Ride a Cowboy

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Chapter 19 ~ The Playroom


“Are you telling me, that on top of everything else, you and Lyera have been making trips out to see Mac – the world’s biggest asshole – and now we have to be friends with him?” Cole just couldn’t fathom what we were requesting of her. I got it, Mac had a lot to own up too, he had treated Cole horrendously almost her whole life, yet we were requesting she be the bigger person when we had no right too.

Lyera and I sat around the abandoned quarry with our group of friends, urging them to see reason. Two weeks had passed and Avaleria was doing much better, she had been to three sessions with Dr Morton and this was our first real outing with everyone and we were dropping this bomb on their laps.

“Yes, that’s exactly what I’m asking. He’s off suicide watch and he’s come along way, even set him up in the farmhand quarters on my parent’s lot, he’s going to work for us while he gets himself back together.” Cole stood up and wandered over, running her hands along my back, “what are you doing Cole?”

“I’m just looking for your wings Saint Tyler, they must be hidden below the surface of your skin, because the victim from school would have never requested this of us.” I rolled my eyes at her.

“You think he’s changed?” Kae questioned.

“I think he’s trying too, the least we could do is offer him a fresh start.”

“He has a lot to answer for,” Drake pointed out.

“He knows that, I think he is just as nervous about it as you lot are. Neither of us condones his previous behaviour but am I not just as responsible?” Lyera spoke. “I watched for years and said nothing while they all tormented you, I am just as much to blame as he is.”

“It’s not the same,” Cole snapped.

“And you believe him sis – after everything he’s done?” Kae asked.

“I do Kaeron. He’s not okay with being attracted to men, all of his bullying was a direct defence mechanism, to stop people finding out his secret. He thinks there’s something wrong with him, he doesn’t understand why he can’t be ‘normal’ whatever that is.”

“Being gay or lesbian, or whatever you class yourself as – is normal. Fuck, I’m gay, no one gives two shit’s.” Earl offered.

“Right, well we all understand that, but in his world, he’s been continually told that it’s wrong, that it’s unnatural, that he is a freak. So much so that he believes it, so much so, that he tried to hang himself because in his heart what feels right… he’s been made to believe is wrong, when it’s not.”

“We’ve all had each other,” I cut in, “he may have been surrounded by the most popular kids in school, but he’s been alone his whole life.” They all sat there deep in thought, Lyera and I worriedly glanced at each other, fearing the worst.

“I’ll give him a shot,” Drake interjected, “just one – the moment I see any of his old behaviours, he’s out.”

“I appreciate that,” I tipped my head in thanks.

“One chance,” Cole snipped, “one.”

Relief washed over me, once Drake conceded the others followed suit and with all the nitty gritty stuff out the way, we were finally able to relax and enjoy our day. With Cole being pregnant and Avaleria not wanting to show too much skin, they rested on the tray of the trucks as we mucked around in the water.

Rick, Earl, Drake, Kae, Fletcher, Gerald and I decided on a bomb dive competition, it got pretty competitive before I opted out. Despite numerous calls, Mark our bass player was in hibernation mode. “Hey Fletch, you seen Mark?”

“What’s up Saint Tyler, don’t have your hands full enough with Lyera and Mac, you wanna add to your charity?”

“Fuck up, it was a question.” Kae swam over to meet me as I sat on the crossing bridge with my feet dangling in the water. He pulls himself up, splattering me with droplets.

“Actually, it’s kind of my fault.”


“He’s sweet on Cole. She rejected him the night we decided to go public and he withdrew. She went over there last week – no doubt he’d heard the rumours of us being together, I waited in the truck and she tried to restore the friendship. Said it was working – up until she told him she was carrying, he threw her out, been on lockdown since.”

“Shit, should I be worried?”

“Think you have enough on your plate, reckon you could leave the saving of his soul up to the rest of your friends huh.”

“Is everyone going to give me shit about this? I ain’t the saint you all claim me to be.”

Kae snorted, “are you stating this is a… what? Wolf in sheep’s clothing scenario? Pierce Tyler devil in disguise.”

I sucked in a sharp breath, they all have absolutely no idea.


Lyera was sitting on the sofa watching T.V. as I slowly set up the room. If I wanted her to move in here then I would have to show her exactly what I had hidden behind the wall. As I locked the last of the restraints in place and wiped down the leather equipment, I took one last look at my handy work before closing the wall off.

I slipped into my leather pants that hid at the back of my wardrobe – along with a few other costumes and made my way out to her. She immediately spotted me and her eyes lustfully trailed the length of my body, we had still not had sex, so I already knew what she was thinking, however, she would be wrong.

“Remember when I asked if you could handle my shit?” I questioned her.

Her body naturally responded to my dominance and she licked her lips before biting, “mmhhhmm,” she hummed. I could see her breathing had quickened by the sudden drastic rise and fall of her chest.

“Tomorrow you move in here officially, yet there’s something I’ve kept hidden from you.” This gained me a feared look, normally something that would thrill me – however, on her, I didn’t like it. I held out my hand which she was instantly wary of, “explicitly – remember? I will never hurt you.”

Avaleria slowly got up and held my hand as I led her to our bedroom, her eyes darting everywhere in suspicion, this fear of hers was normal, especially for someone who has suffered the way she has – I wanted to show her she was in complete control.

“You will never need a safe word, just like I refuse to have you submit to me and call me sir or master. While your body is mine and only mine, this is not your typical BDSM relationship. You are my equal, I love you and you will never need a safe word because I don’t ever want to push you further than your limits or cause you to regress into your head. You know of my chest under the bed that holds cuffs, lube, ropes, a selection of toys – play items. Now, I want you to see my playroom.”

Her eyes widened when I mentioned the word ‘playroom’ and I could quite clearly see her body start to panic, “none of this is being used on you today. I am simply showing you for when and if you wish to explore.” I confirmed, she narrowed her eyes in on me but remained silent.

I pushed against the wall, hearing the latches click and the secret entranceway popped out about an inch. I slowly pushed it back all under the intense scrutiny of her alluring greens. I collected her hands in mine and gently guided her inside. The playroom was not huge but it was just the right size for what I needed. Her eyes flittered rapidly around the navy blue room, a soft glow emanated from the specifically positioned lights in the ceiling, dark enough for mystery, light enough to see.

“Any questions you have, ask. You never want to enter here again – you don’t have to – but bear in mind I may need to every now and again. There have been a handful of women in this room, well before you came on the scene and all equipment used on them has been replaced. I did not want to tarnish or defile your body with something I used on a training tool.” By now she wasn’t licking her lips out of lust, no, she was licking them and rapidly blinking as she assessed and processed every word.

“I have been up-front and honest about what I am into sexually, I don’t expect you to seek the same level of pleasure, but I do ask that you try everything first before you object. I do not keep implements used to torture or harm your body in any way, nothing displayed will ever cause you to bleed out of rip at your skin, the floggers and whips emit a loud sound but they are soft and will leave no abrasion or bruising on you. They will, however, leave behind a red mark similar to when I spank you. You know I require a touch of pain every once in a while, I get off on it, I also get off on seeing you bound and watching you come apart because of the way I have touched you.”

Her eyebrow raised as she carefully eyed the tools hanging on the wall. Her head turned about the room as she took a step forward, suddenly engrossed by an A-frame structure, similar to a jumping horse used in gymnastics only it has arm and leg restraints at either end. “W-what is this called?” she croaked out.

“This is called an obedience bench, you lay flat on your stomach in this mid-section and your arms and legs are bound, secured or cuffed in these restraints here.” I pointed to the leg and forearm padded holds, “your head sits in this part, it is like the massage table headrests.”

She leaned over the four-poster bed, observing the chains and stretchy bands that hung from each rope or pole as well as the collection of lubricants, massage oils and eatable body paint that rested on the floating shelf upon the wall – all within easy access of the bed. To the right of the entranceway sat a small wardrobe next to that, a navy blue fridge, “what’s in the wardrobe?”

I strode over and opened the door, “brand new costumes, nurse outfit, maid outfit – I think you get the picture. I like to play. All of this is designed for our pleasure.”

“And the other thing?”

I opened the fridge door for her to see, “cold drinks, it’s just a fridge, this is where the ice bucket goes should we decide on some other forms of play.” This could either make or break our relationship, the nerves the churned in my stomach caused me to perspire under my arms. Would she still accept me after this? I prayed she could handle my shit, she said she wanted to. I may have overused the word ‘play’ but I needed her to understand just how much all of this would enhance our relationship – not hinder it.

“And none of this has been used on any other female – ever?” I smiled.

“None, I swear. All brand new – for you.”

She slumped onto the bed, folding herself in half, with her head between her knees. “I’m not ready yet,” the tiniest squeak came out from her.

I bent down in front of her, “don’t hyperventilate, I know you’re not ready and when you are, I want you to use all of this equipment on me – first. You are in full control here, what you say goes, you need to know how everything works in order for you not to fear it.” She tilted her head up to lock eyes with mine. “I will never push you into something you are not comfortable with and definitely not force you until you are ready Avaleria. You should know by now that I only have your best interests at heart.”

She stayed silent for what seemed like hours but was more like minutes, her eyes switching between my cognac browns. “Can you handle my shit now?” My heart was pounding against my breastbone, it felt as though any second it would implode within my throat.

She slowly sat up and gently pressed her lips against mine. “Yes Tyler, I can handle your shit – when I’m ready.”

“You belong to me Cowgirl,” I purred. “Do you trust me Lyera?”


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