.

Once in his truck and back on the main highway heading for home, I began.

“What Tyler? Speak to me? Am I not allowed to converse with other friends? Am I…” he cut me off, clearly, he was ready to talk.

“He was smoking weed,” he replies gruffly. Hmm, so that was it.

“Okay, we have over an hour’s drive ahead of us to sort this out, you may not like what I have to say.”

“Did you take some?” His grip tightened around the steering wheel.

“No, but I wanted too, I even held the joint in my hand.”

“WHY?” He bit back harshly.

“Because he handed it to me, you came out, I gave it back.”

“And if I didn’t come out? What then Lyera? And what’s with the name Ava?” I sunk back into the passenger’s chair, pulling my knees to my chest.

“Ava is who I was in the city; I’m not that person, not with you... if you hadn’t of come out? I honestly don’t know if I would have taken a puff or not.”

He inhaled deeply, “babe, I’m glad you can talk to me about this, but I don’t want you around any of that stuff…”

“I didn’t know he was going to be there,” I defended.

“I know you didn’t,” he reached out and grabbed my arm pulling me closer to him, although the centre console was in the way. “I freaked out and I’m sorry. I ruined our night out and I could have dealt with this better, I didn’t give you a chance to even make a decision or a choice to say no yourself. I don’t ever want to fight with you or have you angry at me, so I’m sorry for not trusting you. Next time, I will step away and let you decide for yourself, truth was, I got a tad insecure seeing you there with a man I didn’t know.”

I turned in the seat to face him, leaning my palms on the centre and reaching up to place a chaste kiss on his cheek. “Don’t, don’t walk away, I want you to stop me,” he tried to look at me but had to keep looking back at the road, I needed to get this out though, I had to let him know. “I want you to stop me from making those kinds of stupid choices, I want you to bring it up, like this, make me accountable, but the one thing I want you to NEVER do, is ever worry about me being loyal to you. Before, when I was heading to Toni, we were nothing more than friends, now, we are together, my heart belongs to you and you only, I may hug another man, talk with him in private but you are THE ONLY man I want and the ONLY one who has ever made me feel like I am worth something, like I am the luckiest woman in the world. When you look at me, for the first time in my life, I feel beautiful, I’m sorry Tyler, for this tiny hiccup but you, you are stuck with me.”

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