Ride a Cowboy

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Chapter 34 ~ Shopping


“At least this time you don’t have my cock in you,” I snickered as Avaleria scowled at me. She was lying down on the bed, fidgeting nervously as we awaited the sonographer – this was our first scan, today we find out exactly how far along she is.

“I’m scared Pierce, what if they find nothing?”

“Take those words and throw them in the bin, this is not history repeating itself.”

“I’m serious, Pierce.”

“So am I, Lyera. This, us, baby – we are going to be fine. And hey, I’m hoping this is number one of fifteen.”

“Why are you such a dick? I’m not having fifteen kids…”

The door opened, interrupting our squabble. “Well, hello there, Mr and Mrs Tyler. My name is Lucy, and I believe this is your first scan?” Lucy was a smaller woman with grey eyes, she appeared to be cheerful enough, at least to distract the petrified wife of mine.

“Yes,” I answered; Avaleria seemed to have lost words as she trembled nervously. “Yes, this is our first. I believe we get to find out how far along my wife is?”

“That’s right, Mr Tyler. Though, I’m afraid there won’t be much, just a small mark on the screen. When we get further along in the pregnancy, you will be able to see the development of the embryo. Now, your doctor sent over your paperwork, you miscarried a few months back, have you ever miscarried before that?” Lyera shook her head, indicating no. “Well, it’s very common, I wish I had an answer for why it occurred. I’m sorry you both went through that.”

“The experience made us stronger,” I assured, gazing at Avaleria lovingly.

The truth was, it had made us stronger as a couple, we had been shown that there literally wasn’t anything in life that we couldn’t overcome together – as a reliable team.

The sonographer lifted my Cowgirls shirt and tucked in the white towels before squeezing some translucent gel onto Lyera’s exposed stomach. “That was a beautiful statement, the love you both possess for one another gives me hope,” Lucy replied.

Avaleria’s vibrant greens met mine, “it’s okay,” I encouraged, “we are still pregnant.”

“When was your last period?”

“I’m… I’m… not sure,” Avaleria answered.

“Not to worry, we’ll see the size and determine from there.” Lucy grabbed the paddle, pressing it into the seemingly smooth flesh of my cowgirl’s abdomen. She began to click away, and lines and dots lit up the screen before she leaned behind her and grabbed a plastic baby. Pulling the model apart like you do with those Russian Matryoshka dolls that sit inside one another, decreasing in size as you reveal each one until she finally grasped the two sizes Lucy had been searching for. Holding it against the screen, the sonographer nodded, affirming to herself.

“Okay,” Lucy smiled, holding up the correctly sized doll, “this is currently the size of your baby. The fetus is sitting at nine weeks, and from crown to rump is 2.3 centimetres, weighing 2 grams.”

“So, there is definitely something there?” Lyera questioned, raking her bottom lip nervously through her teeth.

“Most definitely. Nine weeks is still pretty early, but the baby appears to be healthy, and thus far, there is nothing to be concerned about. Be sure to take your vitamins and drink plenty of water, you will be able to return when you hit your second trimester after twelve weeks, and we will be able to see how much bigger, your little boy or girl has grown.”

The feeling that swept over me was incredible. There was a sudden rush of unexplainable joy as I gazed lovingly at the screen. A boy or girl was growing inside the woman I loved, something we had created together, beautiful and amazing, the procreation of unbridled love between the both of us – a miracle meant for Avaleria and me.

This was turning out to be another spectacular day in the memoirs of my life.


We left the clinic on cloud nine, lost in awe of all that had happened. “You okay?” I heard my wife ask in concern. I glanced over to her, incredulously, as we drove.

“Okay? I’m bloody ecstatic, why would you question that?”

“I don’t know, you seem sort of, umm, quiet.”

“Oh, baby, I’m so happy I can’t seem to find words right now.”

“Are you sure you’re happy?”

I chuckled, “sure? I can’t stop picturing all the things we are going to go through as parents. Wanna do something, or are you tired? Do you need to rest? Would you like me to rub your feet – no, your back – oh, hell, I’ll rub your whole body.”

“Pierce...” Avaleria huffed, “I don’t need you to be not neurotic right now.”

“I’m cool, calm, and collected wife. So you want to do something?”

“Sure, what?”

I stayed silent as we drove, there was definitely something I wanted to do, and a surprise was necessary. I could see Lyera assessing me with great curiosity, but I was not giving in and revealing anything.


A short time later, I pulled into the parking bay of Babies’ n’ more, department store.

“Pierce, don’t you think it’s a bit early for this? What if something goes wrong?”

“Nothing is going to go wrong, Avaleria. This is our life, magical, romantic, and from here on out – completely wondrous. We’ve faced all of our bad, there is no more terrible luck heading our way – I promise.”

I believed in my words. We had faced more than most face in a lifetime, there was nothing left. Surely, there was no bad left? We were going to live the rest of our days in absolute bliss.

“Okay, Tyler, I trust you.”

“Good. Now get your sexy ass out of this car, I am taking my wife and child shopping.”

Avaleria flashed me a knee-weakening smile as she exited the truck, and I collected my wife’s hand as we made our way inside.

The doors opened to a flurry of pastels and fluffy toys. The truth was, before this moment, I had never set foot inside a baby section, let alone an entire department store. I was excited, but overwhelmed, not even when Kaeron and Cole’s baby entered the world did I go shopping, Avaleria had ordered it all online months earlier, I simply just delivered it.

“We don’t have to do this,” Lyera stated as she shook my hand.

I have no idea what my face was showing, but it must have displayed something because her brow was furrowed and she was staring at me with wide eyes.

“I’m okay. Just… just… it’s big.”

“Huh,” Lyera snorted, “that’s what I thought the first time we slept together.” I couldn’t help but grin widely at my wife’s statement. “Pierce Tyler, you’re not overwhelmed by a little baby department store, are you?”

I narrowed my eyes at Lyera, “Mrs Tyler, I am not overwhelmed by anything other than your beauty.”

Avaleria laughed at me, “smooth, so smooth. C’mon Pierce lets just go back to the car, it’s too early for this anyway. We can try again when we are further along.”

“No fucken way,” I hurled as my wife’s word washed over my ears. “We are not leaving here without at least a cot.” I squeezed her hand and stepped forward, heading in the direction of the child cots – god bless whoever invented roof hanging signs. On the way, I stopped in front of the mobiles; there was one in particular that caught my eye. It had horses on it and a light that reflected star shapes upon the ceiling, “we’ll be getting this one,” I murmured.

Avaleria chuckled watching me with a wry smirk.

“Hi there, welcome to Babies’ n’ More, can I help you with anything today?” A young sales assistant offered.

“You sure as heck can. I need a trolley, and today my wife and I will be selecting a cot and a pram...”

“You said just a cot, Tyler.”

I ignored Lyera and continued, “and a pram, clothes, toys etcetera – as much as we can for now.”

“Well, congratulations. Here is a pencil and pad, if you write down the five-number code of the price tags…” the sales assistant pointed to the numbers upon each docket, “then, when you get to the registers, you can pay for a delivery, or we can bring the bulkier items to your vehicle. It’s up to you, some people don’t know we offer both services. I’ll get you a trolley now.”

I collected the paper and pencil gratefully, “thank you, miss. Please bring the shopping cart to the cot section, that’s where we’ll be.” Avaleria snickered at our exchange but remained unusually quiet.

“Right away, sir.”

I trudged forward, determined not to be derailed in my mission, we were going to celebrate this fortuitous event the best way I knew how – the Tyler way.

We were investigating the latest models and baby bed designs when the saleswoman returned with a trolley, I tossed in the horse mobile, nodded my thanks and pushed the cart closer to the beds. “What about this one?” I pointed to my still silent wife as she remained in her reserved stance.

“It’s nice.”

“But do you like it, Lyera?”

“I don’t dislike it.”

I scoffed in annoyance, she was hiding and not immersing herself in our experience. “Avaleria,” I warned, “choose anything you want.”

“But it’s so expensive…” my woman began to protest. I can’t believe after all this time; she still shied away from money. We were married now; it was ours, everything, fifty-fifty, no exceptions.

“Our child will have whatever it wants, no matter the cost.”


“Mrs Tyler, no matter the cost.”

“You’ve worked hard for that money, you deserve…”

“No Lyera, you’re wrong. I’ve worked hard all these years to provide all of this for my family. This, you, all of it has been my dream since high school. I’ve worked hard for us – our family.”

Avaleria smiled shyly, “okay, Pierce. I-I want that one.” Her little finger raised and indicated a tiny cot in the corner of the store, carved from oak, it was beautiful.

“If that’s the one you want, then that’s what we’ll get our baby.”

“Thank you.”

Three hours later, we emerged from the store with a cot, change table, breastfeeding chair, clothes, nappies, toys, a mobile, bed bath, bottles, breast pump, and some fantastic jumpsuits. All gender neutral, of course, as we still had no idea if we would give birth to a boy or a girl.

“I’m exhausted,” Avaleria mused on our drive homeward.

“Me too, that certainly is different than shopping for things for our playroom.”

“Guess we have to get rid of that now, Mr Tyler.”

“Never,” I growled. “I plan on fucking you senseless until we are old and decrepit.”

“You are incredible Pierce. Thank you for today.”

“No need to thank me, wife. Just love me forever, even when I am a prick.”

“I will always love you, but I actually believe that’s impossible.”

We pulled up to the front of our cabin and began to unload the back tray. I was exhausted, though, who knew shopping for a bundle growing in your wife’s tummy would be so tiresome?

Once everything had been placed in our child’s bedroom, Avaleria disappeared to begin dinner as I got to work on building our babies bed. It wasn’t too tricky, thank god, just a basic stick and screw design.

I was testing out the breastfeeding chair when my gorgeous wife appeared in the doorway. “Wow, you’ve been busy in here.”

“Yeah, this rooms going to need a new lick of paint, so start thinking about the colours you want now. We can set up the rest tomorrow.”

“Pierce…” Avaleria purred.

I knew that tone, the hint of arousal slithered from her tongue and swirled around us.

“Yes, Mrs Tyler.”

“I’ve turned the roast down. I think we should have dessert before dinner.” A very sexy smirk washed over my girl’s features.

“Really? What did you have in mind?” I growled.

“Perhaps, the obedience bench is in order.”

I cleared my throat overcome with arousal. “Is that so?”

“Yes. Please undress and meet me in the playroom.”

Before I could question further, Avaleria bent over a collected something hidden behind the doorframe, then disappeared.

I launched from the seat and chased my sexy wife into our bedroom, excited by the sudden atmosphere change. My exhaustion was long forgotten.

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