Ride a Cowboy

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Chapter 16 ~ Fishing


“Tom, Kaeron, thanks for coming.” I shook Avaleria’s father and brother’s hands as they joined the group I had amassed together in my barn. The collection was small but necessary.

I had gathered Lenny our town sheriff, his son Drake, not only did he shred on electric but he was also a highly skilled hunter, Harrison the towns lawyer, my father Perry, his two herdsmen – Brett and Rhett – twin brothers and decent trackers, Jack the Butcher and expert marksman, Rick our Drummer who was also an ex-marine and finally, Tom and Kaeron.

“Now, as ya’ll know, I’ve been seeing Tom’s daughter Avaleria…” The boys Hollered like a bunch of hill Billies, normally I would have chuckled but now was not the time.

“Alright fuck ya’s, settle down,” Kae scolded.

“Bet ya’ll are curious as to why I called you here. Sorry, Tom, I know how private and proud you are – but I got a problem, so I apologise for spilling your family’s secrets.” He just nodded, I think he could feel this was going to be bad. “Lyera was seeing a real wanker by the name of Toni Baluchi, he owned a club in the city and was Avaleria’s drug supplier. One night, he pumped her full of more drugs than her body could handle and she overdosed. Instead of taking care of her – like he should have done – he ditched her naked body in the carpark of the hospital and left her there to die. Lyera was in a coma for three weeks, her body had a fighting chance to detox then.”

“What do you mean detox then Pierce?” I gave Tom a sympathetic look and proceeded.

“She’s been trying to stay clean, attending DAA meetings and counselling, she was really wanting to turn her life around. The night before last, Kae and I took our girls out on a date and that’s when the asshole Toni showed up. She begged us to go inside, that she would just talk to him and then join us. Not only did he threaten her, saying he’ll send video’s he has of her dealing and using, to the police but he’ll release the tapes he recorded – without her consent – of them having sex on the internet… if she doesn’t go back to him.”

Tom’s fists were balls of trembling fury as he listened, I felt sorry for him that he didn’t know. The men in the room were just as horrified by my words, I held up my hands to silence them. “Not just that, when she tried to walk away from him, he forcefully held her down and injected her with some drug, against her will. She’s being contained in my cabin, trying to fight it as the effects are still rampantly flowing through her system. I stayed with her that night as the drugs took hold and she seemed okay, but now, she’s been begging me for more. She can’t control it, it’s like she’s in pain. Whatever this shit is that he’s peddling? It’s potent and she’s a fucken mess.”

“Has a Dr checked her over?” Kae asked incredulously and full of concern.

“She begged me not to involve anyone, said she’d be right, but she ain’t coming right and seeing her this way, isn’t a pretty sight, I’ve got Aiden watching her right now.”

A collection of curse words rang out through the room. “Why didn’t you tell me?” Tom spat.

“I understand your frustration Tom, I know she’s your little girl but she’s my woman now and my responsibility.”

“She was in a coma for three weeks, watching her body detox the first time was hard enough and she wasn’t even conscious then – we could have helped? We just figured you two were enjoying spending time together.” He frustratedly raked his hand through his hair.

“So what now?” Lenny the Sheriff pushed.

“Well, firstly, I was hoping you and Drake could work on obtaining any dirt you can gather on this ass Toni – and Harrison, I was hoping you could rustle up some kind of gag order – now I ain’t as well versed in the laws as you are, so I’m not sure what’s needed but I was hoping you could nail him with everything you can muster – legally.”

“And the rest of us?” Perry my Dad asked cautiously.

“Don’t feel like going on a fishing trip – do you? Catch and skin?” He flashed me a sly smirk.

“It’s been a while since we’ve had a decent fish… I’m in.”

“Now I’m presuming that by fishing you mean beat the shit out of this asshole…” Lenny interjects, “I didn’t hear a thing,” he sneered. “Son… did you hear anything?”

“Don’t know what you’re talking about Dad,” Drake replied with a sadistic smirk.

“That wanker will be sorry he messed with a member of our town,” Harrison snickered.

We may be a small insignificant town, but we are close and I was appreciative of their support. Now, to take down the asshole that hurt my woman.

I pushed open the cabin door, to find Aiden sitting at the kitchen table watching Lyera as she huddled in the corner, rocking back and forth, mumbling incoherently. In behind me, waltzed Tom, Kaeron and my Dad, Perry.

Aiden snaps his head at me, “what’s wrong with her?”

“Aids, go on in and help ya mama with dinner,” Dad ordered.

“But what’s wrong with her Dad?”

“What did I just say,” he bit.

“Bub, you wanna drink of water?” Tom timidly enquired.

“D-don’t l-look at m-me,” Lyera stuttered out, covering her face.

“Out Aiden now,” my father bellowed.

“Fine, she’s a freak anyway,” Aiden snapped.

“Watch what you fucken say Aiden,” I growled. Kaeron jumped in front of me, holding me back as I shook in furious anger.

“He doesn’t understand,” Kae soothed.

Aiden slammed the door behind him as he left. “Please P-Pierce, j-just p-panadol or s-something? I-it hurts s-so m-much.” Avaleria whimpered out, pleading with me to relieve her.

I crouched down in front of her, “you can’t cowgirl, I need you to fight this.”

“I-I’m t-trying, i-it h-hurts,” she cried out, tears falling from her saddened eyes.

“You’re doing so well baby, it’s not too much longer… I promise.” Fuck it hurt, it was crippling to watch her lose herself to this shit – if only I knew what the fuck he had given her, then I could help her better.

They knew now, it was out in the open for all to see, they knew how bad this situation was and I couldn’t believe the withdraw was this fucken lethal. Man was that fucken prick Toni going to pay, he had jabbed her with something so addictive that her body was still fighting for it days later.

“He’s staying here in town, I say we take him tonight, but I need someone to watch her.”

“Cole – it has to be, Mum won’t be able to emotionally deal with this and Daisy is too young, it has to be Cole.” Kae was right, if anyone could keep her sane it would be Cole. I pulled my phone from my pocket and dialled.

After explaining everything to Cole, she was ready and more than willing to watch over her until we got back, fuck she was a spunky firecracker sometimes, there was no way in hell she would ever give Lyera anything, no matter how much she begged – Cole cared deeply and passionately and understood what was at stake.

As we watched from our trucks, Toni had definitely been making some moves of his own but what was really interesting was the fact that he had somehow found his way to Ivy, the only whore in town pathetic enough to fall for his scheme. She was glued so tightly to his arm, he was going to need pliers to pry her off. Ivy had five kids in total – not counting the two her and Mac lost years ago. She really was a fucked up person, I never knew what Avaleria saw in her.

Ivy and Toni made their way to his hotel room at the local inn and we decided to wait a while. If he was feeding her gear too, they’d need a bit for it to kick in. While we were biding our time out the front, Kae’s fist swung around and collided with my chest as his other hand was frantically pulling out his phone, “what the f…”

“Look,” he screeched as he began to snap away, zooming in with the camera app.

“Holy shit,” Dad and Tom spat at the same time. Sure enough, our very happy eyes seemed to land on none other than Mac, standing in the doorway, locking lips and groping Kelvin, his so-called ‘best friend’.

My mind was completely blowing up, no wonder he was such an asshole. “Did anyone know?” Kae squealed excitedly.

“I don’t think they’d be hiding out here if they were open about it,” I stated in joyous wonderment.

As Mac climbed into his car and reversed to drive out the parking lot, I refused to duck down and hide, this was a once in a lifetime occurrence, the explicit happiness that boiled up inside me at this opportune moment was electric.

I wound down the window, ducked my head out the Ute, adorned a big old’ ‘I know your secret cunt’ of a grin and waved directly at him.

As his car slowly crept passed mine, his face was filled with terror and dread, wide eyes and an open mouth as his car swerved – I had never been so fortunate in all my life as Kaeron roared with laughter beside me, our dads chuckled in the back seat and the lot behind us were losing their shit, clearly they had seen what we had, you could feel their jubilation through the revision mirror.

Suddenly, all of his bullying clicked into place, he was fighting against himself and we all know, if you go against what’s natural – it comes back to bite you on the ass. He had received his comeuppance for all the years of torture he had dished out and it was glorious.

Abruptly, all laughing and jovial behaviour stopped dead. There was Toni, appearing out of thin air, dragging, what looked like a convulsing body. Our plan to beat the living daylights out of him was thrown out the window, Ivy was a bitch but she didn’t deserve this.

“Ring the Sher…”

“Already on it,” Dad cut in.

With our lights off, we tailed that sonofabitch to Halls Creek, Dad had stayed on the line to the Sheriff as they made their way to our coordinates. The boys and I moved silently and swiftly, through the long grass with our torches and guns in hand.

Thankfully, the moon was high enough to get a clear view of his movements, “how much longer?” I whispered to Dad.

“Two minutes.”

“We have to move now, Ivy might die,” Tom ground out.

“Tell Lenny, we have to catch him.” I turned to Kae, “you got enough memory to record?”

“Well ahead of you,” he sneered menacingly.

“Move,” I ordered.

Our flashlights flicked on as we stood up, weapons drawn and facing the scum, Kae recording every inch of movement on his camera phone, “hold it right there.”

Ivy’s limp and lifeless form hung from the side of his car with blood trickling from her nose as Toni went to run. One single gunshot rang out across the cool still night, embedding the bullet into the back of his calf and he dropped to the ground – like the sack of shit he is.

We turned to see Jack the Butcher and expert marksman, slowly lowering his weapon. The black sky lit up with red and blue lights as the Sheriff and his deputies came hurtling down the road towards us. Like the flash, they were out of their trucks and straight into action. Ivy was carried to one of the emergency vehicles and they fanged it out of there, racing against time to get her to the hospital.

I couldn’t believe it, we had caught him red-handed and he was in for one hell of a ride. “I’d say that was a successful fishing trip,” Dad snickered.

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