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Chapter 12

“If kids come to us from strong, healthy, and functional families, it makes our job easier. If they do not come to us from strong, healthy and functional families, it makes our job more important.” That was the first thing that I heard when I opened my dad’s office. He was talking to a woman in a light pink dress, it was not revealing but it was not suited for a teacher so I assumed she was a mother who was here not see her son or daughter. I got curious about their conversation, that was why I didn’t say anything, I just listened quietly. “Those were Barbara Coloroso’s words, she’s a great author,” Dad added and the woman’s expression got weirder by the second. I could tell that she was not following his perspective.

She sighed and crossed her arms. “But, principal Bamford, what does that have to do with my son?” She asked and I was confused yet I didn’t ask. I just waited.

“It has everything to do with your son. He came from a wealthy family. I understand that it all came from your efforts and I admire it, but because of your job that made your family wealthy, you didn’t get the time to teach him the simplest things ever, for instance, opening a door for a female student who couldn’t open the door by herself due to the heavy books in her hands. Miss, he pushed her to the floor! Kicked her books and kicked her hands and I have that on camera to prove it.” Dad cleared in a firm and a strict tone that made me shiver from fear. That fear was out of respect.

He looked into the mother’s eyes and breathed. “I will not tolerate this just because he’s from a wealthy family. I’m sorry, but I have to at least give him a week worth of suspension for him to value his time here. In school, because it is important.” Dad ejaculated in a sophisticated manner and I was fascinated by his charismatic way of thinking. I was very proud to call him dad.

The woman looked torn apart but she eventually gave dad a sad smile. “I understand, sir, and you are right. I admit that I neglected him because of my work and I will try to fix my mistake. I hope I could do something in his suspension. I apologize for his rude and barbaric behavior and I will make sure that he learns his lesson. Thank you.” She countered, surprisingly, in a well-mannered way and I was happy for dad. She was not the type that only sees the good in their children, she was understanding and fair.

After she left, I sat on the table in front of dad and smiled brightly at him. He laughed and then sighed. “That went well! And the way that you approached her is brilliant, dad.” I was genuine about my words and he felt that.

“Thank you sugar pie, I try!” He responded with a smiled and I rolled my eyes at his modesty. He placed his hand on the big pile of worksheets and I felt sorry for him. “Now, why are you here? Don’t you have PE now?” He asked with one raised eyebrow and I crossed my arms.

“It’s because I have PE, I’m here. I can’t run today because I flipped over a small rock this morning and my foot is aching me. I just told the teacher that you called for me and he immediately agreed. I didn’t lie, I just didn’t tell him the real reason for ditching and I didn’t do that because he wouldn’t leave me alone until I get to the nurse’s office. I don’t want that so I’ll just sit here, you can go back to work. I won’t distract you.” I explained my situation properly and dad nodded.

“Fine by me and don’t put too much pressure on it, it might swell and get nasty! Now, do your homework, I’m sure that you have some. I know my teachers.” He cleared and I groaned. Of course, he knew his teachers... He hired them!

After about 15 minutes of nerve-racking math questions, Andro burst into the office with a panicked expression. I jumped slightly at his action. “Dad! I can’t find Eveli... What are you doing here?” He asked as soon as he saw me. His face relaxed and I chortled.

“I skipped,” I replied with a smile and he sighed.

“No shit! I know that! I meant, why here? And why don’t you answer your phone? I called you like hundred times.” He asked again and I looked at my phone to see that it was dead. I showed it to him and he sat next to me, feeling defeated. It was almost the end of the school day and luckily PE was the last period. I continued solving the math equations and got Andro to help me with one.

After I finished all of my homework, dad finished his work. “We worked hard,” I commented and dad agreed. When the bell rang, it was time for us to go home. We called mom to see where she was and she told us that she’d go and take Elara from her school.

“Hey Nolan, do you want to dance?” I asked my brother after we finished eating and he agreed. Nolan and I always danced together in the street. We danced like robots and we were good at it. It was like our thing. He and Andro had chess and him and I had dancing. “I hope that your skills are still intact!” I mentioned as soon as we stepped outside. Our family brought chairs and sat outside with us to watch our battle. We decided not to dance on the street itself but on the wide garden that my dad had been gardening since he came to this city. He’d done a great job.

“Okay, we will be the judges here. One... two... three!” And we began dancing. I actually missed this feeling of freedom and like I used to say: There were shortcuts to happiness and dancing was one of them. I glanced at Nolan and saw his flexible moves and tried to imitate him. I tried but I ended up with my own moves. The ones that defined my dancing style and we were all happy.

After a while, we took a small break and in that time, I saw Oriana and Zeno walking on the other side of the road. She noticed me and beamed. She let go of Zeno’s hand, looked left and right for any passing cars and then she crossed the road while running. “Evelina!” She called and I smiled widely. She gave me a gentle hug and I ruffled her hair.

When Zeno arrived, he had a scowl on his face. “Why did you do that? What if there were any passing cars?!” He scolded her out of worry but I dismissed him with a wave of my hand.

“Nah, she checked before she crossed. She’s smart!” I defended her and she smirked at her brother. Zeno rolled his eyes and sighed. “Come on, since you are here, let me introduce you to my family. This is my mom, Carina. Dad, Carolos. Big brother, Nolan. Little sister, Elara and I’m sure that you remember, Andro, my twin brother.” I introduced them and they greeted them with open arms. My family was welcoming and that was a real goal for me when I get to start my own family.

He nodded. “Hello, I’m Zeno and that’s my sister, Oriana. Nice to meet you all and I’m so sorry for intruding on your family time...” He apologized with a slight blush. I thought that he was cute and wanted to comfort him yet I teased him.

“Oh come on, you are my friend and a friend is part of our family. So, sit and be judges for our dance-off. Andro, can you grab another two chairs for them, please?” I asked my brother and he went inside the house. After a few minutes, they sat. I could tell that he was nervous and kind of uncomfortable but Oriana was enjoying her time and Elara seemed to like her.

I was feeling too energetic throughout the whole battle and finally won the match. Zeno was the deciding last vote and he voted for me. He explained that he really enjoyed my dancing and had to give it to me. I couldn’t say no because I won and Nolan lost. After we all sat and chatted for a while, I noticed that Zeno didn’t look Andro in the eyes when he spoke with him and vice versa. It was odd however I didn’t ask. I just went with the flow.

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