Ride a Cowboy

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Chapter 12 ~ My Protector


“Pierce,” the sounds of skin, slapping against skin mixed with his thrusting grunts filled my room. We had tried to be as quiet as possible but his erogenous and salacious love making always provoked an almost primal awakening which made it near on impossible to contain oneself.

My mewling hunger for his divine, thick and rigid member spurred on his need to have me praising 'Jesus' in the most erotic and sexually depraved ways. My hair pulled back by his strong fist, my hands bound together by exercise stretchy bands, that wound around the bed legs as his other hand circled my spasming clit as my back arched while he drove into me at an unrelenting pace.

I could feel his thick bulbous head as it plunged rapidly in and out of my dripping core, my juices seeping down my inner thigh while he continued his feverish assault and manipulation of my womanly parts. I was panting hard, pushing back into him, biting down on the mattress below, loving the whimsical feel his whispered words of erotic passion conjured.

Fucking me unlike any other man ever had or ever will again.

“Fuck, yes!” He cried, slamming into me with crippling momentum. I had a feeling today will be a day of unsteady footsteps and pleasurable aching between my thighs. “Cowgirl, you are so beautiful,” he swooned, “my baby, my girl, my…”

My whole body tightening ready for unbelievable orgasmic pleasure, “HOLY SHIT, TYLER.” I exploded, bucking backward, the climatic wave of ecstasy, drenching my freshly shattered soul in pure, unhindered waves of jubilation. A light sheen of sweat covered our bodies as we collapsed into a sexy heap of euphoric paradise, gasping for air.

The sunlight well and truly filling the room with its taunting brightness and the promise of another morning of hard work. “Spend the day with me?” His sensual full lips pressed against my shoulder blade as he pulls my back flush with his chest.

“I don’t think I can even move after that, untie my hands,” I jest with an undertone of seriousness.

“Lyera, you are my addiction,” he purred huskily, his breath fanning my neck, the pressure of his mouth lapping at the heated flesh sent shudders climbing up and down my spine, hardening my nipples.

“I wouldn’t do that, Pierce,” I warned with frivolity.

“Oh, well since you won’t spend the day with me, I think I should,” he growled as his lips made their way passionately down my back with osculate fervour.

His palm groping at my muscular buttocks before slipping in between my legs to fondle vigorously at my clit while his warm chest pressed against my back as he whispered words of adoration in my ear, “you are so beautiful…”

“Ohhhhh,” I mewled.

“I love your whimpers of pleasure…”

“Pierce,” I panted.

“You drive me, crazy babe… I want you to mourn the loss of my touch…”

“Oh, god, I already do…” I cry out, fisting the sheet below me as he deftly nibbles my neck, “every time you are not near,” I confess like a sinner.

“I want you to crave my hands, my tongue all over your sexy body…”

“Oh, Pierce, I’m going to cum,” my hips lightly thrusting into his hand.

“You’re so beautiful Lyera, you mean everything to me, mine, all mine,” his murmur’s creating unbridled desire.

My body begins to quake, humming only under his talented fingers. I can’t hold back, “yyyyeessss,” I squall, howling as I violently shake through orgasmic release.

“You are remarkable,” he whispered as I turned my head to the side, capturing his lips in a searing kiss.

He gets up off the bed, in all his naked, buff and deliciously taut glory, unbinding my wrists before heading for the bathroom. His toes kicking at our crumpled clothes on the way through, my eyes immediately falling on the ten pack of pills poking out of my jeans pocket. Shit, I had completely forgotten those were even there, why had I forgotten them? I can’t tell him now, shit.

He turns back to look at me, my face feeling like a burning fire of panic before he closes the door and I exhale a small sigh of relief. I leapt from my spot, frantically searching for a good hiding spot, somewhere no one would find them. Snatching the bag from my jeans, I open my underwear drawer and hide them under the lace and cotton pile, slamming the drawer shut, finally releasing the breath I didn’t know I was holding in.

I have to get rid of them; he can never know I had them… ever.

I sat on my freshly made bed; the sun was beginning to descend, indicating it was late afternoon. My eyes were fixated on the drawer that held my shame and I nibbled at my bottom lip, strummed my fingers impatiently along my upper arm as they sat folded in front of me, my right leg tapping away furiously.

The desire to have one, to feel that powerful feeling of euphoric love, love for everyone, love for nature, the empowered state of heightened awareness, when at the peak of your ecstasy. That undeniable burst of invisibility when the pill hits your bloodstream and triggers a release of adrenalin which erupts through your body, tantalising and teasing your nervous system. That addictive ‘high’ of unbreakable confidence had me licking my lips in seductive need to swallow… just one? One couldn’t hurt, there were nine others; no-one would miss just one.

My phone beeped, jolting me from my reverie and alerting me to a text. I saw the name light up on the screen, of course, it was Pierce and his timing, right now, was the very moment my entire self, washed with guilt. I didn’t read the message, instead, I left my phone on the bed and bolted for the stables. I had to get away from the shame that held me under its crippling control.

Rosegold and I rode like there was nothing in the world to fear, the Andalusian horse with her unique colouring and magnificent structure, pounded fiercely against the ground. The reins gripped tightly in my hands as we hurtled like lightning along my parent’s boundary line.

This was the closest feeling of ‘high’ I could have now, the entrancing illusion of flying as the wind whipped through my hair. Pulling back softly on the reins to indicate a slower pace, Rosegold slowed with the increasing pressure of my control. We come to rest by a watering hole, far west from where we started.

I had run away from the collapsing hold ten little tiny pills encapsulated me in, why did they have that effect on me? I was a strong woman, look at what I had survived through… the thing, the secret that only two people in the world knew, but I had come out of it and continued my life, when did I become so weak and powerless?

It was all an illusion those things created, this was reality, and my new life, though physically demanding, it was perfect. I had an incredible boyfriend, loving supportive parents, amazing siblings, fantastic friends and yet, I still yearned for that synthetic high?

Arriving back to the farmhouse, I noticed Pierce and Kae sitting on Pierce’ tray, chatting fondly with each other. I held Rosegold’s reins and walked her over to them, catching the tail end of their conversation. “Hey,” I mumbled.

“Where have you been? I texted hours ago,” a slide of worry slipped over his features.

“Sorry, my phone is on my bed, I was out riding.”

“We know, we rang your phone and found it in your room,” Kae replied.

“You were in my room?” I rushed out, causing both to narrow their eyes at me.

“No, we opened the door saw it and left,” he sounded out slowly. “Here, give me Rosegold, I’ll deal with her, while you get ready.”

He took my horse and walked her to the stables, “Ready?” I questioned Peirce.

“If you had your phone on you, you would have known,” he chuckled, leading me up to my room. “Drake is having a bonfire, but I have to warn you, Mac and Ivy might be there,” I rolled my eyes huffing loudly. This was the last thing I needed in my weakened state of mind.

Heading straight for Cole, I took no notice of a large number of gathered people; Earl the tech guy and their group of friends were behind the decks, pulling out some awesome music as Cole sat chatting with Mark, the bass player. “Hey,” I interrupted sitting down next to her.

“About time you guys got here, what took you so long?” Mark seemed somewhat annoyed by my presence.

“I was out riding and left my phone at home, had no idea we were even coming here tonight,” I shrugged ignoring Mark's weird reaction completely.

“Ivy’s here already and well and truly hammered, I swear she’s already been fucked and thrown back into the pool on the dance floor.”

I shuddered at what life my ex-best friend had now, “guess that’s what happens when you allow it.”

Cole threw her arms around me, “don’t feel bad for her Lyera, she is a horrible person, inside as well as out. She had so many opportunities to change her outcome but didn’t.”

Kae sat down on the tree log next to us, nodding to Mark and clasped my shoulder, “you okay sis?” He was such an awesome brother, I noticed the unusual tension radiating from Cole. Normally, it was sexual when Kaeron was around but this time, it was like they had been fighting. Kae ignored her completely, instead focusing on me. “Don’t look now, but Mac’s heading this way.”

I groaned in irritation, my eyes quickly scanning the crowd for Pierce but could not seem to locate him, why had I run off? I should have stayed next to him.

“Hey there darlin’” his voice stiffened my shoulders in disgust.

“Fuck off pin dick,” Cole spat furiously, all though, I had a feeling her attitude had more to do with Kae then with Mac.

“Oh look, it’s the frigid dike that no one will ever love,” Kae went to move, protectively rising to his feet but Mark got there first.

“Actually Mac, she’s here with me, so don’t speak to her like that again.”

“WHAT?” Kae and I screamed at the same time, I guess we were both surprised.

“Only because no-one else wants her, look at how ugly she is, I’m sure they make paper bags to cover her head while you fuck her, pretending she’s someone else.” Cole looked amazing tonight but I guess whatever Kae and her were going through, had left her feeling vulnerable and insecure. She leapt to her feet and took off running.

“What the fuck do you want Mac?” Kaeron was in a fight stance, his hands swiftly clasped around his neck threateningly.

“Relax little Kae Pie, I’m just here for your sister...” two large hands roughly pull me back before I get a word out and my very own guardian angel in a black Stetson, steps in front of me, shaking in fury but trying to contain his temper. He nodded to Kae, who took off in the direction Cole went, Mark had already left moments earlier.

“You need to get away from my girlfriend Mac, before something bad happens,” his broad muscular shoulders limiting my view, so I held the back of his shirt to peak around him.

Mac began to puff his chest and beat it like a gorilla, “I need words with that bitch nerd, get out of my way,” he ordered.

“Don’t call her a bitch and no, there is no way in hell you will ever get to have words with her, she is mine, my girlfriend, my lover, my everything. You had your chance, you blew it, now BACK OFF!” Before it could escalate any further, Drake stepped in between them engaging his rifle.

“We got a problem here?” His tone soft but deadly.

Pierce stayed silent, his shoulders squared and spine straight, he was not allowing any more harm, psychological or physical, to come to me, his protectiveness over me was… arousing. “No problem,” Mac threw up his hands and stepped back, “this isn’t over Avaleria, we are never over. We will have words before I let everyone know what really happened back then,” he threatened. I ignored him, honestly, how much more could he really do to me?

As Pierce turned, I was on him, climbing his strong frame, his hands immediately under my butt as my legs wrapped around his waist, my hands removing his cowboy hat and placing it on my head as our lips smashed together in a feverish, horny frenzy. “You are the sexiest Cowboy ever!” I declared, my tongue finding his once more, “take me to your truck, I need you… now.”

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