Ride a Cowboy

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Chapter 20 ~ Stronger Than Addiction


A week ago, my parents were called into Dr Morton’s office. They were finally let in on the secret behind my drug addiction and the repercussions weren’t great. Seeing my mother breakdown completely when Dr Morton revealed the truth was horrendous but watching my father flip out – that was the icing on the cake. Dad destroyed Doc’s office, Pierce tried to calm him but he was thrown off before Dad disappeared out the door.

The sad thing, I wasn’t able to tell them – I tried but considering they knew my predator personally, I just couldn’t find the words to vocally express everything, so, the Doctor took over. I had been hiding out in Pierce’s house ever since, their phone calls, text’s, social media messages came every few hours – but it all went unanswered, the only contact they had was Pierce and they would call him every day.

They were great parents and this wasn’t their fault, but if they hadn’t of left me alone with him, if Mum hadn’t of insisted in him babysitting me, even when I begged them not too, maybe things would have turned out differently… maybe. Okay, I guess I did have some slight issues there, why is it so hard to just move on? Bury this so I don’t have it plaguing my every move, stalking me from the shadows.

Now, we were on our way to their house, my house, to retrieve what was left of my former life. Moving in with my sexy cowboy was exactly what I wanted, a step towards a better future, a stable future, even though his ‘shit’ – as he called it, had just been shown yesterday. I didn’t see his ‘shit’ as anything major really, truth be told, I was somewhat curious when it came to his form of play and everything I had experienced so far had been pleasurable. He obviously made it clear that he was not out to control or make me feel uncomfortable, he was just… kinky… and that excited me immensely. After his reveal though, I admit it, I totally went around the entire cabin pressing all the walls, just to double check there were no other hidden rooms I had no idea about.

Just as we arrived, Mama and Dad came thundering in on their horses to greet us. Mama was the first to dismount as I stood there nervously twisting my fingers in front of me and scratching at my arms.

“Mama, I k-know I sh-should have answered…” she walked directly to me and threw her arms around my body. Why was she not angry?

Dad followed suit, collecting us both. “Jesus Bub, we’ve been so worried. If it wasn’t for Pierce here, you would have driven us bat-shit crazy.”

“Y-you’re not angry with me?” I was confused by their loving response.

“No,” Mama spat incredulously, “Baby Girl, is that why you haven’t answered? Because you think we are angry?”

“I-I I just… because I had… not told you.” I was stuttering, trying desperately to get out my sentence.

“Fucken hell Bub, this is my fault… I lost my shit because it hurt so much. It was never you Lyera, I lost control because I didn’t protect you as a father should, we left you to suffer for so long on your own. We are to blame for this. The farm is our life, it occupies all our time, we stress so much about making sure that we can get through either winter or summer that we neglected you.” Dad doesn’t swear often so you know he’s past breaking point if he does.

Oh god, it appears I have been foolish – again, they carried just as much guilt over this as I did. The predator had really achieved his mission in fucking everyone’s life up.

A weight lifted from my shoulders and relief washed through me as I squeezed my parents tightly, Pierce did tell me they weren’t angry but for some reason, I just didn’t believe him. Time to start listening I think. There was so much turmoil here, a vortex that Pierce seemed to not only understand but know how to fix, I hope, with time, our hearts and minds will heal and somehow all of this will erase itself.

After such an emotional start to the morning, I was already feeling exhausted. Emptying the contents of my drawers into my cases, a snap lock bag falls to the floor, containing ten small, tiny, round pills. Shit, no, no, no.

Dread washes through me and my heart starts beating in my throat as I stared at them lying on the floor at my feet. Fuck. Fuck. Fuck. My body begins to tremble and my whole system breaks out in dire perspiration. I want them, I know I do. The taunting feeling of nothingness was just a mouthful away.

“Cowgirl I hope you’ve…” with my mouth hung open and my eyes wide, blinking rapidly, his beautiful gaze immediately falls on the pills. “What are those?” I can’t form words, I had completely forgotten they were in there. “Avaleria, what are those?”

I start to whimper as the tears gather in my eyes, my whole body shook uncontrollably.

“Are they yours?” A sob rips from my throat. “ARE THEY YOURS?” He screams at me. All I can do is nod. “When? When did you get these?” Pierce strides towards me angrily, collecting them from the floor and waving them in my face before he shouts again. “WHEN DID YOU GET THESE?!”

“What the bloody hell are you screaming at?” Dad, Mama, Kaeron and Theadasia enter the room, “what are those?” Dad spits venomously.

“When did you get these Avaleria and don’t you dare lie to me.”

“W-W West,” I splutter, “t-the n-night he h-handed me the j-joint.”

He opens the snap lock baggy and extracts one, “you had these this whole time?” he sneers.

“I f-forgot,” I whimpered as he rolls it between his fingers.

“Do you want one?” he asks, suddenly calm and collected. “Do you want to take one?”

I shook my head no but he takes a step forward and grabs my wrist, it’s like he knew I was lying through my teeth. “Open your hand,” he demands.

I shake my head no again trying desperately to pull my hand away, “what are you doing Pierce?” My father snaps.

Pierce ignores him completely, “open your hand.” I slowly unclench my fist as he puts the singular pill inside my palm, I can feel the tears streaming down my face. “Go on, take it,” he dares. “In fact, take them all.”

He drops the entire contents into the palm of my hand as it trembled. “No,” my mother cries.

Everyone in the room is stunned – including me, as Pierce pushes again, “go on Avaleria, there’s your high – in your grasp. Take the fucken pills.”

I want to take them, I want to shove them all down my throat, I want to feel that high, that euphoria, that relief, I want to swallow them all down and disappear into cosmic nothingness. I want freedom from the memory.

All that comes from me are sobs and whimpers as the pills burn in the palm of my hand, “TAKE THEM.” He screams so loud, so unhinged, he said to, he said to take them.

I close my hand around the drugs and squeeze my eyes closed, take them – he wants you to take them, it’s okay because he said to.

“Do you want them?” He asks again as I drag my bottom lip harshly between my teeth with my eyes shut tight. I nod a yes, “then do it.”

“No,” I whisper.


“No,” the word gets caught in my throat as I battle furiously with myself.

“I can’t hear you,” he sneers.

My eyes snap open, “I said NO!” I screamed and leapt towards the bathroom, throwing them into the toilet and slamming my hand on the flush button before crumbling into a pile on the floor, rocking back and forth as sobs and whimpers tear from my throat.

His arms wrap around me, “good girl, good girl,” he praises.

I look up to see tears in Pierce’s cognac-brown eyes. “How did you know?” I whispered.

“I didn’t, but I believe in you, I believed you’re strong, I trusted that you don’t need them anymore. You are braver and stronger than your addiction.”

“I love you, Pierce.”

As I placed the last of my things away in the spots Pierce had cleared out for me, my eyes drifted to the playroom. Yes, I was exhausted, and yes, mentally, the Doctor had stated he didn’t think I was ready for any physical connection yet, but something in the way Pierce assured me yesterday about using the tools on him first had my curiosity piqued.

Then again today, when he said he believed in me, that I was braver and stronger – his words swirled in my head like a draw – an itch that needed to be scratched. I slowly stalked towards the door, pushing against the wall and hearing the latches pop open – excitement tingled my lower lips.

I slid open the door and walked inside. There was something about this room as if it held a secret buzz and a whisper of sexually satisfied pleasure – a high that no synthetic could reach. My fingertips glided the length of the chain that hung from the bedpost, noticing a strong cuff at the end of it. I meandered over to the wardrobe filled with costumes, prying open the doors and gently moving across each outfit to see exactly what he had selected. I found it more than amusing that there just happened to be a unicorn outfit in his collection.

I clutched the horn and removed it from the hanger, stretched the elastic around my head before taking a look at myself in the mirror upon the inside of the wardrobe door – I had always wanted to be a unicorn. Gingerly wandering back over to the wall of implements and toys, my fingers scanned each individual item – all with great interest and appreciation of his vast assemblage, stopping at the rainbow coloured, unicorn tail butt plug. It was a small plug, something my virgin ass could possibly hold onto without it hurting as much.

Grasping a firm hold of the tale, I continued my exploration as the tip of the plug trailed the outline of my lips. Selecting a multicoloured G-spot vibe from the shelf, I flicked the switch and it roared to life, tickling my palm with the vibration. “You really like fantasy huh?”

My body jolted in surprise as his voice filtered through the room. “Do you like my horn?” I purred, tilting my head to the side.

“Beautiful, did you just grow it?”

Suddenly, I became very aware of the temperature spike as he entered dressed in leather pants. “Humour me… lie down on the bed and let me lock in your wrists.”

He moved without question, laying his back flush with the bed. I placed the vibrator and the unicorn tailed butt plug back in their original spots and moved to secure his wrists. “Lyera… have you ever been fucked in the ass?” I shook my head side to side, as his eyes darkened.

“Have you?” I questioned.

“Yes,” I chuckled, I wouldn’t have expected that answer from him.

“By a guy?” He laughed.

“No, by my Domme, she used either a strap on or a dildo.”

I curtly nodded, “did you enjoy it?” I asked as I slowly lifted my singlet above my head.

He groaned, “I did.”

“Would that be something you’d want me to do to you?” I questioned as my jeans and thong hit the floor.

“Maybe… are you into that?”

I tapped my chin in thought as I climbed on top of him, straddling his hips. “I’m not sure, I’ve never done it,” I shrugged innocently.

My hands began to wander along his ripped and tanned chest, “tell me what you like?” he requested, lust thick and heavy in his tone.

I sucked back a sharp hiss, “I like when you slap my clit with your cock at the moment of orgasm.”

Leaning forward, I caressed his hairless chest, my tongue swirling each nipple before pressing my lips against his. “What else do you like?”

“I like being tied by the rope,” I whispered against his lips. “What do you like Tyler?”

“I like watching you ride me.”

I continued my nips along his body and down his front. “Do you want to see me in that contraption?” I tilted my head toward the obedience bench and his head turned as a smile adorned his face.


“In what outfit?” I purred.

“Nothing – to begin with,” Pierce smirked.

I opened the front of his pants and his cock sprang free, twitching in aroused excitement. I fattened my tongue along his hard shaft before circling his mushroom head, his eyes closed as he moaned.

“Tyler, I’m going to ride you in reverse. I want you to watch as your cock slides in and out from inside me as I coat your cock in my arousal.”

“Oh baby, I will not look away.”

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