Ride a Cowboy

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Chapter 9 ~ The Discovery


I pulled her all the way, to where my truck was parked, opening the tray and lifting her on to it, resting my hands either side of her.

“You okay?” I questioned, looking her over, but she watched me with amusement on her face.

“Girlfriend?” I groaned, “I don’t remember us making that distinction Pierce Tyler.”

“It just slipped out,” she chuckled.

“The whole town heard it,” I just rolled my eyes.

“Not the whole town.”

“Pretty much,” she retorted.

“Who cares, are you okay?”

“I’m fine,” she places her hands on my shoulders still with a smirk on her face, I felt a shiver of lust flow through me at the warmth of her palms.

“Does he really have a tiny dick?” She snorted while laughing, but I had to know. He made my teenage years hell and I never got my revenge.

“It was so small, the next guy thought I was still a virgin.” Well, that sent my ego skyrocketing, fuck, even I knew I was packing a decent sized cock.

“Well, as long as you’re okay.” I forced out, trying not to let my happiness show.

“You’re secretly high fiving yourself in your head, aren’t you?” I tried to hold back my smile and just shrugged. Her eyes were locked on mine, but then they would make a dart to my lips and then back up again, while her tongue slipped out to moisten her plump pinks.

“I’ve missed seeing you,” she looked so innocent and vulnerable under the moonlight, we both leant forward, our lips mere centimetres apart, I could feel her warm shaky breath against my heated flesh. This was the moment I had been waiting for, we were about to lock lips passionately.

“Oh my god, here you two are.” Cole came walking up behind us as I pulled back. She sits next to Lyera on the tray, “that was some crazy shit, and then when you took on his manhood and then lack of bedroom ability, aw man, I almost pissed myself,” she laughed hysterically. We both were staring at her, frustrated and annoyed at being interrupted after waiting so long. “What?” Coles’ head snapped between us, “anyway, we’re going to play a game... C’mon,” she jumped off the tray trying to pull Avaleria with her, who in turn, pulled me too.

“I’m a little old for games,” Lyera whined, I was feeling the same way, only now, I was turned on and completely frustrated by not being able to complete what I want too.

“Not this one,” Cole sang back, amused.

Kae had a mischievous twinkle in his eye as he looked at Cole, hmm, mental note to see what’s going on there, they had been giving each other these weird looks for months now and sometimes, the energy would become weird around them, so much so, I had to leave.

Standing by the fire were our friends, about twenty of us in total, confused by the sight, we listened in on what Kaeron had to say. “Okay, grab a partner, we’re playing ‘hide and go seek’ you all know the rules, so I won’t have to explain them, Cole and I, since we decided this game would be fun, are the seekers, the rest of you... hide.” I grabbed Lyera and started walking through bushland, embracing the opportune moment to get her alone in the dark.

She pulled me back, “wait, besides the fact that we are in our twenties and too old for this game, I want to see something,” she loudly whispered. We followed Cole and Kae to an abandoned barn, a long way away from the lake.

“What are they doing? They’re meant to be finding everyone?” I whispered back but she looked at me with a bizarre face, like ‘catch on idiot’.

“Yeah, I don’t think that was ever the actual intention of this game.”

“What do you think is happening?” I questioned as she slapped her face.

“You’re so cute,” she huffs, thank god its dark, I was pretty certain I was beetroot red. “I’m not sure but earlier tonight, they were both in my room and I honestly thought I was going to get pregnant with the amount of sexual tension flowing between them.”

I chuckled, “that weird energy, they got going on? Has been happening for months.”

“Do you think they are together?” We had been waiting behind some hay, giving them a chance to settle in, surely whatever they were doing had been enough time?

I couldn’t handle anymore, now my curiosity had piqued beyond control. I enlaced our fingers and pulled her to the ajar barn, swing door and we almost silently snuck in. Stealth mode was on, the excitement of the situation was building and I felt like a detective on the hunt. I rolled my eyes at my ridiculousness but behind me, Lyera was doing the same, she even forward rolled along the ground, I had to stifle my chuckle.

“I feel like bond music should be playing,” she wiggled her brows at me.

We both heard a sigh, then a moan, as if they had both found relief. Lyera and I freeze, staring at each other with that gleam of excited naughtiness. I put my index finger to my lips and she nodded understanding what I meant. I sat up peering from behind the wooden crate, my eyes widened by the sight and I quickly slumped back down.

She put out her hands either side of her and mouthed the word ‘what?’ as I moved, placing my hand over her mouth and we both slowly sat up together, immediately she recoiled into my chest at the sight of her brother, cock deep and thrusting hard into Cole, while Cole whimpered in delight on all fours, his hand wrapped firmly around her neck. We lowered and she stared at me with a stunned look on her face.

We crept slowly out of the barn and into the still, dark bush. We made it back to my truck giggling like crazy, “oh my god, why is it when I’m with you, I seem to discover my siblings engaged in vigorous activities?”

“Are you saying this is my fault, Avaleria Jonahson?”

“Definitely not, just seems to be a coincidence, maybe that is our secret calling in life?” she laughed.

“What? To catch your family in lewd and vulnerable positions?” Oh god, that just sounded wrong, we only had her parents left and fuck knows, that ain’t something either of us, want to see. “Change of subject, get in the truck,” I ordered and she moved without hesitation.

We arrived at the tree house, not just any tree house, our tree house, the bands. Cole our keyboard player, Rick our Drummer, Mark the Bass player, Earl the tech guy, Drake on electric, Fletcher and Gerald our Roadies and backup vocalists. Who were actually just happy to be a part of something, and me, lead vocals and guitar. We had built it back in high school and still frequented it at least twice a week for practice and catch ups.

“You built this?” She looked around amazed by our handy work. To be fair, we were actually really creative, it was huge, the old sturdy oak really stood the test of time and against all weather. It was built like an actual apartment, big open floor with a small kitchenette, which we had modified the older we got, in need for things like a coffee pot and a microwave, which ran off the generator along with other things.

Then we had the multiple beanbags and coffee tables. To the side of the wall, we had built, pull down sleeping cots, three on each wall and Drake had set up the last wall with a place to hang our instruments and equipment, along with an 80inch flat screen and the game consoles. “Where do you go to the toilet?” She asked all of a sudden, looking around noticing that’s all that was missing.

“There are two separate long drops over the hill, girls and guys.”

“Cole asked for her own toilet?” I shook my head.

“Not a first, but when she started leaving her tampons and shit, we decided she needed her own room, for her... feminine things.”

She just smiled looking out the window, “I like it here,” we stayed silent for a bit, I actually didn’t know what to say. “If... they were looking, I doubt we would be found for several hours, if, they were looking.”

I moved in beside her and leant up against the windowsill, “I doubt anyone would find us here for days, looking or not, no one comes here until Wednesday night.” I slide my fingers along her forearm, never breaking eye contact. She doesn’t move or pull away, she just allows me to touch her, my left hand holding her left hand. Though I did catch the fluttering of her lids and the heavy exhale on contact.

She rakes her bottom lip through her teeth, then clucks her tongue before taking a step toward me and swallowing hard, her dazzling greens switching rapidly between my cognac-brown ones, she’s unsure and vulnerable. My fingertips slip between hers and enclose tightly, which now had me biting my lip in expectation, excitement and suspense. Still, no words are passed between us, only electrical currents of pure lust and promised hopefulness that our first kiss is everything we had hoped. Though I still held some slight disbelief in the back of my mind that she would want me, that was until I saw her body react.

Her hitched breathing, flushed cheeks and the way she leant into my touch was a sign she was feeling this just as much as I am. Standing in between my legs, my palms slide up her curvy sides to hold the back of her neck. Slow and with obvious intent, I move forward as her eyes flutter closed and I pressed my soft, slightly dry lips against her fluffy delicate searing hot ones.

The kiss is like molten lava, igniting our bodies with passionate ardour, I deepen it, throwing away all restraint with my entire insides flipping continuously like in a spin cycle. Our mouths moving as one, tongues grazing gently, with fervour and intensity. I spun us around, lifting her to rest atop the windowsill, parting her legs so my hips can rest comfortably between them. She begins to paw at my clothes attempting to grind against my straining manhood, my hands roaming her divine body, lavishly groping and squeezing, I push my hips closer desperate for friction and contact. I wanted the skin to skin contact, needed to feel her pussy against my cock, even if there was clothing still between us, I wasn’t about to push her further than she wanted to go.

We both pull apart panting for breath, her arms on my shoulders, hands entwining in my hair at the base of my skull, my hands on the back of her thighs as we locked eyes. She suddenly reaches down, grasping the hem of her jumper and lifting it up and over her head. My Adam’s apple bobs, attempting to swallow as I lustfully watch her movements, her nimble fingers reaching out to pull off my shirt and then her fingertips gently glided over my muscular and taut chest and abs, I see a hint of a smile dancing along her flushed red lips as she traced the outline of my abdomen.

I pulled her from the windowsill, unable to hold back my burning desire for her, “turn around,” she complies with a bite to the inside of her mouth. I slid her singlet up over her head, revealing her light purple bra and I groaned in appreciation, unhooking it. Her breasts flowing freely as I fondled with pure bliss, my nerdy high school self, smiled. This had been my fantasy for years and I was relishing in the moment.

Pushing up her denim skirt over her rounded plump globes so it rests around her middle, purple lace shorties underwear happily greeted me. I am not a religious man but that sight had me thanking heaven for the opportunity to gaze upon such a voluptuous and sexy sight. I ran my rough palms over the silky smooth skin, squeezing gently while she groaned at my intimate appreciation of her beautiful arse. I couldn’t help it, lifting my hand, I brought it down harshly on her plump taut cheek, leaving behind a small sting that caused a slight damping of her panties. “Do you remember when I said, I had shit?” My tone was thickly laced in a lusty growl.

“Yes,” she exhaled.

“I like to fuck roughly babe, I like to dominate,” she curved her back, pushing her voluptuous ass into my hands.

“How Tyler? Show me how?” she moaned heavily as I leant down, swiping my tongue along the side of her neck.

“All in good time babe, I will show you everything, but right now... I need to see your pussy, I want to explore every inch of it, feel the way it moistens and reacts to my ministrations.” She grunted and shuddered at my whispered words. “Open your legs wider Avaleria, show me your divine cunt,” my order and tone was not to be challenged.

I rather, unceremoniously, yanked down her panties to her knees and moved in behind her, running my fingers and thumb along her bare puckered hole, seeing it clench upon my touch before my thumb teased her pink swallow flaps, the evidence of her arousal moistening her entrance. Finally bending forward, my tongue swiped across her slick folds before circling her clenching rim. Not expecting my tongue to lick at her glistening cunt, she jolted forward, letting out a very gratifying moan of undulating desire as the wave of erotic pleasure rolled over, not just her body but also mine, flaring to life my masculine horny beast.

My face now buried deep, salivating over the delicious crème her centre was producing, I felt her thighs tremble as her breathy moans turned guttural, slipping a finger in and curling, to rub against her heavenly tunnel, I felt her contract around my thick digit and suddenly, she exploded, my mouth flooding with sweet juices. Fuck, that was the fastest I had ever brought a female to orgasm, her tight grip of her inner walls suggested a firm hold, once I was in.

“Avaleria, you are amazing!” she groaned at my words.

“My turn,” she replied turning around and licking her lips, blazing fire burning brightly in her eyes.

Lyera dropped to her knees, her greens fixed on mine as she worked the bull riding belt buckle and then the button and the zipper releasing almost all of my monster from its confines. Her left hand rubbing my long length through my boxer briefs as her right hand worked on bringing down my jeans to my ankles.

She was teasing me, the mushroom head exposed as she toyed with the elastic on my underwear before her tongue slurped up the droplets of pre-cum gathered on my slit before she removed my underwear, releasing my sizable rigid cock. She gasped with widened eyes, immediately gripping it with both of her warm soft hands, stroking me up and down. Relishing the feel of her soft palms, I watched on with curious hooded lids, her tongue extending and circling the head, making sure to flick the underneath of the helmet, causing my hips to thrust slightly before she surprised the shit out of me by swallowing me whole.

I groaned in cathartic, passionate sensual pleasure as my length slid down the back of her throat. Never had a woman been able to swallow the length of me and yet, here, on her knees, was the epitome of my every fantasy, divine and sexy as hell, sucking me entirely, with no gag reflex.

“Oh god yes,” I moaned out.

Her devouring my seeping cock had me hanging on the precipice of orgasmic ecstasy, her eyes closed, her brows raised and her hand fondling my balls. I thrust into her deep throat, watching it expand every time I pushed further down into her, my mind flooding with depraved thoughts of what I could do with a talent such as this, when I exploded with surprise and a... “fuck, yes!” I had never been brought to release that quickly.

She had swallowed every drop, the tip of her tongue gliding along my slit, lapping up the last remnants of my orgasm as a satisfied smirk forms on her face. My blazing need for more, sent the words falling from my mouth without any thought process, “you’re my girl now, no matter what Lyera, do you understand? You are mine.”

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