Ride a Cowboy

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Chapter 29 ~ Utopia


We entered our erotic, raunchy and impure cabin in a hurried fashion, lips on lips, tongues entwined as we stripped each other bare salaciously. Climbing the stairs in vigorous fervour, desperate to be mounted in the most delicious and nastiest of ways, my vagina was throbbing off the rector scale, yearning to be touched and stroked to pornographic heaven.

“Say it again,” Pierce pleaded through our vibrant passionate groping.

“Yes,” I moaned, “you are my heart Pierce Tyler. Yes.”

“God…” He groaned, “I love you so much.”

“I want you… so bad…” I admitted as we finally entered our room.

“Mmmm… same…” Pierce replied between pashes of carnal ecstasy. He pushed on the wall of our playroom and slid open the door, “on the bed,” he ordered.

My cunt was dripping thanks to his masculine dominant display. “Oh,” I moaned, my feet floated to the bed wantonly on the billowed promise of pure, fulfilling enjoyment.

“Fuck cowgirl, you’re horny already. Your glistening pussy juices are dribbling down your thigh.”

“Fuck me,” I purred lustfully.

He smiled mischievously, “oh I will Avaleria, I will have you praising heaven.”

I could tell from the excited glint that his words were not just flippantly spun but it was a heated promise – he was going to dick me ravenously good. “Pierce…” I moaned, shit we hadn’t even started yet and I was flushed with insatiable arousal.

“Hands up above your head… Mrs Tyler.”

A pleasure shudder rippled through my system – I was so incredibly turned on. Who knew telling someone you were pregnant caused this kind of effect?

Pierce seductively wandered to the wall of implements, his strong and rigid cock happily guiding his direction. Grasping a firm hold around a chain with two metal circles at each end, he ripped it from the clips before prowling animalistically towards my sexually quivering body. I was lying in the centre of the bed, vulgar and crude visions slithering through my mind – as directed, with my hands above my head, provocatively awaiting the master of my heart.

He tossed the chain onto the mattress beside me and straddled my breasts, careful not to apply too much pressure or weight to my top half as he leaned over me. I could hear him fumble for the cuffs in the middle of the frame and felt him lock them into position as his hard cock waved in front of my face. His aesthetically pleasing phallus hypnotising me into a saucy frenzy – I wanted to bite.

I extended my tongue and swiped across the head causing him to moan. “Avaleria…” he growled but kept his tip within my tongues reach. He wanted me to taste him, Pierce’s slit was begging for it.

I wet my lips and opened my mouth, hovering over his aroused reddened head before sealing my lips all the way around it and lifting my head in an attempt to swallow his luscious manhood. Only I couldn’t, I couldn’t even get halfway down his shaft from this position. I flattened my tongue and tried to bob my head but it wasn’t enough… he wasn’t close enough… I wanted all of him and he was just out of full reach.

Working with what I had, I focused on the sensitive nerves gathered underneath the neck of his gorgeous penis, tickling and caressing, toying with him as much as I could while his guttural moans filled our pleasure room – the room of so much sinful satisfaction.

“I… love… you…” Pierce mewled above me.

I was incapable of saying a thing with his tantalising cock shovelled in my mouth. I pulled off with a pop and growled with heady need as my thighs rubbed together, desperate for friction.

“Mr Tyler… you need to go deeper, I can’t reach from this angle.”

“No, no, my beautiful fiancé,” he reprimanded, “you must make me cum just from the tip. I wasn’t planning on it but since you started… I want my cum to fill your mouth and watch you suck me dry.”

Once again I shuddered, the thought of his tasty essence made my apex gush with slickness. “I’m so horny, please just rub my clit,” I begged.

“Not yet Avaleria, not until I’m satisfied you are driven almost insane by your pussy’s craving.” His smirk had my insides reeling, I knew he was playing with me, he was in full control of this session. “I will make you orgasm unlike ever before – after my balls have thoroughly drained into your sexy mouth.”

Fuck, fucken asshole. My mound was burning hot, I needed orgasmic bliss immediately and he knew just how to motivate my drive to get what I wanted. I latched onto his cock again and worked feverishly, gliding my tongue around his seeping head before straining to slide as much of him in as I could – enclosing my lips firmly around his shaft as I craned my neck, slurping up as much of his erection as my neck would allow.

“Fuck… yes,” he groaned. “You’re going… to be… the best mum, so sexy.”

I thought that was an odd thing to think during a blowjob – but hey – sex with my cowboy was always magnificent, he clearly was still relishing in the fact he was going to be a Dad so I went with it. I hummed loudly, creating a vortex of vibrations within my mouth causing his body to twitch – the groans of pleasure increased, Pierce was practically singing with erotic exuberance.

“Ava… leria…” he cried, “oh god… I’m going to… right there… yes… oh, baby…” his pelvis began to move, thrusting his mammoth cock into my mouth and down my throat, “right there… don’t stop… YYYEEESSSS!”

His load shot out, hitting the back and barrelling down my oesophagus with enthusiastic force as he emptied his balls. I was struggling to swallow his excitement. Jesus, he must be really happy.

“Good girl…” he praised as he shuffled back, leaning down to capture my lips with his. Normally guys would not kiss you after they came – even if you swallowed – but with my man, nothing was off limits really, he knew just how to please.

His hooded cognac-browns adoringly gazed into mine and I smiled sweetly. “Pierce…” I innocently moaned.

“Yes, my pregnant fiancé?”

“I need to cum,” I growled.

He laughed, my desire to be wildly rubbed had hit its limit, “as you wish.” Pierce snatched the chain from the bed and unscrewed the metal circles, “do you know what this is?” he asked. I shook my head as I squeezed my thighs together, harder than before. My insides were clenching in need to rut against something, I required ease for this burning sensation in between my thighs. “These are nipple clamps…” his mouth surrounded my areola, manipulating each one to hardened points before attaching it to each nipple and screwing the bolt, locking it in place.

I hissed at the pinched feel, it was not a horrible pain, just a slight twinge of pleasurable tightness. Pierce’s tongue flicked against the tip and I, who had expected to feel nothing, reacted instantly as wondrous zings crawled through my body, “yes… so good,” I cried.

Sweat had gathered along my skin, I was so hot, so flustered and so sexually frustrated that the prominently induced satisfying bliss only made my centre ooze more. I had never been this wet.

He shifted and settled his head between my thighs, raising my legs to rest atop his shoulders and back before blowing a breath of hot air over my engorged pussy, setting off a tingling sensation. “Oh yes,” I cried again, whimpering at finally having some action on my hungry, pulsing and neglected vagina.

“You have made me the luckiest man alive my fiancé,” Pierce murmured from between my thighs as his tongue stroked along my dripping folds.

“Oh…” I breathed in heated relief.

“I’m so in love with you,” he lavishly licked again.

“Don’t stop… more.”

He continued his torturous ministrations, feasting upon my cunt as though it was his favourite meal. I was lost in oblivion, circling my hips, attempting to grind into his face. I felt his fingertips crawl up my abdomen as he devoured me – his hand grasping the chain that joined the two nipple clamps together and without warning – he tugged.

My eyes snapped open and I gasped as two bolts of painful pleasure vigorously powered through my body, potently striking my core and forcing my inner walls to clench hard. I had never felt anything so fucking incredible in my life, “fuck!... yes!” I yelped, the sound ripped from my vocal cords unrestrained and heavy with euphoria. God, that’s amazing.

Again, he swiped over my flaps and tugged, “oooohhhhhh,” I howled as a wave of paradise washed through me.

Fuck did he know how to extract every ounce of heaven. I was idling on the precipice of my climactic cliff as he repeated his action and with one last divine tug – I flew.

Stars danced behind my closed lids as my body jerked, the knot that snapped when orgasm struck flooded my being with unimaginable jubilation, crashing over me with wonderfully brutal force.

“Fuck me Avaleria, I didn’t know you could squirt.” Pierce’s surprise filtered through my hazy ecstasy.

“I-I d-didn’t know e-either,” I stuttered, my mind trying to reattach itself, every shattered fragment slowly gluing back together.

“Fuck yes,” he beamed with giddy pride, climbing on top of me. His mouth meshing with mine, the taste of my juices upon his soft sensual lips only spurred on the excitement for more of our venereal activity. “These are staying on…” he groaned, “I was going to switch toys but not now baby.”

I could feel Pierce’s cock knocking at my entrance as he raised to his knees, leaning back on his haunches and placing my feet flush with his shoulders. I was still lost in my own psychedelic oblivion when I felt his hefty steel pole stretch me as he entered.

“Ohhhh,” I throatily mewled.

“Cowgirl, you are my everything,” he vocalised as his hips thrust forward, driving his knees into the mattress as he pounded into me.

Tyler’s hand firmly clasped the back of my thighs, behind my bent knees, for stabilisation as he slammed in with seismic impact. After a few solidly delicious pumps, he reached up and yanked on the chain. Like a volcano erupting, the zings of pleasure raced along my veins, pooling in my core and forcing my vaginal walls to clench. “God… that… feels… amazing,” he groaned, his eyes closing in satisfaction of my contracting hole. Each thrust forward caused my wrists to move and pull on my restraints – the helplessness of being at his mercy arousing me more.

“Again…” I directed, succumb to the throes of lustful passion.

He hammered away before reaching up to yank down – only this time, it was a little harder. My body thrummed in fucktastic obliteration, each time eliciting wails of primal gratification.

Pierce would slam his fat thick cock into me, scraping the inside tunnel with his bulbous head a few times before reaching up and tugging on the chain attached to my sensitive nipples. My build up was hurtling towards my euphoric peak faster than I could fathom, “Lyera, you feel so good… so fucking good,” he cried amidst his own ecstasy cloud.

I could feel the bare down as I constricted around his impaling cock, “I’m… s-so s-s… cl-close… P-Pierce,” my jaw chattering as I panted with crippling bliss.

“So… am… I… baby.”

His hand grabbed the chain and he shook it causing the clamps to pinch and wriggle – I gasped as the pleasurable twinge of pain washed over me and without notification, I metaphorically fractured. “PPPPPEEEIIIIRRRCCCEEE!”

A flood of climax thundered through my body as his cock slapped against my clit, splashing and sloshing sounds reverberated around the room as my stomach and breasts were bathed in his creamy cum and my fleshy shell convulsed and tensed rapidly – completely out of control and floating in my orgasmic abyss.

I quivered as the remnants of my explosive climax receded and I slowly opened my eyes, to gaze upon the goofy lopsided smile of my Adonis cowboy. “That was intense, you choked my dick when you came, I almost couldn’t pull out,” he chuckled.

“I had no idea I could do that,” I blinked in astonishment, noticing now, that he was sprinkled in fluid.

“Well, those clamps are staying on the ‘use frequently’ list.”

“I love you, that was perfection,” I whispered.

“I can’t wait to marry you.”

His confession mixed with the powerful climactic blast from our fornication had tears streaming down my cheeks – this was my nirvana, my utopia and he – is mine forever.

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