Home Can Be You

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Chapter 26

Dad, mom, Andro, Nolan, Jace, Levi, Rick, Alessio and I waited for Zeno and Alejandro in a black van that was parked right across the street. Anthony, Elara’s bodyguard, went to Ruth’s house to protect them if anything bad happened. We set up the camera and we were able to watch everything that Alejandro was seeing. He sat on the bar stool and ordered a beer while waiting for the gang leader. We saw Zeno sit at the very end of the bar stool and he also ordered a beer.

“Here he comes...” Alejandro whispered for us and he stood up to greet him. “Hey, Dimitri. How are you?” He said and then they bro-hugged each other. I could tell that they had a close relationship. The universe was funny in its own way, it would let two human beings meet in the strangest kind of circumstances. It didn’t matter how, what really mattered was why. Why them?

“Where have you been Alee? Don’t tell me you were caught by the cops? I ordered you to watch the little Bamford and never leave her sight.” Dimitri asked him, he sounded suspicious and I hoped that Alejandro would remain calm and not panic. As I thought about it, we got the first confession that he hired Alejandro to lurk around the school. “Nah, dude. I got a call from my sister saying that she fell from her bed and needed some help, you know my sis, she’s paralyzed and can’t lift herself so I had to go and look after her until her assistant came back.” He explained with ease and I was not surprised. He was a gang leader and they usually lie like they were telling the truth. Someone who could lie effortlessly was an actor who doesn’t get paid.

“Oh, yeah. I love that little squirrel,” Dimitri stated and here I was surprised. Alejandro didn’t lie about his sister being paralyzed. I kind of felt bad but then remembered the real reason as to why we were making him do that. “Also did you place the ribbon and ashes in Bamford’s office as I said?” And bingo. He made another confession without even asking. “Yes, I did. Everything went out perfectly fine, don’t worry.” Alejandro replied. “But I’m kind of curious as to why you are so interested in their family so much...” He added and we all waited for the answer. Dimitri looked at him as if to decide if he should tell him or not, eventually, he sighed.

“Well, a woman I used to know back in the days approached me a couple of months ago asking for my help. She wanted to destroy their family but didn’t tell me the reason for it, I couldn’t refuse her request because I owed her a huge favor and here we are now,” he cleared and we all looked at each other. A woman? She wanted to destroy our family? What for?

We could see Zeno sitting behind Dimitri and he was not happy, he could hear their conversation loud and clear. His face showed that he was about to beat the shit out of them but I quickly sent him a text demanding to calm down. We didn’t want the operation to fail just yet. We didn’t want it to fail at all. “So... you burned down the next door house to scare them off, or warn them?” Alejandro asked the million dollar question and Dimitri nodded. “Yes, I did burn it yet I didn’t know that a little girl was in there, alone. I was glad that she was saved to tell you the truth, however, that woman burned the Bamford mother’s house in Virginia. When I asked her why, she said that her plan didn’t work because the mother didn’t die. I believe that she holds a grudge against her for something she did to her.” He explained and we looked at mom. She was clearly showing her confusion and she did look like she was thinking deeply about it.

“Me? Why? And more importantly, who?” She asked us and we felt that we were stuck in a corner. I grabbed the speaker and whispered into Alejandro’s ear. “Ask him for her name, her full name!” I told him and he cleared his throat as a sign of understanding. “Dimitri, what’s her name? From what you’re telling me, I believe that she’s a psycho,” he asked but turned it into a joke so he would not sound nervous. Dimitri smiled with a nod. “I agree, she is. Her name is Meg Forman. Now let’s drink more beer!” He replied and Alessio typed her name on his computer.

“Mom, do you know her?” Andro asked her and she shook her head. “Never heard of her, who is she for God’s sake?” She said, frustrated and I was getting impatient as well. “I do know her...” Dad countered and we all looked at him. “She used to be my neighbor, that was before I even knew you, Carina. Why is she doing that?” He asked himself and I also wondered. “Have you ever dated her?” Rick asked and dad shook his head. “No, she was younger than me by four or so years and I never really spoke with her, she was the shy type... Or so I thought!”

“If you knew her, why does she want to hurt mom?” Nolan asked. “I have no idea!” Dad replied. That took a surprise turn to the unknown. We needed to know. “Ok, let’s leave the questions for later, we have to bust Dimitri. I will go in, be prepared Zeno,” Alessio said and walked to the bar. I grabbed the speaker and took a deep breath. “Alejandro, we will end this now. Play along and you will spend less time in prison.” I whispered and he cleared his throat.

After a few minutes, both Zeno and Alessio stood behind Dimitri and Alejandro. “FBI, don’t move!” Alessio said while pointing a gun at Dimitri’s head. Both men raised their hands in the air and walked carefully to the outside. “Dimitri Keane, you are under arrest for plotting a conspiracy against the Bamford family and for burning down the house. You have the right to remain silent, everything you say will be used against you in court.” Alessio said, put the cuffs on Dimitri then turned to face Alejandro. “Alejandro Dawson, you are under arrest for being compliance in the undergoing crimes. You have the right to remain silent, everything you say will be used against you in court.” Alessio repeated the same words and they were put in the car. Before he closed the door, Dimitri asked how they caught them. Zeno stepped forward and said that he was following Alejandro for a while without him knowing and recorded everything they said. With that, he protected Alejandro from being called a snitch and murdered.

“I took both of them away and explained everything to my supervisor. Now, for Meg Forman.” Alessio announced and we all sat on the couches, in our home. “I checked her background and she was in a juvenile prison for a year when she was 15. She was using drugs and killed her teacher’s dog. So much for being shy, Carolos...” He said and we all sighed. We knew who and how, all that was left to find out was why and when she’d strick next. “We know that she would be working alone since the Red Crew gang was split for now yet we can’t let our guard down, never,” Nolan said and we all agreed.

Dear God, please keep her away from us...

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