Ride a Cowboy

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Chapter 23 ~ The Obedience Bench


Things between Pierce and I were fantastic, we were living in domestic bliss which I actually didn’t know was possible. Kaeron and Cole had moved into Daddy and Mama’s – which was great for them, Cole was a huge help on the farm and Kae was becoming more and more excited about being a father, though, Cole’s parents were still being wankers – thank god for mine, they loved doting on her.

I would borrow Pierce’s truck and head out to Mum and Dad’s to help in the morning and in the afternoon’s I would help out at the Tyler plantation, sometimes with Mac, sometimes with Pierce but mostly on my own – everything seemed to be falling into place.

Pierce’s family were really accepting of me, obviously, they knew about my past now but no one ever mentioned it or treated me differently, even Pierce’s father would pay me for the work I did. At first, I tried not to take it, but then I started finding envelope’s around the cabin with my name on it. When Perry, Pierce’s father, roped in their farm hands Brett and Rhett, to badger me into taking it – I conceded.

It was nice that he thought what I did was worth something but I would have done it anyway, the chores stopped my hands and mind from wandering, mostly in the direction of drugs and other times Pierce, it also kept the memories at bay so, it benefitted me more than them.

I had become curious about the obedience bench and the other night Pierce allowed me to cuff him to it. The whole submission thing, trusting someone that while you are at their mercy, that they would not hurt you – was thrilling. It was weird to see how much Pierce relinquished his control, he allowed me to discover without embarrassment or humiliation, answered any question that arose and guided me through each and every part of it. There were always two sides to him – he knew when to lead and when to follow, maximising pleasure not just for him but for me, I had never felt so empowered as a woman, all with continual positive reinforcement like he was building up my confidence. Our sex was still freaken epic, even when vanilla and we had not pushed it any further than the other night, he was giving me time to adjust to this new sexual awakening, to see things through at a pace I felt comfortable with. He had made it crystal clear that I was in complete control – and I, loved it.

My life – for the first time since I was eighteen – was calm. There was no need for worries. I knew Toni’s court date was drawing closer but Pierce swore he would protect me from as much damage as he could and I believed him, it was as though he was completely in tune with my mind, body and soul.

Pierce had spent the last couple of days in the shearing shed, he had expressed that Mac was fitting in well with the other men and he was proud that his cocky attitude had somewhat tampered, I guess there will always be smartassery parts of him.

After dinner, I found myself once again, peering in through the open playroom door. My fingers twitched as I soaked in my surroundings, highly sexualised thoughts running rampant through my brain, maybe we were due for a little – playtime.

I heard the shower running in the background and meandered over to the outfit’s wardrobe. Looped around the top of one of the coat hangers, hung a lacy scarlet red number, a halter neck bra, waist clincher and a skimpy lace G-string that barely covered the slit of my nether regions, the lingerie attire tickling my fancy and lower abdomen in the most erotic and delicious of ways.

I quickly got dressed, I had limited time before he would shut off that shower and wanted to be ready for when he appeared. Selecting a rounded paddle off the implement wall, it reminded me of a padded, ping pong bat, leather on one side, foam covered velvet on the other.

I slipped my feet into some open toed, black six-inch heels and positioned myself beside the obedience bench, one hand wrapped firmly around the handle of the paddle and the other resting on the head of the bench. With one leg cocked, I waited for Pierce, exuding highly magnetic and sexually alluring energy.

The shower turned off and my eyes locked on the bathroom door. I could hear him fluffing about, spraying some deodorant, brushing his teeth, in fact, every sound on the other side of that closed door seemed to have amplified as my heart pounded in my chest and my core clenched in electric anticipation – I licked my lips nervously. Finally, it opened and out walked a towel covered Pierce Tyler. “Mac says he’d like to try and come to our next...”

My lustful, burning gaze began at his bare feet, noticing the prominent ankle bones as my eyes slowly drifted up. His shins, covered by the large navy blue towel that was wrapped around his waist but my burning desire lingered a little longer on the bulge making a sudden appearance in front, the sight of it causing a whimper of need deep within my chest.

Continuing my exploration, I trailed upward, over his sculptured abdomen, the muscles twitching under my heady inspection and I swallowed hard, his bare chest calling to me, desperate for my tongue to devilishly swipe over it. Up his long neck, noticing the bob in his Addams apple under my intense scrutiny, my gaze moving to the tip of his sharp, defined chin, holding still on those soft, full, supple lips then finally, meeting his no longer cognac-brown eyes, no... I was met with blazing black irises, darkened, thanks to the increasing arousal expelling from both of our heated bodies and laced with carnal desire to be pummelled within an inch of sexually gratifying sanity.

My bottom lip twitched but I couldn’t quite find the words, so I settled for biting the inside of my cheeks. “Cowgirl...” I released a short sharp whimper, “what do you want?”

“B-b... hen... hmm...” was all I could mumble as he seductively pulled open his towel, allowing his heady monstrous cock to spring free, ready and raging hard.

“I can’t give you what you want unless you tell me.”

I slightly choked, the temperature of this room spiked to beyond sweltering and I could feel a trickle of moisture slip from my throbbing centre. I knew this thin material was going to disintegrate under the heat my pussy was emitting if it wasn’t removed soon.

Shifting under his burning eyes, he slowly moved forward, stalking me like a hungry predator, the thought of that alone tightened my nipples to deadly points, I swear they were so hard they could cut glass.

He collected the remote, pushing a few buttons before Travis Garland’s cover of Earned It, slithered through the speakers. “What do you want baby?”

“B-bench,” I whispered.

The corner of his mouth turned upward, pleased by my answer, “what’s in your hand?”


This made him smirk. “Take off your bra,” he ordered, “slowly.”

I placed the paddle down and moved my arms around behind my back, unclasping the hooks and sliding the material off my front as he groaned, palming his thick and rigid dick. His thumb glided over the slit in his bulbous head and collected the dribble of pre-cum, bringing it to my startling parched lips. “Suck.”

My mouth enclosed around the pad of his thumb, tasting his essence with my tongue – I did as he ordered. My eyes closed and my ears picked up a sharp hiss as I slowly pulled away, licking my lips greedily.

Pierce lowered to his knees, his fingers hooked under the thin G-string and he pulled it down my searing hot legs. “You’re so wet,” he murmured.

I already knew, I could feel how saturated I was. He grasped my ankle, slipping my foot out from the heel and then repeating the process on the other one before leaning forward and swiping his tongue across my slick folds.

My knees buckled the moment he tasted my pussy, “Tyler.”

Satisfied by body’s reaction, he pecked and nibbled on my flesh as he slowly rose to his feet, lingering over my taut nipples and swirling his tongue around my areola before flicking the tip.

“Oh,” I breathed, the moan catching in my throat.

He collected my hand, moving the paddle out the way and stationed my insanely turned-on body at the end of it. “Lie down Cowgirl, get comfortable.”

I moved without hesitation, this is what I wanted, the curiosity from the other night when he had submitted complete and full control to me, implanted in the back of my mind – this was the ultimate form of trust.

With my head pressed into the headrest, I adjusted myself, my breasts hanging over the midsection of the bench as my arms and legs pressed against the wrist and ankle stirrups. “Do you trust me Lyera?”

“Explicitly Tyler,” I purred, knowing full well that my words would appease his sexual beast.

My body’s natural reaction was to quiver, I was so aroused that I couldn’t help it. “You please me so much,” he praised.

I felt the cuff on my left ankle restrict and heard the buckle clink as I was fastened securely into place. He repeated the process, each time the next cuff was affixed, I felt a tug of excitement deep within my core.

The last to be secured was the bonds around my mid-section, those restraints were clipped in. He took a step back admiring his handiwork and clucked his tongue in appreciation.

“Are you comfortable?”

“Yes,” I moaned.

“You look so beautiful, so sexy,” his smoky, modulated rumble licked lavishly at my ear canals and a ripple of pleasure crept through me. “Remember, if at any time you feel uncomfortable, you just say the word and we will stop, do you understand Cowgirl?”

“Oh, yes... Tyler...” I growled, “I’m so horny... please...”

A chuckle escaped from him as he moved toward my feet, from the way I was fastened and the structure of the bench, I would look like I was simply in a yoga Caterpillar position with my entire dripping wet pussy completely available and exposed to him.

“Do you need some relief Avaleria?”

I groaned, “stop teasing and eat me.”

I heard another chuckle before I felt his warm breath fanning my throbbing cunt. I was ready to cry, growl, something if he didn’t help ease this burning ache soon, but the second his flattened tongue stroked my puffy lower lips, I was gone. “Ooooohhhh,” I cried out.

Panting heavily as lick after mind-blowing lick guided me to my peak, I realised that he was the only man that has ever been able to bring around an orgasm that fast. Two fingers pushed inside as his tongue tip flicked against my raised clit. “Oh... Oh... Oh, Pierce...” I could feel the tension building, my body tensed as my hips tried to gyrate of their own accord but couldn’t and just like that I fell. “Fffffuuuuckkkk,” my being flooded with instant relief, shattering bliss washed over me as I came with thundering force.

I could hear him slurping up my juices as I floated back to earth.

“Goddammit,” Pierce growled. He slammed his thick steel rod straight in, clearly he was so fucken turned on too. “Sorry, you’re not the only one that’s horny baby and seeing you like this...” he whistled to express his admiration.

I could feel my inner walls constricting around his mammoth cock, the embers from his divine intrusion only stoked my lust-fire back to life. “Fuck me,” I mewled.

Honestly lost to the euphoria, I thought he was about to withdraw and slam back in but a loud smack and sting on my ass cheek made me realise what was actually happening – and I fucken loved it. He rubbed the spot he had just whacked with the paddle, switching sides before he brought the hard implement down again. The sting causing me to clench and Pierce to moan in satisfaction, it didn’t hurt, only added to the pleasure.

He never smacked the same spot twice and each time, after I clenched, he would withdraw all the way to the head of his cock and slam back in, to the hilt.

Again and again, I was whacked, rubbed as my inner walls clenched and then hammered into by the most incredible man in the world.

“Oh, yes!” My continuous cries of raw enjoyment filled the room. “I need to c-cum,” his fingers reaching down and manipulating my clit, the added pressure needed for explosive release. “Fffffuuuuccckkk, I love you!”

I had shattered into a million pieces, again and again, but still, pierce held back his orgasm. Every time he got close to cumming, he would pull out entirely and devour my pussy with his talented mouth.

I had lost my fucking mind way back at orgasm number two, I couldn’t move, all words now incoherent and as he brought down the soft side of the paddle, connecting with my reddened flesh to create a sound but not so much of a sting, I mewled delightfully.

“I love you... Lyera... you’re... doing so well... but I need... to cum...” he growled the last bit as though he were straining to hold it all in.

“C-cum... f-for... m-m me... T-Tyler,” I managed through a body convulsing climax.

I heard the blunt thud as the paddle hit the floor and felt the grip and squeeze of my ass as Pierce smashed into me with unbelievable force. “Ffffffuuuuuucccckkk yyyyeeessss!” He howled.

His hips jutting as he filled me with his sticky hot cum. His body collapsed on top of me, our sweat squelching together as his mind shattered against my back.

I lay there, lost in the most incredible euphoric haze – completely and utterly satiated.

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