Ride a Cowboy

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Chapter 32 ~ A Step Forward


My parents had endured our heartache many times, resorting to IVF treatments in order to conceive my brother and I, ma and pa knowing what we went through personally, brought about an unorthodox type of bond – we were not alone. This was a common occurrence to experience, and both my parents were sensitive to our healing, how they had supported us these past few weeks, only made me love them that much more.

Today, I was exiting the stockyard and noticed Lyera was helping mum in the veggie patch, and dad had them both in stitches as they worked. We had the crops that we grew for the supermarkets and then the vegetables that we produced for our family – it warmed my heart to see them working side by side.

I knew dad loved having Avaleria around; he used to make a special trip past wherever she was, at least once a week, now it was once a day, stopping to have a laugh and then carrying on. Before the miscarriage they were friendly, but now, they had become bound together – joined by an everyday familiarity.

I slowly made my way over as pa was knee deep in some story, “so there I was, trousers down around my ankles, bare ass in the air, staring at my ring on the bottom of the porcelain toilet bowl surrounded in floating brown debris, wondering how the hell I was going to retrieve it? – When the door opened. A wave of pure dread washed over me as I turned, like a deer in headlights, ass still in the air, and paled at the farmhand, who’s pissing himself laughing…”

“You didn’t lock the door?” Lyera enquired incredulously.

“I thought I had darl. Obviously, I didn’t. The smell from last night taco’s was atrocious, so naturally, the old bastard rounds up the boys. I can’t wipe me ass, because I didn’t want to bury the ring any more; we had only been married for two weeks.”

“How did you get the ring back?”

“Well, as the cubical was filling with the other farmhands, I removed myself to clean up in the stall next to the other one while they discuss how the hell to get it out. Once I freshened up – god knows no one like’s being caught with their britches down – I head off to the kitchen to grab the BBQ tongs, when I get back, the boys had a wire and a bloody hook in the dunny trying to fish the thing out. I part the sea of wankers and reach in and pull it out. Anyway, I had it sterilised and tightened, and it’s never come off since.”

“Jesus pa, did ya have too?” By now Lyera was laughing so hard her eyes watered.

“Ya woman liked the story son,” he praised.

“Of course she would.”

“Oh god, Pierce I so hope something like that happens to you.”

“It will never happen…” I stated firmly as I stepped closer to my love and wrapped my arms around her, “because I think we should have tattoos on the finger and not rings.”

A brilliant, breathtaking smile adorned her face. “You want to get a tattoo?”

“Yes, maybe our initials or a symbol, but yes, permanent and forever is what I want.”

“Oh…” she gasped as she threw her arms around my shoulders, peppering light feathery kisses all over my face. “I… would…. Love… that…”


I was chilling out shirtless, on the couch, after another long day in the fields, allowing my hair to dry after a revitalising shower when I heard giggling coming from upstairs. We had avoided ‘The Playroom’ since the miscarriage, so I didn’t expect that to be what Avaleria was giggling at but me being me, I couldn’t not look.

Groaning as I got up, muscles aching from the day’s labour with curiosity swirling around in my mind, I slowly made my way up to where the pure sound permeated from. Entering our bedroom as my eyes shifted left and then right, hmm no Lyera, where is she?

I spotted a slight gap in the wall and excitement boiled up inside of me – did she want to play? Was it time to move forward? Would she be ready?

I held my breath as I grasped the door firmly and slid it open. What I was greeted with was nothing short of the most knee-weakening, heated sight I had ever been graced with. Her raw, erotic and unmistakeable burning desire that glowed from her eyes rendered me motionless, captured in complete shock that she was standing there, naked, holding and spreader bar and cuffs in one hand and a ball gag in the other.

“What are you up to cowgirl?” I purred sensually, stepping past the threshold and into our playroom.

“Do you like what you see Tyler?”

I bit my bottom lip in appreciation, “very much.”

“Good,” she moaned, running her tongue along the seam of her mouth.

“What would you like me to do with those?” I questioned taking another step forward.

“Oh no, my soon to be husband…” she chided with a disapproving frown, “these are not for me… they are for you.”

I sucked back a sharp breath as my body flushed with heated animation. “Switching roles are we?”

“Oh please, as if you aren’t highly aroused by the idea right now?” She tisked. “Drop your pants, Mr Tyler.”

The order was titillating; she had my complete and total submission – I was primed and ready to go, no prompting needed. Moving swiftly, I unbuttoned the cargo shorts, allowing them to pool at my feet. “Anything else?”

“Yes actually, you forgot your briefs. I require you nude, every inch of your divinely sculptured body on display for my feasting pleasure.”

Fuck. Me.

Her authoritative assertion had me crippling and yearning to please her. I dropped them without a second thought, the curl at the side of her lips filled my ego – she was happy and relishing in this control and confidence.

“What now?” I rasped out, my tone thickly laced with lust as I stood proudly with my soldier at full attention.

Avaleria moved to the bed, seating herself on the edge as she placed the bar and ball gag either side of her. She raised her finger beckoning me forward, “stand in front of me, Pierce.” I did as she requested and stood in between her parted legs, my hard cock twitching in front of her face. “Hands behind your head.”

I reached up, interlocking my fingers behind the back of my skull and staring down at her while she visual appreciated my thick manhood. “I love you,” I gushed. I did, I always had and the dominance she was displaying only amplified my feelings for her.

Her hooded greens flicked up to meet mine, “I love you too.” Just after Lyera’s words left her mouth, she opened, extending her tongue and gently gliding it along the seeping slit of my penis, collecting the glistening droplets that had oozed out.

“Oh!” I groaned, closing my eyes.

I felt her fingers grasp the base of my cock tightly and the warmth surrounded the head and her lips enclosed around the massive shaft before sliding down, roughly halfway, then back up. Swallowing me, again and again, each time moving further down, coating my member in warm saliva as she worked – the whole sensation had my head reeling in ecstasy.

The continuous stimulation upon my fuck stick was tender; she was worshipping my cock. I wanted to touch her, comb my fingers through her hair as her tongue lapped at me but every time I moved, even slightly jutted my hips forward, her hand would tighten around the base, notifying me that Lyera was unimpressed with my action, so I stayed – hands interlocked behind my head and feet firmly planted on the floor.

As she swirled her warm wet tongue in a circular motion around the head, she opened her eyes, relinquishing her grasp and pointed her commanding finger at the ground. “On your knees my sexy man.”

“What? No kiss?” I teased, lowering to my knees in front of her.

“No…” she pointed to her glistening apex, dripping with arousal. “I want you to kiss here.”

I smirked, leaning forward as she tilted her hips, provocatively inclining her body weight on the palms of her hands that rest upon the mattress and I dove straight in – separating her puffy folds with my tongue as I stroked along her pussy, tasting the juices as they excreted.

Her delicious honey tickled my senses, the lubrication hitting me, spurring on my need to bring her to orgasm as her mound pulsed against my face. I gently suckled Avaleria’s clit, teasing it with the tip of my tongue as my fingers buried inside her centre, lavishly rubbing against her G-spot, deep within her centre.

“Fuck yes,” she throatily moaned, pushing her core into my front as I torturously manipulated her erogenous zones.

Lyera’s breathing shallowed, her inner walls began to contract as my left hand glided up her smooth, silky skin, landing upon her pointy nipple and rolling the bud between my fingertips. “Oh Pierce,” Avaleria cried out again, lost in the magnetic haze of her increasing pressure.

“Mine…” I mumbled against her lower lips, “all… mine.”

The self-proclaimed ownership of her body saw her clench hard, squeezing my fingers with compressing force – she liked my possession over her.

Her thighs began to quiver; I could tell she was close but as masterful as she is with her dominance, I wasn’t allowing an orgasm quite so quickly – this would be explosive. I pushed her to the maddening edge, she was loaded and ready to fall, when I pulled away from her body, withdrawing entirely.

“What the fuck?” She growled incredulously. “No, no, no.”

“Oh cowgirl, you didn’t think I’d make it that easy on you, did you?”

I could see the heated flash of ferociousness, cross her magnificent features. She did not like being denied an orgasm – when will Lyera learn? Edging makes it that much more volcanic. I wanted her to visualise our sex for days after, consumed by flashbacks of our erotic connection.

“Pierce Tyler…” Lyera scowled murderously, with the sweetest tone she could muster in her frustration, “stand up and spread your legs… please.”

I did, curious about how far I could push her before she collapsed. The amusement evident on my face as I noticed her reddened cheeks and clenching jaw, yep, she was pissed – turned on but pissed.

As she climbed off the bed, coming to stand behind me and dropping down to click the ankle cuffs and spreader bar in place, her palms trickled up the sides of my body as she raised from the floor before she reached over and grasped the ball gag.

“Open,” she demanded, and I obliged her order, separating my mouth.

She adjusted the straps and fastening it, tugging on the secured clips to ensure there was no slackness or chance of escape, then she held my wrists, maneuvering my arms to again interlock behind my head.

I felt her chin rest upon my shoulder, “you tease me – just when I was going to give you a much-deserved rim and hand job – now though, now you will suffer.” I could hear the playfulness in her voice but all I could do was moan, a little drool to escape the sides of my mouth.

“Do not move those hands just yet Mr Tyler.”

Her whisper indicated that she had plans and Avaleria would see them through. She bent down behind me, pushing the adjustable buttons on the spreader bar and widened them so that not only did I drop in height, but my legs parted in width. I resembled a wide-spread starfish in standing position – cheeky shit.

I could hear the unmistakable sound of a squirt, and then Lyera reached around, clasping my rock hard cock in her firm grip, and I quickly realised she had lubed up her palm. She began to stroke me, robust, fast tugs on my sensitive shaft.

“Moan away if you must, but do not release those hands of yours.”

I couldn’t help the sensational pleasure that ricocheted across my flesh as she palmed my monster deliciously, massaging me fervently and with deft intent – she wanted to push me the edge too.

Her soft, supple lips caressed my upper back and shoulders as both hands now, furiously worked my cock, double fisting me with passion.

“Mmmm,” I mumbled, jutting into her grasp.

“Does that feel good?”

“Mmmhhmmm,” I moaned.

“God I love your dick Mr Tyler,” Lyera praised.

“Mmmm,” I grunted.

“You are so sexy like this.”

“Mmmm,” I mumbled again, unable to keep my eyes open. I could feel my knot grow in the base of my lower abdomen.

“You are all mine, my sexy cowboy,” she purred, inducing a flurry of eagerness that flooded my mind with lascivious thoughts. “Fuck, your big cock turns me on; it makes me so wet.”

“Mmmm,” I groaned as my shaft expanded, preparing for climatic oblivion. Avaleria must have felt it too because suddenly, her hands disappeared. “Mmmmmm,” I whined, being denied was brutal – I had been so close, my chest rose and fell as my heart belting into my chest – fuck did I want to cum.

“No…” she chastised, stepping around my body and climbing sensually onto the bed in front of me, swaying her hips. “It’s not nice being on the edge and not following through, isn’t it Pierce?”

Her taunt licked at my aroused beast; she knew what she was doing as she lay on her back, spreading her legs in full view of my lusting cognac-brown orbs and began to circle her clit. This was a game, a power play of who could turn the other on more.

Her left-hand fingers tweaked her nipple as her right hand toyed with her clit, stimulating her body while her eyes closed as she concentrated on her release – all I could do was watch, captured by the way she pleasured herself in front of me.

“Oh Pierce,” she moaned. My sexual beast growled with dissatisfaction – I wanted to fuck her so bad.

“Fuck you feel so good.” The thought of her mind conjuring the image of me touching her intimately, drove my desire wild.

“I want you Pierce, want you buried deep inside,” she cried, thrusting into her hand.

Her toes began to curl, as her body stiffened and her thighs shook. She was close; I could see that – a blind person would be able to know she was close to orgasm.

“Yes… yes…” Avaleria moaned.

I couldn’t take anymore; I was done. My cock was twitching in need as it dripped with cum. I quietly removed my hands just as Lyera was at the peak of her orgasmic cliff, and launched forward, slamming my cock into her saturated cunt as her own ecstasy crashed over her, strangling my cock with crushing force.

Lyera yelped in surprise, and her eyes snapped open. Rutting into her, rather difficultly, as the spreader bar hindered my movement to get a good push in, I attempted to drive to the hilt of my dick with as much potency as my peculiar position would allow.

Reaching up, I unclicked the ball gag, tossing it somewhere in the room as strings of drool went flying with it. “You think that tease was funny cowgirl? I’m going to fuck you so hard you cannot walk.”

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