Ride a Cowboy

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Chapter 13 ~ You Have Me


Fuck, what Mac said about Cole simply wasn’t true; god that guy was such a cunt. I had hated him since Lyera met him and now that bastard had hurt her… Cole, my Cole… shit, not my Cole, I had thrown her away and now she was hurting. Fuck I am a dick.

There was a barn a few yards ahead, I was hoping that was where she had run too considering we had been there several times before, intimately, intensely, shit, now I am barring up just thinking about it, concentrate because that wanker Mark had chased after her. Okay, Mark wasn’t actually a wanker but if he thinks he can have my Cole he’s sadly mistaken. I may have needed time to sort out my head but my reaction to Mac just proved I couldn’t be without my girl, no matter how I tried to fool myself.

As I slipped in the barn door, I could hear his deep baritone voice trying to convince her she needed to be comforted… by him… and this made me furious, out of sheer curiosity I listened in.

“Cole, let me in? Please… I can help you,” he prodded.

“Please Mark, just go, I’m fine,” she pleaded. I could hear the quiver in her voice, my heart broke.

“No, you’re not fine, he said some horrible words to you and now you’re crying.”

“Mac is an asshole, we all know this, I just need some time okay, I am a strong person, trust me, it’s not his words that hurt.”

“Cole,” his tone changed to a soft almost seductive purr. “You know how I feel about you, how I’ve always felt about you, why won’t you give me a chance?” My fists clenched, she is mine, not his… shit, I was a damn fool not to have claimed her.

“Mark, I’ve already told you, I’m in love with someone else,” she said love? I heard it clear as day.

“Then where is he? Why are you not with him? Huh? Why is it me you spent last night crying too?” Fuck, hearing that almost ripped my heart out of my chest.

“Because…” I peeked through the separation in the hay barrels.

“Because why? I wouldn’t hide you, Cole, I know he hides you, in secret, do you know how hard it is to see love bites on your neck?” He collects her hands in his, “we’ve been friends a long time, I would shout it from the rooftop if you were mine.”

She looks up at him, I can see the shimmer in her beautiful green eyes, she had been crying, I want to kill that fucker, Mac. “Cole, do you know how beautiful you are? How much I want to show you exactly what you mean to me? How much you’ve always meant to me,” he pushed her blonde hair away from her face.

“Don’t Mark, you can’t touch me, not like that,” only I was allowed to touch her like that.

“Why are you not together then, huh?” She sighed, releasing the tears that gathered in her bright orbs as she scrunched her face in pain.

“Because he doesn’t want me.” Shit, I do, I do want her, the pain in my chest almost unbearable.

“Then he’s an idiot,” she laughed as more tears ran down her flushed cheeks, god she is beautiful and he was right, I am a bloody idiot.

He moves closer to cup her face but when his lips pressed against hers, I knew I had lost, how could she want me now? He was on her level, pre-approved and well ingrained in her life. She had someone that obviously adored her, someone that could love her the way she deserved, there was no one to blame apart from myself. All I had to say was yes, yes I wanted to openly be with her, yes, she was my girl, yes, I will meet her family, just YES! But I couldn’t and now I had lost her.

My eyes welled with tears, my heart contracted painfully in my chest. I wanted to die, I wanted the world to open and swallow me whole, I had lost the only woman I had ever loved because I was a scared boy.

“Get off me!” Her force woke me from my sad pity party; I turned to look back through my personal peephole in the hay barrels.

“Cole, what are you doing? You just said he didn’t want you?” She stood, fierce and strong and ready to fight.

“He may not want me Mark, but that doesn’t mean I don’t love him,” love? She does love me? “Don’t touch me again, it also doesn’t mean I can love you as more than a friend, because that’s all we are Mark, friends is all we can ever be.”

Suddenly, the rejection was too much for Mark, he spat at her angrily, “Fine… but don’t come crying to me when he uses you and throws you away again.” My heart pumped with pure elation, I felt bad for Mark, I did, but she loved me, she was in love with me, but she is too good for me.

I curled into a dark opening in the haystacks; he didn’t need salt added to his wound. Mark slammed the wooden door as hard as he could; the sounds of her sobs filled the stagnant air.

I crawled out from inside my hiding spot; she began cursing to herself, “Jesus Christ,” she spurned herself. “You need to get over it, he doesn’t want you…” her tears ripped through me as she mourned on top of a wooden bench we had once made love on, “he… doesn’t… want… you.”

I watched brokenly as she struggled for breath and sobbed uncontrollably, curling up into a ball, she was in so much distress she hadn’t even heard footfalls. Tears leaked from my Caribbean blues as my arms surrounded her lithe body.

Cole jolted, recoiling away from me and scrambling to sit up, “don’t touch me,” her venom piercing my soul. She had every right too but the hurt that flashed in her eyes was too much.

“Cole…” she cut me off angrily.

“Don’t Kae, don’t say a thing, I get it okay, I get it… you made things perfectly clear last night, I was just a fuck, there’s no need to rub it in, just leave me alone.” She rubbed her face furiously, wiping away every bit of evidence she had been hurting.

I wiped at my own tears and climbed up onto the wooden bench beside her, bringing one knee up and resting my right arm on top of it. With the back of my head against the barn wall, I began, “last night I was a fool...” she scoffed at me but I continued, “I can see the way your parents look down on us townsfolk sweet lips, the way they have always made it known that without money, no one is good enough, how I’m not good enough...” she sat there silently listening for once.

“Yes, my family has savings and yes, we make enough to provide and I love this life, I love working hard, working the land but I can’t provide you with the lifestyle you are used too…”

“You think that shit is important to me? You think I want money?” She cut in painfully.

“No, but I love you, and because I love you, I have no right to ask you to leave your world and slum it on the land with me, you may like it for a while…” she went to cut in but I held my hand up to stop her, “let me finish… this life is hard, and if we have a bad season, if the frost damages the crops or let’s say, if the cattle get sick, then we struggle and we struggle hard, yes, we can replant or replace but what if the money is not there? Not available?

"This life is not easy, all of us, Mama, Dad, Theadasia, now Avaleria and I, we all work, day in and out, doing everything that needs to be done. Our bodies ache, we smell and are continually drenched in sweat, we shovel animal shit every day, and in the winter, we still push through even though we’re frozen half to death… you think I want that lifestyle for you?”

“Don’t I get a choice Kae?” She snapped, “Yes, MY PARENTS have money, not me, you think all I do is sit on my bum all day, every day, do show jumping on the weekends and what, the rest of the time Kae? Huh? Stand around and twiddle my thumbs? Brush my hair or book my next plastic surgery operation?”

“No, I just meant…” this time she halts me, turning her whole body to face me.

“No Kaeron, this time you listen. My parents are snobs, I get that, I got no excuse for their behaviour but those animals on our ranch, the crops that grow on the land, the chores that get done, they are worked by my hands. Yes, we have hired help but I grew up working that land and I sure as shit didn’t get handed anything on a silver platter. When I asked you to meet them, to go public, you should have told me this last night… but instead, you ripped my god damn heart out of my chest and left me bleeding out in the open, now you confess you love me? If you really loved me? You wouldn’t push me away; you would hold me close and man up and face my parents, even if they don’t approve of you because you’re who I want Kaeron, you and the god damn suffering through the hard times.”

“See, that’s the thing sweet lips…” I pull her on top of my lap, “when Mark tried to lay claim on you, I saw fucken red, but what Mac did? I had my hands around his throat because I was going to kill him for hurting you. That moment I knew, I didn’t care if your Ma and Pa made me feel inadequate for the rest of our lives, I didn’t want any future that didn’t have you in it.”

Her vibrant greens shone like sparkling diamonds with tears of joy running down her beautiful face. I grabbed her puffy red cheeks in my strong, calloused hands, pushing our lips together gently and moving our mouths together as one.

In less than a minute our gentle, loving pace turned into primal and animalistic, her hands groping at my belt buckle, mine removing her shirt, I would never tire of her divine body, never desiderate anyone the way I crave her. My desire to penetrate her was becoming impossible to control, gripping her by the hips I pulled us both off the wooden bench, reaching for the horse blanket on the far wall, I snap my arms and fluff it, shaking free any fibres or stray hay from it and throw it over the hay barrels that lay side by side.

Removing my jeans, in mere seconds her half-naked body was on me, her nimble fingers gripping the front of my shirt and she ripped open, buttons pinging as they hit the ground, she was always just as impatient as me, so I returned the favour by snapping her lace G-string and ripped it from her heated centre.

I lay her down on top of the hay, my nose nudging her bra out of the way to enclose my mouth around her rouge dusted nipple, my love instantly rewarding me with her moans, my stiff twitching cock slipped past her tender folds and into her warm welcoming pleasure hole. I withdrew immediately missing her tight walls and pushed back into her with inhuman force, her cry of ecstasy music to my ears as I forcibly drove my hefty thick rod repetitively into her. Cole never liked warm, fuzzy or romantic, no, she liked rough, raw and with a slight inch of pain, nothing masochistic, just kinky and that was a massive turn on, she loved role-playing, her to be dominated and me the assertive, alpha-male.

Pulling her hands to above her head and holding them in place with my left, I lifted her left leg up and over my shoulder, allowing for deep entry with the slight tilt of her hips, my eyes feasting upon her as she writhed under me, “he kissed what’s mine,” I growled as her eyes snapped open wide, “never again,” I warned, smashing into her.

She devilishly smiled up at me, “never,” she repeated.

“Don’t let any other man touch you, Sweet Lips,” my possessive streak at the forefront.

“Only your touch, only ever you,” she purred, I bit down hard on her erect nips, “do it again,” she screamed as her inner walls clamped down around me. Fuck, this was going to be a quickie that’s for sure, I was already close and so was she, I could feel it in the way her muscles constricted.

“Never again Cole, you belong to me,” I growled.

“Bite me again?” She begged.

“Say it,” I ordered with impatience.

Her sparkling beautiful green eyes opened to me, locked on my Caribbean blues, “I belong to only you… Master,” she purred, stroking my masculine ego with her pleasing words.

I clamped down hard flicking the rouge tip as it lay wedged between my teeth, “Ooooohhhh, gggooodddd,” she exploded, my hips bucked and released. My cum spurting up into her as my body trembled with magnificent orgasmic fury, both of us floating in euphoria.

Her hands pushing my hair back from my sweaty forehead as I lay still between her legs, “I love you so much Kaeron.” Nothing could be better than this moment.

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