Ride a Cowboy

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Chapter 14 ~ The Unexpected Visitor


The week started, as usual, only now, our relationship was the talk of the town. Lyera had gone into hiding, claiming she was busy helping her folks and I was becoming frustrated by her withdraw, I knew she was not enjoying the extra attention but at least she hadn’t cut off phone contact.

I had hit the end of my tether with this ‘no contact’ bullshit she was pulling and jumped into the truck, heading for her family’s farm. Coming to a screeching halt out the front of her parent’s farmhouse, the tires crunching the loose gravel, I jumped from the cab and headed for the stables. She spent most of her time with Rosegold so, that would be my starting point; thankfully, she was there, brushing down her horse.

With her headphones blasting music into her ears, she did not hear my footsteps as I trudged forcefully towards her. Grasping her shoulders firmly, I pushed her backwards, slamming her into the wooden wall.

“Pierce? What the fu…” I crashed my lips against hers in heated dominance, to which she returned my kiss, just as hard and fervently.

Grabbing her by the thighs and lifting, I wrapped her luxurious legs around my waist, not once breaking our rapturous lips as they moved rhythmically against one another with our tongues darting out to taste the inside of each other’s mouths. Her hand clung to the nape of my neck while I slipped my hand under her leg, roughly pulling at my jeans to release my jousting stick, angling the head, moving her panties to the side and slid in.

Instant relief washed over both of us, her head flew back, whacking against the wall as she moaned at my entry. My teeth nipped at the side of her neck, my hips pumping into her furiously, her erotic nether lips milking my shaft while her inner walls bore down on my neglected fuck stick.

Pushing her back further into the wooden wall, she cried out intangible words in time with my vigorous pelvic thrusts. Moving her mouth to meet mine, the wrestle of heated passion burning so hot, at any moment we could catch on fire.

“Pierce,” she mewled.

I was like a hunter on a mission as I tore her shirt open, thank god her white shirt had snap buttons. Lifting up her white lacy bra, her rounded mounds jiggled on the front of her exquisite chest while I fiddled with her erect nipples.

My cock missed her, missed her luscious hole that fit snuggly around me as I groaned into her neck. Thrusting up into her with greedy force, perspiration gathered on my forehead, “Fuck baby, I missed you.”

“Oh god Tyler,” she cried out as she clenched so hard around me, forcing my own orgasm to arrive, she trembled against the wall while I coated her cavern in my semen.

Ecstasy washed through me as I chuckled into the curve of her neck, “this is not what I wanted to do when I was heading over here.”

She slid off of me and I tucked away my now sedated and limp dick. “What was that about?” she amusedly queried snapping her shirt back into place and adjusting her skirt.

“You’ve been avoiding me, I kind of went caveman when I saw you,” she chuckled grasping the nape of my neck and pressing her lips against mine.

“Pierce Tyler, I have not been avoiding you, I’m just… it’s just…” oh god, she couldn’t even say it.

“What? You don’t want to see me anymore?” I was feeling a little insecure and a whole lot vulnerable at that moment.

“What? No, I just hate being the centre of gossip.” She looked down dejectedly,

“Baby, that was always going to be a topic, you and I are about the most interesting thing that has happened for a long time.” I tilted her chin upwards to meet my fierce gaze, “fuck everyone, fuck this town, let them talk, we all know the only reason they are gossiping about us is because they have nothing else going on in their lives.”

“C’mon,” she pulls me by my arm, “I need to clean up before we are intercepted by mama and dad and your cum starts leaking down my legs.” I snicker at the thought of that happening.


Lying on her bed shirtless, watching her get dressed after another solid fuck in her room, there was a knock at the door and Kae pops his head in just as she pulls on her jeans, “you rabbits decent?” he laughs.

“Yes, Kaeron, what’s up?” she sticks her tongue out at him.

“Ah…” he nervously scratches the back of his neck, “you feel like a double date to the movies tonight?”

“Double date?” I question as we both watch him with excited attention.

“Yeah, Cole and I are…” she claps her hands and squeals.

“You and Cole are going public?”

“Jesus Lyera, did you know?” he paled.

“Ah, yes, you guys are a little obvious,” she replied sarcastically.

“Yeah man,” I interject, “I was just waiting for you two to admit it.”

“Jesus, and here I thought we were discrete about the whole thing.”

Lyera giggled, placing her hand on his shoulder, “sorry little brother, I am glad you guys sorted out your spat though, you seem… happy with her?” Kaeron blushed furiously; I had never seen him act so shy.

“Not just happy Avaleria, In love.”

I got up off the bed and shook his hand, “congrats man, that’s awesome news.”

“Cheer’s Pierce, but… uh… you should probably do up your pants man, your trouser snake is making an appearance.”

Lyera burst into laughter as I quickly covered myself, mortified by my cock joining the party, “see you rabbits tonight,” he chuckled exiting.


Waiting in line at the ticket booth while the girls chuckled in their huddle a few feet away, a yellow ford mustang convertible pulls into the park in front of the theatre, the door swings open and out steps a blonde haired, blue eyed beast of a man. His muscles bulging against the black business shirt, his grey pants, taut from the solid thighs below the fabric with his shoes so shiny you could see your reflection.

“Check out tight pants,” Kaeron pointed out from beside me as we scrutinised this city boy, it was obvious to everyone around us that he did not belong here.

He leant up against his driver’s door, pulling a smoke from his pack and twisting it between his fingers before slotting it into his mouth and lighting. Avaleria walked toward him and tension rolled through my back, every inch of me was on high alert… She knew this man. Without realising, my legs automatically moved to the both of them, her temper could be heard in her quivering voice.

“Ava babe, when you didn’t show up I got worried.”

“Fuck off Toni, get back into your pussy ass car and go back to where you came from.”

He feigned hurt and gripped his chest, “your cruel words lash at my soul babe and you’re not still upset about that night are you?”

“Everything okay cowgirl?” I came up behind her, wrapping my arms protectively around her waist.

“Fine Pierce, go inside, I’ll meet you in there.” I was reluctant but I had to trust her.

“Yeah, fuck off red neck, this doesn’t concern you,” the asshole spat.

I took a step forward, after all, I was not a pushover anymore, but Lyera jumped in fiercely, “you don’t get to talk to my man like that Toni.” Fuck, it was him, the mongrel that left her for dead in the parking lot of the hospital.

“Boyfriend?” his brows shot up as he blew out his smoke, “I don’t remember us breaking up… babe,” he sneered menacingly.

“Oh please, we were over the moment you dropped my body on that concrete.”

“C’mon Ava, I freaked out, you know I’d never hurt you intentionally.”

“Weren’t exactly concerned about looking after me either or how I was when lying in a hospital bed almost dead.” Kaeron came up beside me, I could feel the rage rolling off of him.

“Listen tight pants, we don’t want none of your shit around here, get in ya car and piss off,” I could hear Kae’s knuckles crack as he clenched his fists closed.

Avaleria stepped in front of Kae and I, placing her palms upon our chests. “Please, both of you, go inside, I’ll be right behind you.”

“Lyera…” I began to object but she cut me off.

“Pierce, please.” She looked up at me, pleading with her eyes but after meeting the cocky sonofabitch, the last thing I wanted to do was leave her alone with this piece of shit. “Please Pierce… please.”

I submitted and nodded, despite every fibre of my being warning me not too. “Okay Cowgirl, but if he touches you, I will kill him…”

“He won’t,” she quickly added. I stepped forward, cupping her face and dipping my head to capture her lips in the most searing kiss I could muster, as we parted it took an extra moment for her lids to flutter open and the side of her mouth to curve into a slight smile. I knew I had left her floating down from euphoria.

“If you need me, I’ll be inside.” She nodded slowly, dreamily as captain tight pants scoffed behind her. I narrowed my eyes at him before walking inside.

“Are you really just going to leave her unprotected?” Kae spat incredulously.

“Yes, she needs our trust and understanding right now Kae, not our micromanaging. Lyera can handle this.”

Despite my declaring my faith in her, my insides rolled in turmoil. I doubted I had done the right thing but she had been honest and upfront with me about everything and now she needed support, Avaleria had to know I would be there for her, no matter what.

We had been sitting in the theatre for forty-five minutes and I had been checking my phone like a crazy person but she had still not texted. Finally, the doors opened and a slight flood of light appeared before she entered. Luckily we were seated all the way at the back because as her eyes scanned the collection of townsfolk, I held up my phone with the screen lit up and waved it, indicating where we were located.

She climbed the stairs and came to sit down next to me, her hand enlacing with mine and she gently kissed the side of my arm. “You okay?” I questioned in a loudish whisper.

She just nodded and pretended to focus on the screen. I caught her several times, staring at our entwined fingers, her thumbs stroking the skin of my hand, each time I questioned her or shook our hands she would just smile up at me but it wasn’t a convincing smile, then her eyes would shift back to the movie.

Internally I was panicking, what had they discussed? What had left her so shaken and distracted that she could no longer enjoy herself? I could see her eyes well up with water every now and again before she would clear her throat and blink the tears away.

We left the cinema with the other patrons and walked hand in hand back to the cars, completely in silence. I didn’t want to push her, but her actions and body language gave me anguish, trying to figure out what was wrong?

“Shall we go to George’s field?” Cole suggested.

I looked down at her as she was fixated on the concrete pavement, Cole, Kae and I looked between each other with concern, she gave no indication she had heard anything being said. “I think we’ll call it a night,” I smiled apologetically. They both nodded and said goodbye, with again no response at all from her, as I opened the passenger door for Lyera to enter.

She did, as though she were on autopilot. I had lost her to her mind as she remained unfocused staring out the glass window. We arrived at my cabin on my parent’s property, I had debated with myself the whole way back whether or not just to drive her to her house but opening the door for her, she climbed out and walked behind me inside.

She dragged her feet all the way to my bedroom and into my en-suite, closing the door behind her. After about fifteen minutes of waiting, I couldn’t bear it any longer and I grabbed a shirt from my closet and tested the door handle, thankfully, it was unlocked.

I entered to find her sitting on top of the basin bench top staring off into space, “I can’t take this anymore… what happened?”

She finally, seemed to be able to talk as she looked up at me with watery eyes, “I’m in love with you,” she whispered, the words seemed to catch in her throat as my heart pounded furiously against my chest, “I’m in love with you and I have to go back… go back to Toni.”

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