Ride a Cowboy

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Chapter 25 ~ The Gift


I had a ‘toy maker’ friend of mine craft something extra special for Lyera. When he asked me to come collect it, arousal and excitement shot through my system. She had become more comfortable with the different implements within the playroom and I adored her curious nature. With Tony finally on trial in a few days, we needed as much distraction as possible. Yes, the farm work kept us busy but it wasn’t quite enough for her to disappear and forget completely.

I licked my lips in anticipation, wondering just how she’ll react when she sees the surprise. I glanced over at the box that sat on my passenger’s seat, a thrill slithered down my spine and pooled in my lower abdomen, causing my cock to twitch – oh yes, things were about to get very pleasurable.

Avaleria had been working unbelievably hard, both farms she poured her soul into every day, so after collecting some groceries, I decided to make her dinner. Something simple, I wasn’t exactly an expert master chef in the kitchen but I did alright. As the evening sun descended and the warmth of the day withdrew, I heard her coming up the driveway, her headphones must have been on because she was singing away to the music, though as gorgeous as she was, Lyera couldn’t sing to save her life – I loved that she didn’t care and did it anyway.

She had been listening to the same song on repeat, Leroy Sanchez - Words Unspoken, and as she kicked off her boots, pulling open the door, she belted out loud – completely and utterly out of tune.

“Every breath I take, it makes me feel so broken… There’s so many words, that have gone unspoken…” She opened her arms as she held the horrid last note. She chuckled to herself, slipping off her headphones, “hi, how was your day?”

“Hey,” I sniggered, arching my brow, “still listening to that song I see.”

She furrowed her brow, “it’s like it speaks to me.”

I kissed her on the forehead, then stupidly took a breath in, “holy shit, have you been in the pig pens?”

She laughed, “yes, I smell sexy don’t I?”

“Sure, not the word I’d use,” I teased. “Go shower, tea’s nearly ready.”

“Mmmm, is that what smells so damn delicious? Okay, I’ll be back.” Lyera raced upstairs, while I finished up.


We sat at the table and she listened about how Earl had shown up this morning and asked Mac on a date, she was practically bouncing out of her chair with excitement.

“What happened to Kelvin? I thought he was Mac’s… lover… thing… type… person.” She scrunched her face trying to figure out the right word.

“Jesus, do you not know?” I incredulously asked.

“Know, know what?”

“Kelvin disappeared. Once the news hit the town about Mac being out, he jumped ship.”

“No,” she gasped, “poor Mac – but yay for him and Earl, I hope that works out.”

“Same, it would be nice for both of them,” I murmured as she collected the plates and cutlery. Lyera rinsed them in the sink before stacking the dishwasher. “Cowgirl, I have something for you.”

She squealed, “what?”

I handed her the first bag that had been resting at my feet as she joined me back at the table, “get dressed and meet me in the playroom.”

Her eyes widened before a devilish smirk graced her face, “okay,” she whispered, dashing off to the bathroom. I made my way around, shutting off the lights and slowly climbing the stairs, dropping my jeans to the floor as well as my shirt, leaving me in only my black boxer briefs and pressed against the wall. The latches clicked and the door opened, a bolt of happiness slithered below the surface of my skin. Pulling down the four steel hooks that hung from the chains, bolted to the roof, in the middle of the room, I attached the leather sex swing with feet stirrups and a pillow for her head, yanking down harshly on the chains just to double check everything was properly secured and I collected the box from under our bed.

We hadn’t used the swing yet, in fact, I don’t think I had even mentioned it once. I grasped a black towel from the top shelf of the costume cupboard – while I’m a fan of leather, when you get sweaty, sometimes it tends to rub and this was definitely a toy I wanted her to have confidence in.

I was sitting on our sex bed, waiting for Lyera to appear with the box beside me when I heard her laughing to herself. “What’s so funny cowgirl?”

“Um… I think this outfit is missing some material Tyler,” I grinned broadly.

“No, at least I don’t think it is. Better show me.”

She laughed again, I could feel the exhilaration begin to build within me, “Hmm, I could show you… or I could dance for you.”

I choked on my own saliva, “shit, well let me throw on some music then hey.”

I jumped to my feet, grabbing the remote – what would be the perfect song for a tantalising striptease? I clicked on Ciara - Dance Like We’re Making Love and sat back on the bed.

Avaleria opened the door… fuck me. I knew she had a hot body but this was some next level action, all hydration disappeared and my pulse suddenly spiked, I could feel the perspiration gather on my forehead and under my arms as she stood there in all her mesmerising beauty.

My eyes predatorily roamed up her divine body, from her thigh high black lace stockings, to the purple and black lace crotchless panties, over her tanned lean stomach to the purple and black cupless bra – it all had me heaving heavily. She had braided her hair to the side, leaving wisps of hair to frame her face and adorned black and purple makeup to match her attire. I was straining hard.

She grabbed the door frame and began to sway her hips left and right, then curved her back, bending over, her hair touching the floor as she rolled back up. The erotic blaze in her alluring greens was hard to miss as she seductively sauntered forward, popping her hip with every step before her gaze drifted to the swing and she smirked.

She spun on her toes, planting her feet wide apart before she slowly bends at the middle, each hand gliding down her delectable legs. As she bent over, not only did the lace material separate but so did her butt cheeks, opening her wet cunt for me to inspect with avid appreciation. Shit, it’s hot in this room. I could see her hard perky nipples between her legs before she slid down to the floor, resting in the splits position. I groaned, since when could she do the splits? The depraved sexual ideas of ways to twist and manipulate her body flooded my mind, I knew she was flexible but now, I know just how much. She looked over her shoulder and winked before bringing her leg around and sexily getting up, taunting and teasing me before continuing her sensual walk forward.

She chuckled before straddling my lap, rubbing her glorious tits in my face before leaning back and pressing her core against my rock hard cock – I was in heaven. With my hands firmly holding her back, I lifted us both, advancing on the sex swing. I rested her backside against the edge and reached up, grasping her neck in a tight hold then crushing my startlingly thirsty lips against hers, lavishly stroking her tongue with mine as she moaned.

Gently releasing my grip, I slowly trailed my fingertips down the middle of her chest, applying pressure as she lowered into the backrest, adjusting herself ever so slightly and getting comfortable with her head flush with the pillow.

“God you look sexy,” I bit my bottom lip, admiring the view.

“Pierce,” she moaned my name, lifting her legs for me to place in the stirrups, her glistening cunt calling for me to taste.

“Fuck Lyera, say my name again,” I growled.

“Pierce…” she purred wickedly.

“Oh, that’s it, baby,” I closed my eyes as her voice sent a zing of heated excitement crawling down my spine.

With her feet fastened in the stirrups, I made my way to the box on the bed, picking it up and returning to her feet. “This is for you.”

“Open it,” she ordered.

I lifted the wooden box lid. Inside the velvet inlay, sat five custom sized silver butt plugs, tiny to large, the ball at the end engraved with my initials – P.T. “So every time you bend over, you will know who owns your ass.”

She laughed, “Mr Tyler, I love it but you own all of me,” I shuddered in pleasure.

“We’re going to begin slowly, with this one.” I extracted the second plug, snapping the box shut and tossing it onto the bed as I strode past to grab the anal lube.

“Why does it have anal lube and the others just have lube?” Hmm, she had been paying attention.

“Anal lube is thicker than normal lubricant and if I was into fisting – which I’m not – that lubricant would be even thicker.”

“Why are you not into fisting?” I loved how open she had become.

“Just not my thing,” I shrugged, “my Domme used to be into it but with you, I just want pleasure kinks, to worship your body.” I heard her groan as I lavishly smeared her puckered hole, “are you interested in fisting cowgirl?”

“Nope,” she replied instantly, “just wondering.”

I smiled, inserted my finger to the first knuckle, gently circling and opening her back door wider and wider, allowing my finger to slip in deeper as my mouth covered her dripping pussy, stroking her flaps with my tongue before teasing her clit with my tongue tip. She was more comfortable with anal play and her relaxed enjoyment made it easier for her rim to adjust.

“You’re going to wear this and allow your hole to open up, then we will switch and go up in size until you can comfortably wear the largest one. When your asshole is fully adapted and stretched without pain, I’m going to take my thick hard cock and fuck you in the arse.”

I returned my mouth to her saturated cunt and continued to devour her as she mewled erotically.

“Oh… god… Tyler,” Lyera panted. I took my opportunity while she was in the throes of heated euphoria, climbing her way to the top if her orgasmic peak, to ready the plug. I didn’t want her to prolapse, all of this is for the maximum enjoyment of both her and I. Her thighs began to quiver as her hips started to tilt seeking that last bit of friction to tip her over the edge.

“Don’t cum yet baby,” I demanded as I torturously flicked her clit. I could quite clearly see the muscles of her centre tunnel contracting and loosening, preparing for her explosion, every time I pulled away from my feast, she whimpered. “Not yet Avaleria.”

“Peirce, I… c-can’t… n-not…” she cried.

“Wait Lyera,” my tone was definite.

“P-p l-l eeeaasssseee…”

By now she was shaking violently, she was bearing down hard, trying not to release, her entire lower region was tense as fuck. I held off, my briefs clinging to the head of my dick as my slit seeped pre-cum, fuck this is such a turn-on.

I suddenly switched, my left hand landed on her clit and I vigorously rubbed, “now!”

“Yyyyyeeeessss,” ripped from Avaleria’s throat as she came hard, her entire lower half relaxing all at once and I shoved the plug in without her noticing. Tucking my thumbs under the waistband and pushing my briefs down, I slammed into her as her orgasm ravished her body, Lyera’s inner walls constricting brutally around my deprived cock.

“Fuck yes,” I growled.

I pushed her thighs and she swayed back, soft and gentle at first, then things picked up. I thrust into her with savage force, I was more aroused than I’d ever been and the need to drill into her was powerful. The leather swing fluidly swayed in ease and motion as my sexy cowgirl cried out in euphoric pleasure.

“Tyler… god… yes…” I gritted my teeth pounding away, I could feel the hard steel plug rub against my cock buried inside her through the thin layer of flesh that separated both holes.

Grunting like an animal as her tight cunt pulsed around my shaft, I could feel her build-up again, “don’t… cum…”

“No!” she whimpered as I leaned in, twisting her nipples between my fingertips.

“Don’t… cowgirl… hold… it,” I warned through pounding torturous thrusts.

“T-Tyl-ler…” she snarled as her jaw shook.

“Wait… wait… wait…”

I pulled out from her, rubbing her clit forcefully and twiddling the plug in her arse, “hhhooolllyyyy ssssshhhhhhiiiittttt.” With a thundering guttural groan Avaleria exploded, her climax convulsed her whole body as I rounded the swing.

“Open your mouth…” I barked, I needed to cum so bad and I wasn’t about to waste it.

Whimpering in ecstasy she did. I slipped my cock, surrounded in her vaginal honey, into her mouth and shoved it as far down her throat as I could go. Harshly yanking on the swing, I ploughed into her face, the back of her throat closing around the head of my dick every time. A wave of heat raced through my system as I reached my peak, my rod twitching then swelled – spurts of cum shot out my slit and a wave of climatic relief washed through me.

Her throat was rapidly opening and closing as she struggled to swallow my load. I looked down as she was choking and pulled out. She gagged but managed to slide it all down. “Shit, I’m so sorry Lyera, I got too excited and was a bit rough.”

Panic replaced orgasm bliss as tears rolled down from her eyes, she slowly opened them as I apologised profusely, sincere in my regret – why did I do that?

“You have such a big dick, must you choke me with the bloody thing?”

“I’m so sorry, fuck. I’m sorry.”

“Pierce,” I looked down at her as she smiled. I furrowed my brow, “we are so using this swing more often,” she chuckled and tried to swing forward and back in it.

Phew, she wasn’t mad. Fuck, I need to reel in that dominance a bit.

“You can be angry at me, I did get a bit primal there, the anticipation overflowed,” I offered.

“Yes you brute, but no Tyler, I’m not upset… at all.”

“Good,” I breathed a sigh of relief. “Avaleria, that butt plug stays in…” her eyes widened, “do not remove it until I say… I want my cock in your arse by the end of the week.”

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