Ride a Cowboy

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Chapter 33 ~ Wedded Bliss


Holy shit I was nervous, I had no reason to be, nothing really had changed apart from the fast forward of the last three months – it was simply being officiated. After all this time with the most incredible man I had ever known in my entire life, after surviving and facing my crippling demons that plagued my mind – it had all boiled down to this moment.

“Is he still there?”

Cole flashed me a cheeky smile, “did you not hear?”

I knitted my brows together, “hear what?”

“In the two minutes, since you last asked me that exact question, he ran away – left – gone.”

“What?” I screeched, hurrying to the window. “You bitch,” I scolded as she laughed.

“Relax Lyera, that man is not going anywhere.”

“I keep expecting him to realise I am simply not worth it and any moment he’ll jump a horse and ride straight out of my life.”

It was true – I had put him through so much, and he had not failed me once. Endured all of my craziness and chaos and I had nothing to repay with.

“You are an idiot; he is head over heels in love – nothing will stop him now. Shit, I remember when you two were put together in science class, and your project was featured in the school’s newsletter. He must have kept that picture of the both of you in his locker the entire time through High School.”

“He had a picture of us?” I had no idea; I barely remember the project altogether – I think it was running a clock powered by a potato?

“Oh lord, of course, he did. Did you really never notice the way he was with you all those years ago?”

I shook my head ashamed by my own self-absorption, “no. I wish I had have chosen him from the start.”

“Yeah…” Cole sighed as I glanced out the window once more. “We all have those regrets, but the important thing now is you guys do have each other, and he is waiting at the altar for you, so?”


“Are you ready to get married?”

“Yes!” I confidently replied. “Help me get my dress on.”

“Yes ma’am,” she jested.


As I stood in front of the mirror, tears sprung to my eyes; I had never felt more beautiful than I did at that moment. I blinked furiously, willing them away so as not to ruin or smudge the creation.

I had the makeup artist cover the tattoos on my upper body – I felt as though this situation required a blank canvas, some simple reasoning in my head about appearing pure – even though I wasn’t – the stupid ‘conscience angel’ that sat on my shoulder convinced me this decision was best. The white wedding and sanctity of marriage being uncontaminated and holy ludicrously won out.

Pierce had never condemned me for my past; in fact, the tat’s he adored, they told the story of my fight – maybe it was my warped sense of view, but it was done now, and the reflection that stared back was unrecognisable.

“Is he still there?” I hollered at Cole again.

“Yes, you dick. And he looks amazing.” I couldn’t blame him if he wanted to jump ship and end things, sometimes I did feel as though I was a burden. “Now get out here so I can do you up.”

I had chosen natural tones to highlight my skin and my hair was pulled up into an extravagant up-do with wisps of loose strands, curled and framing my face. It all accentuated my green eyes, that and the pristine white from my lace and satin backless mermaid dress, with embroidered shoulder straps – I resembled a princess, not a country farm girl with a tainted history.

“The tattoo artist just arrived, she’s setting up next to the signing table. Jesus, did he invite the whole town?”

“It’s your fault,” I called back from the other side of the bathroom door.


“You and Kae deprived the women of this town a decent shindig, Mama, Dad and Pierce’s parents, ended up inviting as many people as they could. I still can’t believe you, Kae and Colton got married in secret. I’m gutted; I didn’t get to see you.”

“Look, how many times do I have to apologise for that? It was romantic and just for our family. Personal, intimate – I don’t regret a thing.”

I rolled my eyes, opening the door. “You and Kaeron put pressure on Pierce and me to give the town’s folk what they wanted.” Cole stood there gaping at me with tears in her eyes, both hands flying up to cover her mouth as she froze on the spot. “What? What’s wrong? Do I look awful?”

I stepped back to check out my reflection again, seeing nothing out of place and I furrowed my brow in confusion. “No…” Cole faintly whispered, suddenly coming back to life and wiping the fallen tears from her eyes, “no… you look beautiful.”

My heart clenched, “stop will you…” I sniffled, overcome with sentiment, “I can’t cry right now.”

“I don’t even care that I am; you are so gorgeous.”

Cole wrapped her arms around my frame tightly, squeezing the life out of me. “Thank… you,” I struggled to voice as more emotion slammed into my chest.

“We are sisters now, and I’m so lucky to have you Lyera – even if you started with the bitch pack.”

I choked on my spit as I chuckled in her embrace, “I’m so happy my brother is with you Cole,” I declared as we separated. I was rendered bashful, wanting to say something neither of us had stated, but I felt it in the depths of my heart. “I-I love you, Cole.”

“Fuck, it’s going to be that type of day, isn’t it?” She cursed, knocking my shoulder playfully with hers. “I know, I love you too, now turn around so I can tie up that dress.”

“Okay,” I blushed furiously, a secret smile dancing upon my lips.

“How are you feeling? We still have time to run away to an island full of big cocks,” I laughed, fanning my flushed face.

“I’ve been feeling a little off for the past few weeks, had to get bloodwork done the other day. The doc thinks my body is iron and Vitamin D deficient.”

“Nah, that can’t be right. I mean, iron I would believe, kind of, I don’t see you eat a lot of red meat, but you are out in the sun every day – perhaps it’s just nerves?”

“Yeah, that’s it,” I agreed as she roughly tugged at the ties. “This wedding arrived faster than I was prepared for; he didn’t want to wait any longer.”

“See, stress. You’ll be fine once you get in bed tonight – to consummate the marriage,” Cole rolled her lithe hips around mockingly.

“Is he still there?” I asked nervously, turning around as she stepped back from the window.

“Yeah, he’s there – waiting, looking at the front door – hoping his bride will get the fuck out of this room and meet him downstairs.”

“Cole, what the fuck would I do without you?” I smiled.

She shrugged her shoulders, causing her purple maid of honour dress to swish. “Life would suck for you; I am just that awesome.”


I faced the exit, breathing heavily, nervously twisting my fingers and pressing my lips together. Beyond that door trailed a path of white and red rose petals, leading through my parent’s front yard and between the rows of white picnic chairs, to the arch, woven by my mother, where the priest, Kae and the love of my life waited.

“Bub, you okay? You look a little clammy?” Dad’s brows furrowed in concern.

“I feel like I ate a butt load of chilli and it’s making a reappearance.”

“You’re in white,” he gasped, horrified at the thought of turning my white dress brown.

“Relax dad; I’m just nervous.”

“You shouldn’t be – that man is batting way above his average. You are so incredible Avaleria; he’s lucky you chose him.”

My bottom lip trembled thanks to the sweet words that naturally flowed from his mouth. I looked at my father adoringly, “you know that’s what I think of him, right?”

“I don’t doubt that for a second. Bub, I have always been proud of you, even when you didn’t think I was. You make me strive to be a better man, a stronger man and I love you, more than this old, uneducated farmer can express.”

“Dad, I have always been blessed – because you loved me. I am finally happy, after so many years of keeping away from you, our relationship has mended, our family is growing, and life is inspiring again. You did that, you and mama. You saved me – there will be no thanks good enough to express my gratitude to you both.”

He wiped his eyes and kissed my forehead, “you are worth it.” He cleared his throat as unbridled love ran rampant through my system. “Let’s get you wed.”

Just as he spoke those words, twenty one pilots - Can’t Help Falling In Love, blared out across the highly decorated space and Cole yanked open the door and stepped out on cue. My father took one last look of pride and encouragement at me, and we motioned forward, greeted by wide eyes and gasps.

I trembled with apprehension, consumed by powerful waves of love. Mustering every ounce of courage I had, I slowly glanced up, and the air was stolen from my lungs. There he stood – the epitome of western outback princeliness. He adorned brand new cowboy boots, a tailored to perfection suit that made his purple tie gleam, a brand new black Stetson hat with his mouth drooped open and his alluring, penetrating eyes honed in on me as I slowly progressed towards him.

I had never seen him look so handsome or at a loss for words. A tear rolled down his face, and suddenly, I couldn’t hold back my outpour of feelings as they splashed against my cheeks. My heart beat a thunderous rhythm in my ears, each step becoming more unstable the closer I got until finally, I reached Pierce Tyler.

“Who gives this woman to be married?” The priest loudly questioned.

“I do,” my father stated. “Keep her safe Pierce; she is a rare gem.”

“I promise.” Pierce took my hand in his and leaned in, “you are my first and only, love of my life Avaleria. I will spend my life worshipping you.”


The wedding party was in full swing and after thanking everyone for coming, locking lips several times with my amazing husband, and cuddling my gorgeous nephew, Colton. I was bent over and rummaging under the bar for the carton of Hennessey I had hidden away from Kae, dad and Perry, Pierce’s pa, who had become sniffer dogs on the hunt for it.

My dress was lifted, and I spun around in fright, “what the…”

“Shh wife, it’s just me...” Pierce’s voice calmed my panic immediately.

“What are you doing?” I growled. His fingers latched onto my lace panties and shifted them to the side, rubbing his hard cock up and down my heating folds. I was so turned on; the fear of getting caught only heightening our frolic and secret coupling.

“I couldn’t wait,” he confessed, pushing into me. The head of his divine cock, scrapping my inner walls deliciously and I released a satisfactory moan, “you will get people’s attention if you moan like that cowgirl.”

“We’re going to get caught,” I warned with absolutely no fire behind my words.

“No, we won’t. Besides, you’ve had me hard since the moment you stepped towards the altar. Fuck you are beautiful Avaleria.”

His hips were plunging his thick rod straight into my centre, causing me to writhe in delight. “You… are… so… naughty.”

“I’ll be quick.” His dick had me on the verge of an explosion in no time at all.

“Hey Pierce, grab us a beer will you.”

I recognised that voice, my whole body froze, but Pierce did not. He was continuing his pumping into my core as he reached for a bottle, humming to the music as he did so. “Here ya go Mac, enjoying yourself?”

I knew the bar was chest height, maybe belly button height for my sexy man but the dread of being discovered so vulnerable was a genuine possibility, “it was a beautiful wedding, thank you for inviting me.”

“Ah mate, you’re one of us outcasts now, how does it feel?” Don’t have a conversation while fucking me ya bastard, I screamed in my head.

“Earl makes everything better.”

“I’m so happy for the both of you.” I heard some beer bottles clink and then Pierce’s pace picked back up.

“Is he gone?” I whisper yelled.

“Yes, and I’m so close to cumming. That was thrilling.”

“I’m so glad you enjoyed it asshole,” I scolded.

“You know you…”

“Pierce, thank you for having us.”

This time his pelvis slowed and I, sought revenge. Pushing back into him, with my hands splayed out in front of me, I used my vaginal muscles to clench around his cock.

“It’s a… pleasure… doc,” I could hear the strain, I knew he was clamping his jaw.

“Son, I must find Avaleria as soon as possible. Can you point me in her direction?”

“Argh… um… why?”

“Her test results came back…” my ears perked up baring down on Pierce’s thick penis hard, attempting to milk him. “She can’t drink alcohol – she’s pregnant.”

“Fucken… hell!!!” Pierce cried out, exploding and shooting his seed inside of me.

I righted myself, not thinking about being discovered fucking, only hearing the words swirling in my mind. “What did you just say?”

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