Ride a Cowboy

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Chapter 15 ~ High


“What do you mean? Explain now Avaleria.” My demand for an explanation was hard, I know, but she can’t tell me she loves me and then ends with ‘I have to back to Toni’, this was not at all how I envisioned our confession of love.

She flinched, recoiling as her tears spilled from her green orbs and rolled down her cheeks, “he filmed us, he filmed me – taking drugs, fucking, dealing, he filmed it all and told me, if I don’t go back to the city with him, he’s releasing the sex videos on the web and sending the drug ones to the police…”

“He’s fucking bribing you?” I couldn’t believe this piece of shit, he had convinced her she was safe with him and now he’s using her weakness as leverage? I was going to bury that motherfucker, him, Mac, Ivy – they were all rats and they will all pay.

“I’m sorry Pierce, I’m so sorry,” she cried out, sobbing into her hands as they held her head. “I’m so sorry…” her whimpers of hurt exploded from her body.

I parted her legs, clasping the sides of her head and tilting her chin up to meet my blazing cognac-browns. “I love you, I’m completely in love with you, you are not going anywhere, we are going to deal with this together. I told you I could handle your shit and that’s exactly what I’m going to do and this snake, Toni, will rue the day he stepped foot in this town and threatened you.”

“But you don’t…” I stopped her mouth by planting my lips against hers roughly.

“No Cowgirl, you are mine and I fiercely protect what’s mine.” This was a defining moment, she needed to trust me, she needed to know she can rely on me, that I won’t ever let her down. “How much time did he give you?”

“One week.”

“Right, then we have one week, I need you to trust me, trust in me, I won’t let you fall Lyera, I’ve waited too damn long to lose you now.”

“Pierce – there’s something else you need to know…” her brow furrowed, I swallowed thickly. From the look on her face, it was going to be bad. She pushed up her sleeve, “I told him how you were helping me to stay clean…” that’s when I saw it, there was a tiny puncture mark in her arm.

“What is that?”

“I can feel it already Pierce, I can feel it coursing through my system. A rush of love, of euphoria.”

“Lyera – what are you telling me?” I had a feeling but as I stared at her in disbelief, I had to hear if my assumption was correct.

“I don’t know what it is, when I tried to walk away he grabbed me, forcing me to the ground as he tied off my arm, he was so strong, too strong to fight…”

“And what? What did he do?”

A sob ripped from her throat as the tears splashed her cheeks, “he injected something… something… into me… he said it was new… and that it will help me… remember who I am.”

I couldn’t believe this sick fucker, she had told him she was trying to remain clean, that she was trying to change her life and he just wouldn’t accept that. No, he had to go and stick a needle into her and inject something into her system. I wrapped my arms around her lovingly, I was not going to let her ride out what happens on her own, “It’s okay baby, we are going to get through this,” I comforted.

“I’m so sorry,” she cried, “Pierce, I don’t want you to see me like this,” she pulled back and gripped my face in her soft and delicate hands, that’s when I noticed how dilated her pupils were, her green almost completely covered by the black centre that was so open. She began to inhale and exhale dramatically as if she couldn’t get enough air. “I’m sorry Pierce, I’m so sorry, please just leave me in here, I don’t want you to watch what it’s like when I succumb to the drug’s effect.”

I shook my head in disagreement as her face pleaded with me. “No, I love you, I’m going to ride this with you. This was not your fault, this was the work of an evil bastard, we’re going to see this out together.”

“You might not like what happens, Pierce.”

“Doesn’t matter, I’m not leaving you alone and I’m sure as shit not letting you go back to him.”

As her jaw began to chatter, she pressed her lips against mine, leaving behind a searing kiss that sent pleasurable chills running up and down my spine, my cock stirred to life as her body started to writhe and squirm, like invisible fingertips were caressing her flesh. With a quivering jaw, she suddenly moved, gripping the hem of my shirt and lifting it off me.

Her lips against my skin always felt incredible, our hands groping at one another, hastily tearing the restricting material away. She slipped down from the bench as we both undressed with equal fervour. I reached around, unclasping her bra and tossing it somewhere in the bathroom just as she reached out to stroke my hardened cock with her silky hand. I wanted her, no needed her more than I ever had before.

I lifted her up, wrapping her legs around my waist, walking us both to the bed as we passionately embraced, her mouth nipping at the side of my neck and my rigid cock lightly tapping at her bum as I moved us into position, laying her back against the plush quilt cover.

“Do you trust me Lyera?” I grunted, my voice thickly laced with lust.

“Explicitly Tyler,” she purred.

Her answer had me grinning from against her heated flesh as I trailed my tongue down her exquisite body. “Good cowgirl, I want you to remember that answer…” I prompted, swirling my tongue around her tightened nipple before going lower, parting her legs wide and lapping at her moistened slit, before biting on her sensitive clit. “I’m the only one that will ever satisfy you, do you understand?” She moaned as I toyed with her lower lips.

“Yes,” she groaned.

Inserting two fingers into her luxurious centre and curling, her back arched off the bed, “I will not let you down Avaleria, do you hear me?”

“God… yes…”

I was pumping into her at a rapid pace, “you belong with me, cowgirl.”

“You Pierce,” she repeated.

“You’re not going back to him,” I proceeded.

“Only you,” Lyera mewled breathlessly.

“Do you understand? You are mine.”

“Yours Pierce… all yours.”

Tickling the nub of her clit and flicking it as I thrust my fingers into her, the muscles straining in my arm as I felt her inner walls start to contract. She was close, but I wasn’t ready for her to cum just yet. I pulled out hearing a frustrated growl from the back of her throat.

I fumbled around under my bed, pulling out my toy chest and opening it, “don’t move cowgirl.”

Extracting ankle cuffs with a spreader bar and then a set of short wrist cuffs, I placed them beside her. She was squirming on the bed now, this was unlike her normal anticipation for penetration, so I figured the drugs, that had been forced into her system, were crawling through her. Grabbing some pillows from behind her head and I ordered, “turn over Avaleria.”

She rolled onto her front, her eyes unable to open as she squirmed and panted. I angled her plump bottom up, placing the pillows under her hips and locked her ankles into place. “Hands behind your back,” I ordered, but she seemed unable to hear me. “Behind your back Lyera,” I growled with more force.

She slowly moved into position as I quickly cuffed them into place. “Pierce, I love you,” she cried out.

I chuckled before replying, “I love you.” I was relishing the fact that she was allowing herself to openly feel.

Squirting a droplet of lube onto my thumb, I began to circle the rim of her puckered asshole, without any more hesitance, I gripped my fat cock and dipped into her entrance, grasping a firm hold on the chain between her wrist cuffs, before slamming all the way in.

“Oooohhh,” she cried out. Withdrawing completely from her body only to hear her whimper in disappointment, I repeated my action, stilling at her entrance and slamming back in. This little action had her growling, “stop teasing me, Pierce.”

I ignored her of course, her pleas were simply music to me, again and again, I continued my torture, “say you’re not going back Avaleria, say it.”

“I’m not… oh god… I won’t…” Sweat droplets covered her skin as she writhed below my torturous thrusts, silencing her speech every time I pushed forward.

“Not good enough cowgirl, say it,” I demanded again.

“I’m not going back,” she screamed out.

With a satisfied smirk, I thrust forward, pulling back on the cuffs, causing her spine to curve. This was what I needed, drugged up or not, I would be the only one for her, for the rest of her life.

Pounding her with such rough intensity felt incredible, her walls, even as slick and sopping as they are, hugged my cock perfectly. Thrust after thrust, I pumped into her, building her up to orgasm as my thumb circled her rim, soon a rim I will be fucking with brutal force.

She tensed her whole body and pulled at the restraints as her tunnel constricted, “Fuckkkk mmmeee,” she howled, exploding into oblivion, triggering my own release. My cock swelled and shot my milky semen straight inside her warm and welcoming hole.


We lay there, wrapped up in each other’s arms for some time, “are you okay?” I questioned and she looked at me with a wide toothy grin, her eyes still dilated and black.

“Fantastic actually,” the words rushed from her mouth excitedly, “It’s like I can see everything so clearly, I understand how the universe works, the subtle signs that life gives you and how everything is all connected if you know just where to look, you could hold all the answers in the palm of your hand, there is no need to worry because, in the end, it will all divinely work out anyway by just believing and having faith, for example, if you…”

I didn’t understand a word she was muttering about, secretly I chuckled at the way she spoke, this was definitely not the Avaleria that I knew, the way she moved so expressively and spoke so confidently and clearly, I knew it was a result of the drugs, so I just decided to roll with it.

“Are you hungry? Do you want a sandwich? I could make you one, I’m not hungry but I do need some water, I feel like I’ve been talking for ages, maybe I have been talking for ages, sorry I didn’t mean to talk your head off, I just can’t help it ya know, if we were in a nightclub right now I would be dancing but since we are here please don’t take offense to everything I have done, do you hate me? I don’t want you to hate me…”

I extracted myself from the bed, throwing on some shorts and walked into the kitchen followed by her as she too, shrugged on my shirt. I filled a glass with cold water and handed it to her, she acted as though I had just given her my life essence, commenting about how ‘sweet I was’ and how much she just ‘loved me’. “Drink,” I ordered, I saw her brow furrow, I know my tone was a little gruff, but she had been like this for hours, continuous babbles of conversation, the inability to stop her legs and fingers from moving.

As the first signs of daybreak filtered through, my eyes burned from lack of sleep, that’s when I noticed she had been quiet for some time. She watched me with pupils still the size of saucers and got up from the end of the couch, where we had ended up some time ago, as I listened to her continuous chatter about everything that raced through her brain. Collecting my hand in hers, she walked us back to the bedroom. She silently undressed both of us, but I could clearly see the tension in her jaw as the muscles flexed below the skin, she was gritting her teeth hard I could tell, though it was obviously the result of the drugs and not her being personally annoyed.

We climbed into bed, completely naked and I lay on her chest, her delicious breasts capturing my focus. She began to gently graze her fingertips up and down my back and I closed my eyes, revelling in the ability to finally be allowed to fully relax. I knew she couldn’t close her eyes, it was almost like I could hear her thinking as her jaw remained locked.

I often wondered how she had been caught up on this path in the first place, it had been burning in my mind since the moment I realised this addiction she suffered was more than a simple liking of euphoria, it was a need that helped her forget her pain. She came from a good family, a stable upbringing, yet it seemed like she faced demons others only read about or watched in movies.

But despite my burning need to find out the secrets that hid within the deepest parts of her soul, I chose to remain silent. “Can I ask you something?” Her sudden question broke my reverie.

“Of course.”

“How did you become dominant? From what I remember, you were so quiet and shy, yet now, you seem to relish in your control role.”

This was good, she was just as curious about my shades as I was about her darkness. “I started as a submissive to one of mum’s friends.”

“Really?” She squirmed below me as if she were suddenly excited. “Does your Mum know?”

“God no, I think Mum would have a heart attack if she found out. See, my Domme was married and her husband lacked the ability to satisfy. I had always had an interest in the darker side of sex, needing a slight twinge of pain to get off, much like you sometimes. She became addicted to me though, I was there out of interest and sexual release but she thought we could be more.”

“Did you not develop feelings for her?”

I laughed, “No, there was only one woman I was ever interested in, and all others couldn’t measure up.” I glanced up at her to see her face reveal a mask of sadness.

“Oh, and she never felt the same for you.”

“She does now,” I was smirking by this point, she hadn’t clicked on yet.

“So why not give her an opportunity? Surely she would be far less work than I?”

“Avaleria, do you not remember what I’ve said to you?”

“Pierce, right now, I’m lucky my brain is still intact.”

“It was you, cowgirl, always you, no one would ever measure up to you.”

This made her face light up, “oh,” she exclaimed.

“Anyway, that relationship with my Domme, was difficult, because after a while I couldn’t submit, I had to defy, I had to control – not be controlled. The sexual experience had given me the surge of confidence I needed, but with you, I don’t want to control you, I want to grow with you, this – between us – is a partnership. We must trust each other, there are things I will show you but I still see the hesitation in your eyes, you don’t fully trust me yet Lyera, but you will. I refuse to have you call me sir or master, just as I refuse to have you be my submissive in a conventional way because you are my equal.”

“I’m afraid of getting hurt.”

“I know you are, which is why I will show you just how much you can depend on me. I will always be there to cushion the blows, by trusting me, you will be fulfilled in more ways than you can ever imagine.”

“The handcuffs?”

“Are nothing compared to what I will show you, or how complete you will feel. I promised you slow, this is me keeping my promise.”

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