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Chapter 13

Two weeks had passed since Nolan’s return and we were having so much fun, it was Friday night when all our family decided to go and ice-skate. I was excited because we all knew how to skate and we were so competitive, even Elara was thrilled to start her own magic skating show. “Are were there yet?” She asked dad who was driving and he glimpsed at her from the rare-view mirror for a second. Luckily, this car had five seats from the back so we all got into it.

“I’ll just have to make this final turn and... We have arrived!” He announced and we looked forward at the round building. It was big and neat and full of people. It was Friday night, after all. “Evelina, open the door.” Nolan requested and I did. We all got out of the car and stretched. “I will be the champion today and you’ll be the sore losers this time!” He added with a smug look on his face and I rolled my eyes. Last time we skated together, mom won the battle.

“Yeah, right.” Andro and I said at the same time and we smirked. Sometimes, we forget that we were twins because we didn’t look like each other but these moments proved it. Not scientifically of course, but in our family it did. “Eve, you and Nolan go grab our shoes and we will wait for you near the icy floor, don’t be so late!” Andro ordered and Nolan and I raised our eyebrows.

“Why us?” We asked in unison and they grinned.

Mom put her hands on our shoulders and patted. “Because my lovely kids, we agreed beforehand that you two would do that, now go!” She reasoned and I couldn’t see how that was fair in any way, however, we didn’t say anything because mom’s words were absolute.

I sighed in annoyance. “Let’s go,” Nolan tugged my sweater and we walked ahead of them into the building. “Say,” he started and I gazed at him while walking. “Do you have a boyfriend?” He asked this sudden question and I stopped. It was too sudden and unexpected of him to ask me that.

“What’s that about?” I asked with narrow eyes because it could have been mom’s question and she dared him to ask me. She’d do it, I knew my mom very well.

“Just answer!” He huffed and I shook my head.

“No, I don’t have. Now, tell me why?” I replied then crossed my arms.

He gave me a wicked smile and I feared for my imaginary boyfriend for a second there. “Because, sugar pie, I would have loved to speak with him... in private. That’s all,” He answered me and I thanked God for not having a boyfriend. He’d have been dead by now.

We reached the stand where a guy was handing the right shoes to people. Nolan rested his palms on the table and the guy turned and looked at us. “We want these sizes,” Nolan handed him a small paper that we all wrote our sizes on because it was easier that way. The guy nodded and then he looked at me with a grin.

“You and your girlfriend having a fun night, so far?” The guy asked and we gagged.

I shook my head furiously and Nolan gave him the -are you serious- glance. “No, she’s my sister!” He stated and the guy smiled widely, which was weird and he looked creepy.

“Oh, that’s even better. Do you want to hang out, alone?” He asked me with a -what was supposed to be an attractive smirk but it was indeed creepy and my mouth fell wide open, I was in shock. Was he serious? Or, was he an idiot? I looked at Nolan to see him smiling with his eyes closed and that only meant one thing for him to smile like that: shit’s about to go down!

“No thank you, give us the shoes and we will be out of your way.” I cleared in a nervous way and tugged on Nolan’s arm. I didn’t want to cause a scene.

“I don’t mind you being in my way or on my way.” The guy stated his last words and Nolan grabbed the guy’s collar with his tight fist. The guy was surprised nevertheless scared. He deserved that for his last comment.

“Listen here freak; Just because she’s my sister, doesn’t mean you could make a move on her! It’s because she is my little sister, you must not even look at her! Now, give us the shoes so we can go.” My brother countered in a quiet and intimidating tone and I thanked God that he did not punch him.

“But she’s smoking hot, how can I not look at her!?” And now he had done it. Nolan raised his fist and it clashed with the guy’s jaw. He fell to the other side of the stand and I sighed. “Sorry...” He groaned then crawled to get our shoes. Learned his lesson the hard way and that was stupid of him to say that.

I looked at Nolan with a tired expression and he just ruffled my hair. “No one messes with my sisters or my family in general! To say that he’s got the balls to say that in front of me! I wanted to beat his ass more but there are kids here and I’m the cool guy here, not the meanie.” He exclaimed with a laugh and I gave up. My brothers would go to the extreme for us, girls. I loved them so much and wouldn’t ask for more.

After a few minutes, the guy returned with a bruised jaw and a bag filled with our shoes. “Here you go, I hope you enjoy the night.” He wished without making eye contact with us. We took them and walked away. It was a shame that guys only learn their lesson when they get beat up by someone else.

“What took you so long?” Andro asked while he was wearing his skating shoe. I looked at Nolan to see him glaring at no one in particular. I just kept on helping Elara with her shoes.

“What happened?” Dad asked him and mom put her hand on Nolan’s shoulder.

“An idiot dared to flirt with Evelina in front of me so I punched him and he apologized. But, I’m still angry!” He explained and they all looked at me. Andro came closer and he was also glaring. My family.

“Where is he? I just want to talk to him...in private!” Andro said and I laughed at the ironic side of the story. He and Nolan were brothers alright and they were easy to read. I appreciated their concerns and protective side but I could have handled myself pretty well.

“Hold your horses, buddy, he took care of him. So, sit down and fix your shoes properly!” Mom demanded in a firm tone and he obliged. Mom was scary sometimes though she saved us from causing another big scene. “Now, let’s enjoy our night.” She added with a wide and energetic smile and we all entered the ring.

We skated as if our life depended on it except for Elara, she was a beautiful and elegant dancer and we all stopped skating just to admire her delicate moves. I had a unique family that I would die for. They were my everything. “Woho, go Elara!” I cheered in a very loud tone and that grabbed other skaters’ attention. They also stopped and watched her sumptuous show. After she did a long twirl, she finished and we all applauded for her. She deserved it moreover she was blushing like crazy. I opened my arms for her and she skated towards me with a huge smile. “You were like a butterfly and I believe that you are the winner this time.” I cleared and they all nodded and she thanked us.

Nolan came closer and he held her in his arms. “Where did you learn to move like that?” He asked her after he kissed her little nose.

She grinned before she said: “Youtube!” And we all laughed. It was a great night and for a second there, I wished for Zeno and Oriana to be here with us but then I remembered that it was a family night and sighed. It was true that I said that they were a part of our family yet Nolan insisted on going just the sixth of us and we went with the flow. Next time.

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