Home Can Be You

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Chapter 16

“I will die either way. So, let me die knowing that I saved a soul.” He abruptly spat those dreadful words and mom let go of his hand uncontrollably. His words left her frozen in her place, not just her, dad as well. Nolan took that as his chance; he grabbed the hose and let the water drench his entire body and then he dashed to the blazing fire leaving us with his back to us. It took me a while to realize what had happened and when I did, I felt a hole inside my body devouring me alive. Sinking its teeth into my heart and my tears were like waterfalls on my cheeks.

“Nolan!” Mom, Andro, dad and I screamed while being caught in the spur of the moment. I lost the strength in my legs and I fell to the floor, forgetting that Zeno was still holding me tightly. He didn’t let go of me even after I fell. Oriana was crying and Elara was standing next to mom, wrapping her arms around herself. For a six-year-old child, she knew what that meant. “Eve!” Nolan could die and never return. “Evelina, breathe!” I was brought back to reality when Zeno cupped my cheeks and made me look at him. I grasped the fact that I wasn’t breathing and quickly let go of my negative thoughts and breathed.

“Thanks.” I managed to say after a moment of silence then I fixed my gaze at the burning house. No matter where I looked, I couldn’t see a way out. Dark thoughts began clouding my mind again, however, they were stopped by Nolan’s voice. I snapped my head to the second floor and saw my brother holding an unconscious little girl in his hands. I felt relieved that he was still alive yet not too relieved. He still had to figure out how to get out and I had a feeling that I knew what was he thinking. He was standing on the railing of the window, one hand holding the child and the other holding the railing.

“Dad, can you catch her?” Nolan shouted to dad in a loud voice because of the fire and the firetrucks sirens. Dad stepped closer, into the garden while spreading his arms wide open. He was ready and Nolan didn’t waste another second. He dropped the girl and I prayed. We all did and dad caught her and they fell to the ground together. I rushed to them and helped dad get up with the girl. We stepped back and waited for Nolan to do the same. “Andro, see that mattress?” Nolan called and Andro looked at the direction that he was pointing at. He meant the swing’s mattress. It was big enough for him to lighten his fall. We prepared it for him and he jumped the second the firefighters got to the scene. “Ugh,” He groaned in pain while holding his foot. He hurt it but it was better than dying. A broken bone was better than a soulless body.

“Are you okay?” One of the paramedics asked my brother while the other took care of the girl. Nolan was covered in smoke and I could see minor injuries on his arms. The lady grabbed Nolan’s foot and he winced. “Yeah, it’s broken. That’s why I’m going to snap it back. It’s gonna hurt but it will be all good after that.” She stated and Nolan nodded while holding mom’s hand. “On the count of three. One-” and she snapped it back before getting to two. He screamed in agony yet the lady smiled. “I surprised you, didn’t I?” She joked and we all laughed. Life was full of happiness and tears; we should stay strong and have faith that something good will happen.

Dad and mom were speaking with the chief, and Elara was hugging Nolan tightly. Andro, Zeno, Oriana and I were watching them. “Don’t do that again!” She cried in his arms and he smiled sadly at her. His words from before he entered the house never left my mind. ‘I’d die either way...’ I wanted to ask him about it, however, I knew that it was not the right time. I postponed the question to later after. We went to the hospital in the paramedics’ vehicles. But what we didn’t know that a storm was lurking on us and there was no way to turn back time.

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