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Chapter 24

After we calmed down in my dad’s office, we chatted for a while until dad got a call from Elara’s bodyguard. He frowned and answered the call. “Hello... something happened?... What? Where?... Okay, take a picture and send it right away. I have someone who can tell us who... Now!” Dad told the guy and then he hung up. I walked closer to him and patted his back. “What’s wrong? Something happened to Elara?” I asked, already imagining the worst. He looked at me and shook his head.

“’No, he saw a suspicious person lurking around her class.” He replied and we waited for the bodyguard to send the picture. “I got it, Zeno call your dad and tell him to look this man up, right now!” He ordered and Zeno nodded. Dad sent the picture to Zeno yet he didn’t call. Instead, he inspected the photo without talking. I got the feeling that he knew who it was and it was not a good feeling. “Andro, take a look.” He said and they both looked at the picture for a while before nodding. “Yeah, it’s him.” Andro cleared. “This guy is from the Red Crew gang, his name is Alejandro Dawson and he’s known for his cruel and mean nature. He can’t get close to Elara! Call the bodyguard and if he can bring him to our home, then he has to do it. Dad, you go and get Elara, she can’t be in the same car as the low life, depraved criminal. I will get Rick, Jace, and Levi and we’ll meet you at home. Zeno escort mom and Evelina.” Andro instructed and we all did what he said. We might actually get the chance to know who was behind all this.

“Hey mom, do you have any idea on who might be behind all this?” I asked her as she drove the car. Zeno was sitting in the passenger seat. She glanced at me for a second and then sighed. “How would I know that? I didn’t have any rough past with anyone, not that I know of... I really don’t know who but I do know one thing; whoever is doing all this, will eventually pay.” As she said that, we didn’t speak until we got home. We got out of the car and saw three other cars. I believed those were for dad, Andro, and the bodyguard if I was not mistaken.

“Let’s go,” Zeno said, put his hands on my shoulder and mom opened the door. We stepped inside and saw dad binning a man to the wall, he was grabbing his neck and the veins were so obvious on dad’s forehead. I panicked so I ran and pulled dad away from him. “Calm down dad,” I soothed and he let out a sigh. I looked around and didn’t see Elara, which was a good thing. She didn’t need to witness all this violence. “Is he Alejandro Dawson?” I asked, already knowing the answer. Dad would never hurt anyone unless it was for a valid reason. He was a rational man, however, he could lose his control when it was about family’s protection. He’d do anything for us, his children. He was a dad after all and most dads would do the impossible for their own kids’ happiness.

“Yes, he is,” Rick said and Levi grabbed Alejandro by the shirt and made him sit on a plastic chair. Jace removed the cloth from Alejandro’s mouth yet he spat on Jace’s feet. I got triggered and wanted to punch him but an African American guy beat me to it. I assumed that he was the bodyguard because of his suit. As he wanted to swing the second punch, dad stopped him. “Calm down Anthony, we need him awake to speak. Another punch from you and he’s out for God knows how long.” He stated and Anthony did step back. He looked like he was trained for years. Nolan cleared his throat, removed the prop for his leg and grabbed a chair. He sat behind Alejandro and put both his hands on his shoulders. The criminal was tied and couldn’t escape. “Now, Alejandro... you will tell us what were you doing near my sister’s class before I break your shoulder and believe me when I say I can do it with a wide smile.” Nolan approached but Alejandro just scoffed. He didn’t take my brother’s threat seriously and it was a huge mistake.

“I ain’t no snitch!” He answered and Nolan sighed. “Wrong answer,” he said then grabbed his left shoulder and snapped it to the back. I winced as if it was me but I didn’t feel sorry for him. Alejandro screamed at the top of his lungs and shut his dark brown eyes from the pain. “Will you talk now?” Nolan asked but Alejandro remained silent. Dad, mom and the boys including Anthony sat on the couches. I stood near the couch that mom was sitting on with crossed arms. My brother got impatient that he put pressure on the broken shoulder and came closer to his ear. “I was in the army for years and I was trained to defend myself and my country and in the training sessions, they taught us how to find the body’s breaking points, put pressure on it and paralyze the body for the rest of their life. Either I do that to you, right now, or you tell me what were you doing in the school! Simple question, I expect a simple answer.” Nolan countered in a quiet tone which made him more intimidating.

Alejandro looked at us for help but we didn’t do anything to stop Nolan. “I’m not a snitch so I can’t tell you names but I can tell you that I was ordered to go there.” He said and Nolan turned his face to look at him. “Who was it?”

“I told you, I can’t say names because they kill snitches! I wasn’t planning on going near her, I was just ordered to keep an eye on her.” He replied but Nolan was not convinced so he grabbed his right shoulder and snapped it. Alejandro cried again yet he chose not to talk. “I don’t care if you get killed, I need names, now!” Nolan yelled at him. “And was it you who put the ashes and ribbon in my dad’s office?” He asked another question but Alejandro shook his head. “No, it wasn’t me!” As he said those words, Zeno’s phone rang. We all got quiet to let him talk.

“Dad, any updates?” He asked and then his eyes grew wide. “’Wait, I will put you on speaker, repeat what you just told me.” He said and then placed the phone on the table. “Okay, we found fingerprints on the ribbon and they belong to Alejandro Dawson, a gang member from the Red Crew.” He informed us and we all looked at the culprit. Nolan squeezed the broken shoulders and he screamed. “What was that?” Alessio asked over the phone and Zeno grabbed the phone. “That was Alejandro Dawson, dad, come to the Bamford’s residence now. Keep it off the books, bye!” He told him and then he hung up. “You heard that Alejandro, my dad, who’s an FBI agent found your prints. So, stop lying and tell us who sent you before Nolan makes you paralyzed if not dead.” He added and finally, Alejandro sighed in defeat.

“Fine, fine, I will talk. But please, don’t mention my name when you bust them, keep me in the dark!” He begged and Rick nodded. “We won’t mention your name on the streets that if... you cooperate with us.” He cleared and Alejandro nodded, without any other choice.

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