Ride a Cowboy

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Chapter 21 ~ Fornication In The Playroom


Fuck she is effortlessly sexy. I couldn’t hold back, I wanted her so much. She had come so far and the moment I walked in to find The Playroom open, excitement bubbled up inside me. Her curiosity was thrilling, my cock twitched at the sight of her investigating the costume wardrobe. While normally, I would be the one guiding her through my collection of sexual play items – it was a necessary step in her rehabilitation for her to gain control and find confidence and excitement in my form of pleasure.

“Lyera,” her blazing hooded eyes lifted to meet mine.

“Yes Pierce,” she mewled.

I had to rein in my growing arousal or I will blow before the fun really begins. “See that cock ring and prostate vibrator on the wall? Be a good girl and grab it, will you.” She climbed off the bed and stood in front of the wall. “The black one cowgirl, that looks like an open ducks mouth.”

“Hmm,” she investigated it curiously before coming back to the bed. “What would you like me to do Pierce?”

I lifted my hips, “take my pants off.” She did as I requested, sliding them all the way down my legs and off the ends of my feet. “You need to be careful here, my manhood is in your hands.”

She giggled, “what a trusting man you are,” Lyera teased.

“The flattened thumb looking part, dribble a little lube on it and then slide the cock ring over my shaft and around my balls then switch it on.”

“The purpose of this is?”

“Because Avaleria, you are far too sexy and I’m already on edge. The ring will stop my need to blow so quickly and who doesn’t enjoy their rim being tickled?”

She did as she was instructed, all while snickering her ass off. Once the cock ring was in place, we were ready to go and I sure as hell, was ready to watch her ride me. “Comfortable?” She smirked. I nodded, my hands still restrained by the cuffs. “Remember what I said Tyler…”

“I will not look anywhere but at my cock being coated in your honey.”

She hovered in a squat position before gently gliding my hard stick into her centre. “Grrrr,” I growled, the moment she was comfortable. I could feel her walls pulsing around me as she adjusted to my intrusion. I loved looking at the artwork inked upon her skin, every time I looked at it, there was always something new to see.

“Pierce Tyler, did you just growl?” Avaleria looked down at me, over her shoulder.

“Cowgirl, you better move that gorgeous ass of yours.”

She giggled leaning forward. Her hands splayed on the mattress in between my legs as she rose, I could see everything, the way her puffy pink lower lips wrapped around my rigid thick dick before she lowered with a strangled moan and then rose again leaving traces of glistening juice along my ramming rod.

“Fuck me,” I hissed as her bounces increased.

Her rounded globes jiggling when she came down, she was popping her booty like she was a twerking goddess, sliding along my dick. My head was reeling as I watched her bounce away. The sensation of her riding me was incredible, I had missed her tight cunt so much.

“Rub your pussy cowgirl,” I ground out through gritted teeth.

I felt her fingertips brush against my tightening ball sack as she followed my demand and my hips bucked up into her. “Oh!” she cried.

I could feel her walls constricting around my soldier as she toyed with her clit, god I wanted to see her face lost in the throes of passionate ecstasy.

My hands had balled into tight fists as I strained, lifting my hips to meet her downward descend as the bed moved below my hard thrusts. “Pierce,” she cried out, “I love your cock so much.”

We were both panting heavily as she continued to rise and fall, “I need to touch you Avaleria,” I bellowed gutturally. “I need to see your hard nipples, taste them, swirl them in my mouth.”

“Oh god Pierce,” she mewled.

“I have to touch you,” I growled, “run my hands all over your silky soft skin.”

Her core clenched, I knew my words were driving her towards her peak. “Tyler… don’t stop.”

“Release my hands so I can touch you.” Her core clenched again as she ground hard into me. “Fuck I want to touch you so bad, rub that cunt harder Lyera.”

“Pierce…” her inner walls were constricting rapidly.

“Cum on me cowgirl, fuck, I want to run my thumb around your puckered hole right now.”

Her left hand leant heavy on my thigh as she began to circle her hips around, vigorously massaging her clit. She was close, I could feel it, “fuck me, cowgirl, ride my fat cock.”

“Oh god, Tyler.”

“Play with that clit baby, rub it.”

“T-T Tyler.”

“That’s it, baby, that’s it… t-that’s it,” she was constricting with crushing force around my swelling cock.

With her back curved and her pleasurable cries deafening the room, her strangled hold clenched like a vice grip as I hit the top of my orgasmic climb and so did she, “OH TYLER!”

“FUCK!” I growled, bathing her centre in my creamy cum.

A flood of euphoric climatic ecstasy washed through me as I shuddered through my release. Avaleria slowly lifted off me leaving behind a pearly string of our orgasms and hovered above my dick. My milky semen dribbling from her hairless tunnel as her mind descended from her own earth-shattering heaven.

“Release my binds baby.” Slowly, Lyera collected herself enough to shakily unclip my wrists and she slumped onto the bed. I pounced on her, thrusting my tongue into her mouth as she groaned. “Fuck I love you cowgirl.”

She lazily smiled up at me, her unicorn horn had moved to the side of her head in our vigorous action.

Grabbing a bottle of water from the fridge, I handed it to her, “drink,” I ordered, then I collected a warm cloth from the bathroom and came back to wipe away our releases from her exquisite pussy before throwing it into the wash basket. “You did so well baby,” I praised. “But we ain’t done yet.”

She lifted her head with wide eyes as she lay diagonally across the bed. I grabbed the stretchy wrist cuff from the head of the bed and wrapped it around her right ankle, then the ankle cuff from the foot of the bed and wrapped it around her left ankle, leaving her back flush with the bed and her legs split in front of me before placing a pillow under her hips. She was open so wide and fully presented – her ass almost off the edge as I walked over to the wall, pulling down a small finger sized butt plug.

I collected the anal lube from the shelf with the remote for the stereo and pressed play. Retrograde by James Blake blasted through the speakers and I tossed the remote onto the bed. “It’s important you relax okay Lyera,” She just nodded slowly.

I coated my index finger in anal lube and coated her puckered hole as I slowly tickled the rim of her ass as my left-hand thumb circled her clit. Straight away Avaleria arched off the bed as I worked my finger, dipping in up to the first knuckle, circling outwards and opening her ass hole slowly. The plug I had selected was very small, I knew it wouldn’t hurt her – it would be a nice introduction.

“What happened… to testing… it on you… first?” She panted as I worked her backdoor.

“Oh baby, this is nothing, I promise. You tested the cuffs on me, now I’m returning the favour. When you feel you’re ready for the obedience bench, it will be me going first.”

By now my stamina had fully recovered and I was growing again. I left her clit eliciting a whimper from my sexy naughty devil and without her noticing slowly and carefully inserted the finger-sized butt plug, returning to fondle her clit. “Comfortable?”

“Yyyyeeesss,” she moaned.

I wiped the excess lube from my finger onto an antibacterial wipe I kept next to the lubes, body paint and massage oils and returned, kneeling down to lick her divine clit, nibbling and suckling on the raised ball of nerves as she mewled toward the roof.

Palming my hardened cock, I slipped two fingers into her warm wet tunnel and massaged her inner walls, “oh, god,” she groaned. Her luscious lower lips were saturated in minutes under my devious touch and she began to beg. “Need your dick, please Pierce.”

“What was that?” I teased as I bent over her, gliding my solid member up and down her folds.

“Needddd, y-your d-d dick.” With a sadistic and satisfactory smirk on my face, I angled the head and roughly pushed into her. “YES!” She cried.

Slowly withdrawing and then pushing back in as I toyed with her raised nub, she began to writhe below me. “You like that baby?”

“Harder… Pierce.”

“You want me to fuck you rough?”

“God yes,” she groaned.

“How hard?”

“Slam… into… me.”

My pace picked up as I continued my torturous ministrations, guiding her to her peak. “So beautiful,” I cooed.

“Harder… Pierce,” she cried with her eyes now closed tight.

“Say it again baby, what do you need?”


“Harder, did you say?” I was playing with her now.

Her eyes snapped open, “Tyler…” she growled, “Fuck me hard.”

I wickedly smirked, “of course cowgirl.”

I gripped both thighs and pounded into her at full force, “FUCK YES.”

Our skin slapped against each other’s with animalistic need, my grunts of heated passion matching the squelching from her saturated core as I fucked her hard and fast, thrusting into her just the way she requested.

“There… so there… right… there…”

Drilling into her as perspiration gathered along the surface of my skin, at this rate, not even a cock ring was going to hold off this explosion, but the way she moaned and cried was just too damn enticing.

Her hole began to tighten, as I slammed in again and again, “Lyera,” I cried out.

“Oh… oh… I’m going to… oh… oh…” I couldn’t hold, it was too good.

I pulled out just as she hit her climax and smacked my cock against her clit. “P-P PIERCE!”

Cum shot out the slit in my head, coating her sexy body as a ripple of ecstasy ravished my entire being, rope after pearly rope spurted from my cocks head as my mind shattered into a million galactic pieces. My forehead hit her stomach as we both heaved for air. I reached down and slowly extracted the plug from her ass.

After we had floated back to earth, I released her and helped maneuver her weakened body around. Pulling a large quilt from under the bed, I flicked it out and fluffed it on top of her before removing my cock ring and cleaning up both toys in the bathroom sink and the other things around the room.

When I returned, I slipped under the cover and pulled her voluptuous body against me. “God I love your cunt,” I whispered.

She craned her neck and pushed her lips against mine. “You are sensational Tyler.”

Sated and in blissful harmony, we drifted off to sleep.

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