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Chapter 19

“You still didn’t tell us as to why you are here?” Nolan asked the twins and we all laughed. The laughter was filled with heavy tears. He managed to cheer us up and I loved him from the bottom of my heart and just when he was back to us, he will be gone by next year. Murphy’s law can be ruthless and I despised it.

“Oh, we forgot about that completely! We came here to surprise you guys. We missed all of you, therefore, why not come and pay you a visit?” Evan cleared and Alaska nodded with a bright smile. “We are staying here for about a week, I will sleep with Evelina and Evan with Andro and it’s been decided since the first day you moved from Virginia,” Alaska explained like she owned the stage. That was one of the best things that I loved about them, they were confident and bold and they’d say whatever was on their mind without thinking of the circumstances, it was wrong to do that, but it was them. They were free with their actions and words.

“That would be awesome, we missed you too guys!” Mom replied then clapped her hands. We really enjoyed being with them. “Come on now, let’s head inside and prepare you for sleep. If I remember correctly, Carlos, you do have extra mattresses, right?” She asked dad and he nodded with a yawn, he was tired, not physically but mentally and I could see that. We all stood up and headed inside.

After we finished preparing my room, Alaska and I sat on my bed with the laptop between our legs. We were watching a movie when she turned her head to face me, I paused the film and waited for her to speak. “Tell me about your friends here, how are they? What about school? Who’s Zeno? Tell me everything!” She asked with a bright glint in her eyes and then she smirked. “Because you know, I will escort you tomorrow to see how you live here,” she added and I facepalmed myself.

“Sure, I have two girlfriends here. Emilia and Franky, they are great and fun to be around and they are in love with two of Andro’s best friends who are my friends now as well. Franky loves Rick and Emilia loves Jace, and I know about that from the first day in the school. They talked to me in the bathroom because they thought that I was a threat to their love but I assured them that I was not and we clicked. You will love them the moment you see them. Also, Andro has a third friend who’s name is Levi and he’s calm.” I told her what she wanted to know but then, I remembered an important thing. “Oh, and dad is the principal there and mom is the chemistry teacher...” I added and waited for her reaction.

Her eyes grew wide and her mouth was open. I related to her. “No way!” She whispered and I nodded. I knew her feelings. “No freaking way!” And she was yelling. I burst out of laughing and she shut her mouth.

“You know what I did when I found out?” I asked her and she shook her head. “I slapped dad’s cheek... I know it’s a bad thing to do but the overwhelming emotions consumed my actions and I just did it,” I admitted and it was her turn to burst out of laughing. “Oh and you asked me about Zeno, well, we met in a funny kinda way,” I said and her brows were arched.

“How so?” She asked and I cleared my throat.

“I was exploring the area when a group of drunk men spotted me and thought that it would be a good idea to chase after me. I just ran at full speed until I saw Oriana, Zeno’s little sister, playing outside. I grabbed her and we ran into her house. I locked the door unaware that Zeno was standing in front of us. I explained to him my situation and he said that he would take care of it and he really did. Those guys never bothered me again and Zeno became a great friend of mine,” I told her my action life story and she was so engrossed in it. She loved action and romance and I was sure that she was making up a continuation story in her head. We spent the whole night like that; laughing and chatting until the sleep was too powerful to ignore.

I woke up earlier than anyone else because I was feeling energetic despite the few hours of sleep that my mind and body had received, therefore, I decided to make breakfast for everyone. After I finished, I looked at the time and it was 7:15 and they started getting down one by one. The first one that was sitting on the chair was Elara. She loved food and I didn’t blame her. “Good morning Evey, what’s for breakfast?” She asked me as she rubbed the sleep away from her eyes.

I smiled and kissed her head. “Good morning teddy bear, I made Pancakes, waffles, omelets and I peeled some bananas and strawberries and made milkshakes.” I counted them and she cheered. “Good morning guys,” I greeted as everyone else sat on their chairs. Alaska and Evan brought chairs from the living room and sat next to Elara and Nolan.

“Moring, what made you do all that?” Mom asked and dad washed his hands then kissed my forehead. “I’m grateful though!” She added and I laughed.

“I don’t know, I thought of spoiling you guys more... wow, I sounded like a grandma,” I commented and we all chuckled. I served them and then I got lots of compliments from them. Then, we all headed to school.

On our way, Andro gave Evan the heads up about our parents being in school. Apparently, they were so busy yesterday with video games, they forgot to chat. Alaska and I rolled our eyes and we continued talking until we arrived. The moment I stepped out of the car, I was wrapped in Emilia’s arms. “Hey Evelina, we missed you!” She exclaimed and I patted her back so she could let go and give me some space to breathe. “Sorry,”

“It’s okay, more importantly, I want you to meet my best friends from Virginia, Alaska, and Evan. They are the twins that I talked to you guys about.” I introduced them and Franky’s and Emilia’s faces lit up with excitement. “Guys, these are my best friends here in Chicago, Emilia and Franky and since all of you are my best friends, why don’t we all become best friends?” I suggested and they all agreed. The boys met with us in the school’s building and they immediately hit it off with Evan. Us girls, chatted until it was time for class.

“I don’t think it’s a good idea for us to go in with you, so, we will go and bother your dad in his office. Bye-bye,” Alaska announced and dragged Evan with her. I loved them so much and so did Emilia, Franky, the boys, and my family. In all those events, I didn’t forget about Zeno and that text message. I will try and ask him later about it.

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