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Home Can Be You

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Evelina lived her life as a happy teen until one day, when everything changed in the blink of an eye. That night was unsettlingly different. She opened her sleepy eyes to be greeted by heavy gray fog, making her jump. The house was on fire, and she did not know what to do then and froze for a moment. However, she finally remembered something crucial: her mom and six-year-old sister were still in the house and needed saving. "It would be so ironic if I didn't survive tonight. My name, Evelina, means life, so I must live for them."

Romance / Humor
Nadine Abu Treef
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Chapter 1

Up to 70 percent of people have experienced the hypnic jerk, which is a falling sensation that wakes you up suddenly as you are almost asleep.

I was dreaming about some unfortunate past event that made me jerk from my sleep with a sore mood. As I was breathing heavily and was drenched in sweat, I sniffed the heavy air.

Once the smell of smoke entered my nostrils, I was wide awake. I looked around me, afraid and alarmed. I knew that something terrible had happened in our sleep and that was fire. My room was filled with smoke, it was too dark. I used to light a little light bulb every night just to feel safe but I couldn’t see the light emitting from the light bulb due to the killer smoke.

I uncovered my blankets and jumped from my bed while waving my hands in front of my face. It was getting hard to breathe so I sped up and opened my bedroom door. Lucky for me, the bath was clear from any fire but I didn’t stop to relax. I dashed to my little sister’s room and busted the door open. ” Elara! Wake up! Mom! Fire, wake up! ” I yelled.

I walked to Elara’s bed and saw her sleeping in peace. I wanted her peace to last and that would actually happen when I get her out of the burning home. ” Mom! ” I shouted once again in hopes that she would hear me. I placed my hands under my sister’s legs and back, then ran out of her room to mom’s room. ” Elara, sweetie wake up ” I felt scared when she didn’t open her eyes. I was afraid that the smoke had affected her to the point of death that when she cracked her eyes open, I sighed with relief that she was alive.

“Evelina? What’s wrong?” She asked as she rubbed her eyes with her fist. She sniffed the air and looked behind my back. ” Fire! Eve, there is fire behind us ” She yelled as she clinched tighter and hid her face in my chest. I ran my hand through her hair then opened mom’s room quickly... she wasn’t there but I didn’t waste another second. I ran downstairs to her office knowing that she fell asleep while grading her college students’ tests, again. Mom was a hard-working chemistry teacher that she sometimes forgets to take care of herself.

I was barely avoiding the hot flames when she opened the door, her clothes were already dirty and her face showed utter fear. Once she spotted me, her expression relaxed next she ran to us and hugged us tightly. ” Let’s get out of here before we choke or burn alive. Run, Evelina ” She ordered and held Elara in her arms. I grabbed mom’s hand and scampered from the house without looking back.

We were so lucky because the kitchen was the one on fire and it was on the second floor near our rooms, we made it out before the flames ate our only path out. I knew that was the last time we will be able to step foot into that house. It was our lovely home but now it was gone.

“Someone call 911” Once my hearing became clear, I heard the neighbour shouting at her grandchild. He was shaking when he placed the phone in his ear. “H-hi... O-our neighbour’s house is on fire... N-no, they are all out and safe” As he said that, he glanced at me to make sure that what he said was true. I nodded then sat on the ground in the middle of the street. It was pitch black so I figured that it was way past midnight. People started to crowd near the burning house and around us. It let up the whole neighbourhood.

“Are you okay?” Mom asked as she placed her hand on my head and looked me in the eyes. Elara came to me and sat on my lap, she was shivering so I hugged her. I nodded, finding it hard to speak because of my dry throat and I was coughing since I came out of my room. ” You did great out there. You saved your little sister, I’m so proud of you. Here some water, the nice lady gave it to me” She handed me a bottle that was filled with icy water. I placed it on my forehead to get rid of the heat that was consuming my upper body.

I opened the bottle and drank half of it then handed it to Elara. My coughing died down and the old lady handed us a big blanket. “Cover up sweetie, your shirt is burned” She pointed out then looked at my chest. I averted my gaze from her’s and glanced at my body. She was right, it was ripped so I covered myself with the blanket while looking around me for any male who happened to be there and saw me. I just saw married couples and small children. The oldest boy here was the old lady’s grandchild and he was 11.

“Thank you,” I said with blushed cheeks. A moment later, we saw the help rushing to put out the fire. Paramedics ran to our side and opened their bags.

“Are you hurt?” A man asked us but he was mainly directing his question to Elara and I understood his worry. She was six.

Mom and I shook our heads no then looked at Elara. “No, I’m okay” She replied in an innocent tone. She was so pure. The man smiled but he did his checkup anyway. When it was my check-up, the first thing he did was grab my arm gently.

I winced in pain the second he did that and I looked at my arm to see a small burn on it. That will print a mark for sure. “You didn’t feel it until now?” the man asked in a firm tone and I nodded.

“I was so caught up in saving my family that I didn’t realize that I was hurt but it’s okay, it was worth it” I explained calmly then let him do his job.

He was amused at my response when he treated me because I didn’t complain at all.” You are a strong young lady, you are brave and thoughtful. I hope you get to live a long and a happy life. What’s your name?” He asked me and I smiled at his kind words.

“My name is life but in a different language.” I chuckled at his confused face. “My name is Evelina and thank you sir” I replied and he mirrored my smile.

“Evelina! That is a beautiful name. I’m expecting twin girls in a week or less and we have been searching for names, can we use yours?” he asked with sparkling eyes. He looked so hopeful. I kept on smiling.

“That would be amazing, yes please do,” I said in an excited tone. I almost forgot that we have no place to stay in and that was a problem that I hoped mom solved while we were talking.

“That’s great, and what is your sister’s name? My wife will be so delighted because she wanted unique names and yours is for sure unique” He remarked with a loving smile. He sure loved his wife and soon to be born twins. She was lucky to have such a kind man and a husband. The girls will have a happy life.

“Her name is special and I named her that, she’s Elara and her name means Moon of Jupiter” I replied and he nodded in a serious face and pulled out his phone from his pocket. I waited patiently until the one on the other end of the phone picked it up.

“Baby, hi. Sorry to wake you up at 2 am but I had to ask you this. What do you think of the names: Evelina and Elara?” He asked her, seconds later he jumped, and his face reflected anxiety. “What happened?” He yelled through the phone which caught mom’s attention. ” Oh shit, I will be there in five. Hang on” he said then hung up and stood on his two feet.

" My babies are coming, gotta go. Hope you get well and we will for sure use your names” He cleared and ran to a car.

“Good luck” I yelled and he raised his hand while he was back facing me.

“At least someone’s night is turning out to be bright” Mom mentioned with a small smile and helped me stand up. She saw my wrapped forearm and frowned, she looked exhausted. “I hope it heals but for now, we will be staying with the old lady Smith and her grandchild for the night and I will deal with it tomorrow. Let’s go girls” She said and we walked with the nice old lady and entered her house.

Dear God, please don’t make us suffer because of this accident!

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